Audi RS6 Performance vs RS e-Tron GT | Drag Race

Audi RS6 Performance vs RS e-Tron GT | Drag Race – for years the Pinnacle of the Audi RS range has been the RS6 and this year there’s a new one the RS6 performance with extra horsepower 630 to be precise but where does that leave the other Pinnacle of the Audi RS range the RS e-tron GT well today we’re going to find out with a drag race I am in the brand new RS6 performance and next to me is the woman called Alex who is in the e-tron it’s actually pretty close isn’t it I mean I’ve got 645 horsepower and 830 newton meters and this thing will do not 62 in 3.3 seconds what are you punching well I’ve got a real engine for a start real actual noise a four liter twin turbo V8 I’ve got a little less power 630 but more torque 850 newton meters and my naught to 62 


is a little bit slower but where I’m going to beat you is with lightness and my top speed 180 miles an hour 180 miles an hour there is no chance that you’re going to get to 180 down this street okay well what’s your top speed uh 155. I’m definitely going to be doing more than 155 by the time I get to the end trust me so it’s a bit of a hair and tortoise situation then I will pull away quicker but you’re going to gain on me then right more like hair and slightly faster here that has a real engine it makes real noise yeah yeah all right all right should we do it let’s go are you ready Rory Read to get your butt spanked why aren’t you launching your bastard are we doing it today Roy yeah I got a few modes I got like reprogram it I got the chat GPT system hooked up but just just wait all right hang on you’re getting your excuses in now right not at all all right here we go three two one go [Music] oh bloody Nora oh no launch control failed totally failed there is absolutely not a chance that that boy is catching me up that’s 


rubbish I’ve been absolutely slaughtered no oh I’m miles ahead are you ready he’s gonna have a bag of excuses no oh it’s gone foreign I thought you said you were gonna gain on me and you’re gonna get to 180 miles an hour on the straight what happened oh that’s embarrassing um no do you know what it was it wasn’t my fault it was the launch control as soon as I lifted off the brake it just bogged down completely and you were gone uh-huh yeah all right what was it like watching me get really small in your rearview mirror really really satisfying all right let’s recreate we’re going to run it again because I as far as I’m concerned I didn’t do anything wrong you were rubbish I think it will have to be that’s if I beat you on the second attempt absolutely not a chance at confidence levels have massively increased nicely done e-tron I’m just gonna try my launch control again three two one go [Music] okay well that worked all right prepare to be slaughtered back on accelerator yeah I got it three two one go come you come on e-tron okay I’ve got a slightly better start but she’s pulling it back oh man this is far too naked neck my liking but we are pulling away you know I’ve got more talk she’s just disappearing there is not a chance that this boy is going to catch up with me I’m being gapped sensationally this is outrageous oh we’ve done it oh Miles Ahead no no I actually started faster than her and she just gapped me like I 


wasn’t there that’s a victory for the future I’m not sure I’m happy about that uh what happened you won fair and square is what happened wow can I get that on a t-shirt black on a bench I mean I didn’t see it coming I actually started a little bit quicker than you I got a better start but you just reeled me in and then gapped me unbelievable I don’t even know what to say lucky are you sure you want to do the others as well I’ve caught nothing else literally nothing else so I suspect it’s going to go exactly the same way I’m hoping that you’ve used up a bit of battery power and that you’re getting slower as your battery depletes but that’s my only hope okay so we’re going to start from here we’re gonna take a picture and we’re going to try to cross the line at 60 miles an hour at the same time as each other and at that point okay let’s go you might have to accelerate quite quickly to get there [Music] again what is wrong with this boy come on pull it back pull it back come on baby pull it back pull it back not a chance is there even any points mullet destroyed again come on Rory you were thinking that an Audi RS6 is about as quick as performance Audis can go you are mistaken that new electric thing is just a monster what’s wrong with babe the car is not quick enough you were literally trying the best then a hundred percent I mean I almost eased off to give you a little bit of maybe you’ll be really good at 

Audi RS6 Performance vs RS e-Tron GT | Drag Race

stopping that sounds so patronizing but um it’s my only hope actually let’s do a prank test okay 100 over the line as soon as we cross the line breaks on yeah hard as you can go go go come on baby here we go here we go 100. I’m lighter I’m lighter three two one stop yes that’s how it’s supposed to go we’re not quite so good at stopping as we are at starting oh I can feel the brain scrubbing ABS working overtime and the gap I mean the Gap is the gap isn’t it that is about three car links just about um did you press the brake pedal you go have some banter in you yeah I mean so you’re a couple hundred kilos heavier than me and obviously weight is incredibly important but yeah right the actual acceleration tests yeah I didn’t see that coming did you no not at all but I do think it’s quite entertaining that you don’t want to do this a few more times so what we’ve learned is that the king of the Audi RS range in terms of performance is not the Audi RS6 performance it is the Audi RS e-tron GT the future is electric sad times all right I’m embracing it right there you have it each one wins over RS6 uh let us know what you think in the comments down below don’t forget to like subscribe I have a full review of the each one on the channel and we’ll have a full review of this bad boy the RS6 performance on the channel as well so don’t forget to watch those and we’ll see you again for more action very soon peace

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