10 Most Epic Sounding Motorcycles For 2023!

 10 Most Epic Sounding Motorcycles For 2023!

so I asked you guys in a recent poll what the best sounding motorcycle was currently on the market and so here are the top 10 responses in reverse order first up the MV Augusta inline 4 engine which is currently put to use in their brutali 1000 RR and rs and was also previously used in bikes like the iconic F4 now I’ve actually been lucky enough to ride both the aura and rs versions of the brutali 1000 and it was an incredible experience and an incredible bike you get a quite frankly ridiculous 208 horsepower Peak from this bike and it screams up to over 13 000 RPM it’s got a real bark to it and many since sound and some nice little pops and bubbles on the overrun and for me this is a great inclusion and a solid choice to kick off the list [Music] next up though I’ve got no idea what some of you are thinking 

because we’ve got at Ninth Place the Royal Enfield 350s so the classic 350 the media 350 and the Hunter 350. foreign this is their 350cc single cylinder that’s air and oil cooled and it makes a measly 20-ish horsepower and while I do sort of get the acoustic properties of the thumper I don’t know I’m not quite sure this is the best example of it it sounds totally fine they’re good little bikes but the question for this poll was what’s the best sounding motorcycle currently on the market money no objects you know v4s and that kind of thing are available and clearly this is not it much better in my opinion and yet still pretty affordable would be the cp2 parallel twin from Yamaha which Powers a whole range of different bikes from the mt-07 naked so the xsr 700 retro to the R7 sports bike the Tracer 7 Torah and the tenora 700 are Venture bikes [Music] whilst these bikes are generally at the sort of entry point to their respective markets price wise and whilst it’s not a huge incapacity either at 689 CC it more than makes up for it with the 270 degree Crank that gives it a bit of that V-Twin flavor foreign [Applause] and look I don’t think this is anywhere near the top dog but out of the middleweight bikes and the more 

affordable bikes this is perfectly good and certainly packs a bit of a snarl and a bark even with the stock silencer now this one might come as a bit of a surprise at number seven but I think I agree with it we’ve got the Honda Africa twin 1100 it’s quite an interesting inclusion because it’s not really a screaming Wailing Wall of sound but what’s nice about this bike is the way it chugs along in the lower revs it’s got a really satisfying talky sound and it’s probably actually better when you’re not absolutely nailing it [Music] back to the inline fours now and this time we’ve got the Kawasaki z900 and z900 rs so they share pretty much the same engine but one’s a retro and one’s a modern naked [Music] now the z900rs was specifically designed around the Z1 of the 1970s and that bike had an iconic exhaust design with two either side and so it’s sort of a bit of a shame that they didn’t do that on the new one now Kawasaki say that it would add unnecessary weight and cost and so you can sort of sympathize with where they’re coming from but the good news if you bought one and you got a bit of cash to Splash is that djelkovic in the UK make an approximation of that original system and it sounds bloody fantastic man also an inline 4 but perhaps a little less conventional in the ears is the Kawasaki H2 which is used in their zh2 naked the h2sx sports tourer and of course the ninja H2 sports bike and the track only h2r what gives this engine one of the most distinctive sounds on this list is the supercharger which chirps and whistles on deceleration which is something that was mentioned a few times in your comments clearly these 

bikes are a bit nuts I tried out the h2sx last year and even that the most chilled out of the bunch is astonishingly rapid but the h2r is just astronomical it makes 326 horsepower tops which is just completely mind-boggling to contemplate and they also like to spit fire [Music] [Applause] time for something a little more refined and gentlemanly like a nice Bonneville and it’s a hard agree for me on this one with many of you suggesting the 1200 cc variant of the Bonneville parallel twin which Powers the speed twin the Thruxton the t120 the 1200 scramblers and the bobber and the Speedmaster [Music] military bikes like these are ripe for customization and so there were plenty of suggestions for upgrades to the silencers to get a better sound out of it like here’s a Thruxton with the cap removed and the Vance and Hines official accessory exhaust and I think it sounds rather nice foreign [Music] also here we’ve got some slash cuts from British Customs on the Scrambler which sound and look great and again you’ve got that 270 degree crank just like the cp2 from Yamaha which gives it that beautiful aggressive note into the top three now we’ve got the Triumph triples so specifically plenty of shout outs for the 

10 Most Epic Sounding Motorcycles For 2023!

Speed Triple 1200 but also the slightly smaller incapacity street triple [Applause] and I wholeheartedly agree that there’s something fantastic about a triple it’s got some of the smoothness and Readiness and sportiness of an inline four but also with a bit more guts and bass and attitude just like a twin right in the middle and always gives you an entertaining soundtrack foreign but this was always a bit of a two-horse race to be honest most of the votes were for the next two bikes and being pipped to the post it’s the Yamaha cp4 which is currently used in their R1 sports bike and the mt-10 naked the thing that gives this engine its signature sound versus other inline fours would be the cross-plane crank which basically means the cylinders fire at uneven intervals which gives it more of the sound of a V4 Yamaha said the idea was to create two engines in one with some of the low end torque of a twin and yet the high-end 

revs of a four a brilliant sound I think you’ll agree but it was squarely beaten by aprilia’s V4 so the engine used in the rsv4 sports bike and the twono V4 naked hard to argue with this one just listen to it echoing off the hills in this clip foreign [Music] [Applause] are of course known for their epic sound but it was the Aprilia that was specifically mentioned the most and others like the Ducati v4s didn’t even come close as always though we’d love to know which bike you’d pick so do let us know down in the comments below also if you want to see another recent poll that we ran for the most stylish motorcycles on the market very vain but still a fun list to watch so I’ll link to on the screen here give it a click let us know which bag you like on that list too and if you’re new here and you want to see more videos like this hit subscribe and of course we’ll catch you in the next one

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