11 Most Exciting New Motorcycle Rumours For 2023!

11 Most Exciting New Motorcycle Rumours For 2023!

 now there are tons of exciting new motorcycles rumored for release later this year and so here are my picks of the best first up we’ve got a collaboration between Triumph and the Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto this one’s been in the works for some time and we’ve seen a couple of bikes spied out testing so far so one will be a baby Bonneville style Roadster around the 400 cc Mark and the other a more rugged looking Scrambler style bike based upon the same platform now I actually saw one of the scramblers out in the flesh testing in the UK and I’ve got to say it actually does look pretty good it should be great competition for Royal Enfield scram411 and the new Honda CL500 and on the one hand these bikes will help Triumph grow their business in Asian markets where smaller capacity bikes are most popular but also it should offer a lower price point for newer Riders here in the UK wanting to 

get a piece of the Triumph brand now the latest on this is that bajaj’s CEO Rajiv Bajaj recently let slip the the launch date for these new bikes is in imminence he says the 27th of June this year as always we’ll be covering it in full detail so keep your eyes peeled for it and do hit subscribe if you’ve not already for all the latest motorcycle news right here on YouTube anyway I’m going to score this one an A on the excitement scale because it’s an all-new bike in fact there’s two of them and you know we love a Triumph here at Moto Bob so they’re more the merrier now next up we’ve got the Royal Enfield shotgun 650 which has been spotted out testing multiple times recently and I’m specifically looking forward to this one because I’ve been recently reviewing the new super meteor 650 which is a really comfy Cruiser style bike absolutely love it but there’s just one problem with it and that’s the forward foot controls which are just never to my taste on any Cruiser for my personal tastes mid position controls feel much more comfortable and that’s where the shotgun comes in it’s basically a strip back super meteor with mid position controls which I think will make it more sporty to ride but also a little bit more comfy because you can lift your weight off the saddle more easily when you’re on rough road or potholes or speed bumps now Enfield already showed off the sg650 conceptor eichmer a few years back so I’d expect something similar looking to this if not a little less fancy and then also the bike in the 

11 Most Exciting New Motorcycle Rumours For 2023!

Spy shots looks pretty far along in terms of development so I’d expect perhaps later this year maybe at eichma 2023 and of course we’ll be there again covering it in full depth so again another good reason to hit subscribe if you’re not already now this bike I am really looking forward to it and I think I will prefer it to the Super meteor but I’m gonna have to go for a c for excitement levels because it’s just a small tweak to an existing model possibly my favorite concept motorcycle though from the launch season last year was this absolute Peach from MV Augusta this is the 91s and it’s sort of a Neo retro looking thing powered by a new 921 CC inline 4 engine now the design detail on this bike is absolutely incredible and so if the finished article looks anything like this prototype I’ll be absolutely desperate to get one here in the studio for review on the one hand it looks super modern and sleek and clean but also you’ve got plenty of clear references back to Envy’s Heritage with the shapes of the Bodywork and the red blue and silver paint Scheme now the good news is that it absolutely will make it to production this isn’t just a showcase prototype filings in the US with the national highway traffic safety administration show that they’re planning both a 921s version which I assume will be this Cafe Racer style clip-on 

naked that we see in these images but also a 921 GT variant which I reckon will be flat bars and perhaps a two-up friendly seating setup really hyped about this one and it does look like it might be another addition to my list of bikes in my dream garage so a firm A Plus on the excitement scale at the same time BMW are also bringing something new to the Retro Market with their updated r9t except this time it’s going to be called the r1290 now this is a line of bikes that we’ve covered plenty on the channel and thankfully a lot of the rudiments including the air and oil cooled boxer twin engine look like they’ll be much the same but there is a new frame design which will give it a much tidier appearance and also a complete revision of the Bodywork like the tank the side panels and the seat hump which give it a slightly more old-school look that harks back to the r90s of the 1970s now interestingly they also claim that they’ve made this bike more modular than before so more parts are interchangeable which should open it up to customizations made from Parts offered directly from BMW this one is slated for a full reveal in November and again we’ll be covering it in full detail as soon as we get hold of them and I’m gonna go B levels for excitement here the looks are a big Improvement in my opinion but I do think it’s going to be pretty much the same to ride now before we get on to the next bike I just want to say a 

