Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vs Lucid Air Grand Touring | Drag Race

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vs Lucid Air Grand Touring | Drag Race – hello guys welcome back to the channel today we have a battle of good versus evil in the form of the Lucid air Grand Touring performance versus the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 you choose which one’s good and which one’s evil obviously I’m in the lucid and we have friend of the Channel Jessie iwuji in the Corvette Jesse that’s a real nice looking Corvette you got there do you like my accent that’s a pretty good one I mean you don’t want me to do my British accent and talk about the aluminum chassis that this beautiful car has here not bad not bad okay so Ryan let’s do some stats here what kind of power are you working with yeah I mean this you know Chevy CA Z06 right here 670 horsepower out of this 5.5 liter flat plane crank motor first time GM’s ever done that flat plan crank the thing screams all the way up to 8 500 RPMs it’s it’s a absolutely incredible engine it sounds good does

everything you wanted to do and has some pretty good solid power it’s actually funny because we have pretty much the same naught to 60 time 2.6 right yeah but you got that instantaneous like you know not to 60 times you know you’re you’re you have all that electric power that’s instant there’s no drama no spinning all-wheel drive it just goes I gotta fight with this rear wheel drive thing spinning you know sometimes spinning ain’t winning but we’ll see how it is when we race against each other in this role all right well hold on to your hats folks we’re gonna find out who’s gonna win okay Jesse in three two one go okay all right I’ve got an early lead and we are motoring oh the lease is gone I have dropped it [Music] I have dropped it that vet is nowhere over the line doing a hundred and thirty five miles an hour whoa that Z06 said no chance what happened Jesse that instantaneous torque and power that you got is just unreal it’s not even there we gotta do a rolling race well there you go absolutely obliterated that Z06 it’s supposed to be able to do 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds the same as the Lucid air Grand Touring performance but the fact remains all-wheel drive off the line instantaneous talk you know what’s going to happen right now for a rolling race which should eliminate the lucid’s traction Advantage it should

also be closer thanks to both cars having reasonably similar power to weight ratios 456 per ton in the air and about 400 in the Z06 but will the lucid’s higher total power and lower drag make the biggest difference thank you [Music] oh I’m catching him he had an early lead but look at that look at that Monica I bet you weren’t expecting that I bet you weren’t expecting that wow [Laughter] I had you I almost had you I almost had you you almost had nothing that did you oh that extra horsepower that you got it came to life and uh you started blowing by me but at first it was a pretty solid race that was incredible yeah you had a kind of early lead and then after that it was just good night sweet prince I’m I’m so shocked by that that’s incredible yeah yep yep it’s definitely I think you know with the weight of this vehicle me being lighter than yours it helped me on that initial start also just with the gearing but then for you all that extra horsepower that you got over my car horsepower at the end of the day wins when it comes after your car started rolling and started picking up some steam it was gone from there unbelievable Jesse okay uh I’m gonna give you one more chance to redeem yourself how about a break test yes yes let’s do a break test now that will be awesome okay so traditional rules we’ll aim for about 100 miles an hour and slam on the brakes as hard as possible as soon as we hit the line then we’ll let physics and ABS brakes sort out the rest [Applause] [Music] foreign yes I won he finally wins the race congratulations congratulations I think that that one we expected you to win really yeah yeah yeah at

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vs Lucid Air Grand Touring | Drag Race

least I wanted something over here breaking outbreaking and if we did a little bit of a lab challenge too I think I’d win there too well you say that we got time we got time don’t make me go grab my helmet now hold on let me let me jump out and I’ll I’ll take a look at exactly what this distance is like because even though you won it’s a bit closer than I expected yeah and I was I was on the break hard but I probably could have been on a little bit harder I might have let I might have let it go maybe five to ten more feet more than what it should have yeah seven yards that’s actually that’s okay that’s that’s that’s a

respectable amount I think let’s see hold on a second hold on hold on hold on I’m gonna do my feet that’s what we do about feet one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen okay okay okay okay okay okay okay stop stop we’re not there with feet this is a UK Channel at least 30 something feet at least minimum so the story of the day is that the Lucid is quicker in a straight line but it wasn’t a foregone conclusion both cars had identical more to 60 times and despite the air Grand Touring having much more power the Z06 is much lighter despite that the Vex got eaten up in the Dig fared slightly better in the roll and then showed that physics do matter in the brake test thanks a whole bunch to Jesse uruji for taking part if you want to see a full review of his orange Z06 or the Lucid hit the links in the description

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