Cheap Motorcycle Insurance | 7 Ways To Get The Best Deal

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance | 7 Ways To Get The Best Deal

hello everybody i’m fabian and welcome back to fab motorbikes this week i’ll be talking to you about motorcycle insurance that time of the year has come around again for me and i need to get my insurance renewed so i’d like to share with you this week a few tips on getting the best possible deal and of course if you’re new here and you’ve not yet subscribed please consider doing so and of course a quick early thumbs up really helps out the channel let’s get started number one i would always recommend against getting assurance policy over the phone these people on the phone are just sales people they’re there to try and sell you more 

additional products to your insurance that you probably don’t even need also recording the conversation which is uh really catch you out in the future if you make any minor mistakes which you just think you could just update also all they’re really doing a lot of the time is just filling out the same form you would be doing online so they’re not using their brain to give you the best offer or the best service possible they’re just filling out a form like you would be so don’t talk to them on the phone there are some exceptions which i’ll get on to but most of the time don’t do it number two don’t accept renewal quotes they’re often 20 30 higher than your existing quote that you’ve just that has just expired so you’re better off going with a new company every year now there are some instances 

where go talking to someone on the phone even though i like i just said i’m highly against that you’ll be able to talk to someone and really be able to negotiate it down but in most instances it is what it is and you won’t be to talk to anyone with any real power to change the result so uh do not accept the renewal quotes go with the new company every single time or most of the time number three is to go to all price comparison sites that’s the best way of getting the best deal possible for me i’m in the uk so that includes top four which i consider the best is  put all your details in it takes a bit of admin i get it but it will just treat you as a new customer to each of these companies and they will offer you the best price 

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance | 7 Ways To Get The Best Deal

possible to get your custom and number four once you’ve found a great deal on these price comparison sites you might want to consider going over to the individual site of the broker or insurer that was given to you at the top of the list that gave you the best price um that’s because the price comparison sites can sometimes have a little bit of a premium on them not a lot and sometimes not at all sometimes even cheaper but sometimes a little bit of a premium that makes more expensive so if you go over to the website of the insurance company they’ve suggested you can get a little bit of a discount for example if mce come to the top of the list go over to the mcu website and try again and get all your details that in there um it the price may come down just by a little bit you know and every penny counts and these insurance companies and brokers that are specific to motorcycling they will have bits in the form that you fill out that may not be on the general comparison sites for example uh type of security you have on on your bike or any data logging or tags these little things that can just knock your price down incrementally and once you put them all in it can really add up to quite a 

good saving and leading on from that point number five add all details possible like i said all security details riding qualifications other vehicles or motorcycles you have because all these things add up just knocking you know bit of money there bit of money here and number six be aware of any additional features that are automatically added to the pricing when you’re on the comparison sites or the individual websites of each insurance company things like helmet cover leather cover breakdown cover these can be fantastic things but just be aware that on the odd occasion they are auto selected i personally love breakdown cover that’s great having with my insurance uh but leather and helmet cover i don’t feel the need to you know pay additional for that so like i said it can be useful but sometimes just you don’t you don’t need it and finally number seven is um you 

need to weigh up the benefits and costs based on your experience how long you’ve been riding and the value of your bike in terms of what type of service you may need for example it may not be advantageous to you if you have a bike that’s worth 2 000 pounds but uh the voluntary excess is 500 pounds the compulsory excess is a thousand pounds and then your premium is 500 pounds you’re not gonna get much back you’re gonna be out of pocket at the end yes it helps cash flow wise but it may work out better for you financially overall to go for a cheaper insurance that isn’t fully comp and maybe not even fire and theft of course having said all that if you can afford fully comp and it really doesn’t scratch the surface just do it peace of mind it’s fantastic so those were seven quick tips to getting as the cheapest motorcycle insurance possible please let me know down in the comments if you get more tips thank you ever so much for watching please subscribe please give it a thumbs up and plenty more videos weekly to come 

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