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asses from a copyright perspective but fingers crossed it’s the former if this bike does happen then it’s another a plus for me because that engine is so good that I reckon it’d be the ultimate sports bike for the road now look I do like a Royal Enfield they’re great value for money and most of them look pretty great too but the 350s and the himalayans for me have always felt a little bit too slow 20 horsepower in a 200 kilogram bike is always going to feel a little bit light on G-Force and especially when you consider the other bikes at a similar price and capacity can make far more power so hopefully these rumors and spy shots of a new more modern liquid cooled single cylinder platform from Enfield are true a road to the star bike has been spied as well as a new Himalayan and it’s expected to make around 40 to 45 horsepower which is much more competitive and also expect to fancier chassis spec and perhaps more Tech than you’d normally expect from Royal Enfield and we could be looking at a whole bunch of awesome new affordable bikes from them a for this one because it’s exactly what Enfield needed to make them a more serious player against the likes of KTM and Honda now I absolutely love the way that KTM Motorcycles ride but I don’t always love the looks they’re consistent in their design language I’ll give them that but if you don’t like orange and you don’t like insects then you’re probably not gonna fall in love with one Husqvarna on the other hand a brand that KTM owned make fantastic 

looking variations on KTM bikes with a sweet looking scandi style that balances modern and traditional almost perfectly now the best bike in ktm’s lineup at least for Road riding in my opinion is the 890 Duke because it’s super quick the engine packs a massive kick but also the handling is razor sharp and so this rumored Husqvarna vipula 901 interpretation of it could well be my idea of the perfect Naked Bike now the Spy shots are looking pretty good as well as a more upright semi-scrambler smart pill in version so hopefully this comes to fruition this side of 2024 but I think I’ll still have have to go for a B on this one because it’s basically just a body kit on an existing bike and you can bet that it’s going to be a little bit more expensive than the KTM as well now another absolutely banging road bike is the Aprilia rs660 which I reviewed on the channel a couple of months back and I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a sports bike that feels so comfortable before it can be a bit of a beast when you want it to be but it’s also not going to put you back out if you just want to take a gentle cruise to the shops and so it’s been a hot seller along with the Tuono upright flatbud version and so it looks like a brilliant a trying to capitalize on their success with a smaller 440cc version of each set for sale in Asia now pattern filings show parallel twin engine that’s thought to put out between 45 and 50 horsepower and a test bike has 

been spied out on the road in China presumably where it would be produced certainly looks cool and more affordable bikes are great but I think I’ll still have to go for a c on this one because the full 660 is Right In The Sweet Spot of performance for me and the price is already pretty decent too yamaha’s xsr 900 is one of the most sporty and performance orientated Retros on the market with the same CP3 inline triple engine as the potential R9 I mentioned earlier and it’s got a great chassis dripping with the latest tech too so why not lean further into that sporty image with a cafe racer fairing well that looks exactly like what Yamaha are going to be doing having already registered the name xsr GP in Japan and I for one would love to see it still I think I’ll go be here because it’s just a fancy paint job and a fairing on an existing bike sorry just a quick Interruption here I was just about to upload this video today and then I got an email from yamaha’s PR Company saying they have just made this available as an accessory and it’ll be called the xsr 900 racer so this is less of a rumor now and an actual reality now on the adventure bike side I’ve been massively looking forward to more details on the MV Augusta lucky Explorer 9.5 because there’s a try of Target 800 owner I absolutely love three cylinder powered 

Adventure bikes and this thing looks amazing with sort of semi retro inspired styling and the typical Envy Augusta flare but perhaps most intriguing would be the engine it’s apparently going to be a new 950cc unit and more so tuned for mid-range and torque and I think that’s something that’s been lacking in the MV lineup you see their current triples like the brutali the dragster the super veloce the F3 are all really revvy and totally Bonkers to ride and so it’d be nice to see something a little bit more day-to-day usable in their lineup and also perhaps the introduction of this bike would lead to more 950 powered models which are just a little bit more chilled but still with that MV design and looks a on excitement for this one because a 120 horsepower triple cylinder adventure bike with a proper serious off-road spec looks like it’d be a Hooter ride but is there any adventure bike or motorcycle in general more anticipated 

than the new version of the BMW GS this bike is a bestseller across the globe and this looks like a massive leap forward with a complete redesign this is huge news and a plus excitement levels and so this one deserves a video of its own which we put out a while back so I’ll link to it on the screen now you can give it a click give it a watch let me know what you think also let me know which bike on this list you’re most looking forward to down in the comments below many thanks

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