Are Hypercars TOTALLY Pointless

Are Hypercars TOTALLY Pointless 

            most petrol heads get a little thrill every time a new hyper car gets announced and why wouldn’t you they’re the fastest most advanced most exciting most everything cars out there I mean look at the Bugatti Mistral eight liter quad turbo w16 motor 1578 horsepower 1600 newton meters of torque 261 top speed 0 to 60 in and a ticket price of over 4 million quid or what about the Hennessey Venom F5 it gets a 6.6 liter turbocharged V8 with more than 1800 horsepower and can do in theory 300 miles an hour only 99 mistrials will be built Tennessee 50-ish which is just nuts these are high-end machines for a very select few aimed at those people who want the best from life These are slices of top end engineering 

that some of the smartest people in the world spent thousands of hours creating and you know what sometimes I just don’t get the point of them I don’t [Music] take a look at typical hyper car figures they easily breach a thousand horsepower which let’s be real is a bit much these things are regularly more powerful than F1 cars and they’re designed to do 250 300 miles an hour but where the hell are you actually going to be able to do that kind of speed last time I checked speed limits are still a thing all over the world you think you’re going to get away with that on the Autobahn good idea in theory but have you actually been on one recently you could be on your way to over 200 and there’ll be some guy in a 316 compact who decides they want to overtake the diesel Insignia ahead of them without looking they’ll pull out and then you’ve got a very expensive phone call to make you could play on the M1 at three in the morning if you fancy the taste of jail food but apart 

Are Hypercars TOTALLY Pointless

from that what is there your next option might be track higher but again you’re going to need a Runway long enough to stop a space shuttle literally Hennessy used the landing strip for the space shuttle at Kennedy Space Center to test the Venom F5 and even then they could only get up to 270 miles an hour when Bugatti broke the 300 mile an hour barrier it needed to use its top secret Ultra private test track in Germany which included a five mile straight five miles flat out where are you gonna get access to that in the real world well that’s top speed acceleration is arguably a bit more useful more power more naught to 60 right not really you see the Venom will do not to 62 in about 2.6 and that’s the same as an Aventador which has half the power and that’s because you can’t put the power down I’m gonna pick on the Hennessy for a bit longer here but you can say the same thing for literally any of these things that Venom won’t give you full power 

until you’re doing over 140 miles an hour so most of the time you don’t actually have an 1800 horsepower car even if you buy the thing you might never get to know what 1800 horsepower feels like but at least you can pack a couple of bags and go away for a long weekend with the mate right no no you can’t the zenfo tsrs that Danish 1700 horsepower monster with a stupid wonky Wing that has 135 liter boots that’s barely more than a Lotus Elise and here’s the thing about that car we booked one in for the channel to shoot it and Zenvo canceled the shoot because the weather was too cold how cold 17 degrees Celsius they will worry the tires wouldn’t provide enough grip in t-shirt weather and that’s just the normal side of practicality you can’t actually see out the damn things anyway that Zenvo doesn’t have a rear mirror and it’s got a terrible reversing camera have you ever tried to look out of a Bugatti’s rear windows yeah good luck Hawkeye I’m going to 

pick on that zenville for a bit longer these things tend to be flashy for no reason look at that rear wing on that car for a start right it kind of moves left and right depending on your direction of turning but again if that was so useful why wouldn’t it be on other cars it’s nonsense hyper cars tend to be massive as well which means fitting them down I don’t know any normal street is going to be a challenge parallel parking them with tiny useless Wing mirrors and big delicate rims you’re going to be clenching every part of your body trust me on this all of that is a sideline to the real issue which is no matter which way you dress it up they’re incredibly wasteful dinosaurs and I’m sure this is about the time when keyboard Warriors are going to crawl out from their pits and start shouting about green washing and all that stuff but come on really an eight liter w16 engine in 2023 nah a shiron will get 12 and a half miles per gallon if you drive it like a nun 

which you won’t remember that old Veyron statistic at full chat it will drink a full tank in 12 minutes that’s a range of 50 miles most of which you’re going to spend getting up to speed the other thing is that petrol engines aren’t going to be around for much longer so the excuse of it aids development for normal cars is just BS most of the time they just buy a crate engine and stick in a couple of turbos anyway so how much engineering does it actually require to build one of these things you’re paying Millions for old Tech to get something you can never actually use and if you do use them then the value drops like a stone which means most of the time people never even pull them out of the garage there are multi-million pound paperweight now I am quite aware that I’ve not talked about future hyper cars like EVS the Navara the Batista the evaya all 2 million quid all electric and all similarly irrelevant when you think about it the only thing they do 

better is not chew up as many fossils and they’re quiet so your neighbors won’t complain as much about a cold start other than that they make literally no sense as well now I do see the irony here I personally love supercars the ones that do 200 miles an hour Lambos Ferraris astons and you could use the same logic about these cars when would you ever get to use that power you might say you could argue that hot hatches are too powerful and too fast as well if the speed limit is 70 miles an hour wire cars being made faster and faster what we need to remember is that these cars have usable power you can take them to a track you can make the most of them you can reach 200 miles an hour on a circuit because that’s possible you can hire those places to match the capabilities of those cars it’s all the 250 300 mile an hour stuff that I personally question they’re stupid 

they’re expensive they’re limited they’re rude they’re noisy they’re unpleasant and they’re ultimately unnecessary there is one crucial thing that I have overlooked though something so important that it can’t go unsaid they’re actually also really really cool and that does make up for a lot of sense would you say no to a go in a Bugatti yeah me neither it’s a love-hate relationship let me know what you guys think in the comments down below are hyper cars and again this is all the 250 300 mile an hour 1800 horsepower stuff that I’m talking about totally unnecessary if you had the cash would you buy one and would you use one let me know in the comments down below and again I’ll see you on the next one peace 

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