Game-Changing Motorcycle Safety Tech: Ride Vision 2!

Game-Changing Motorcycle Safety Tech: Ride Vision 2! – this is ride Vision 2 a new high-tech motorcycle safety system that shows in studies that it could reduce forward collisions by up to 60 percent clearly this thing could be a lifesaver and so in this video we’re going to unbox it fit it to my tiger 800 and then take it out for a spin to find out exactly how it works and how good it is on the road [Music] right vision is a situation awareness system it allows you to understand the environment and react to potential dangers and the way how it works is by analyzing the environment and your own maneuverability and based on that understanding of there is a potential in immense denture and giving that additional small information that once you see you can react in time and potentially avoid Collision so you’ve got two boxes inside we’ll start with the big one and in here you’ll find the two cameras ones front facing and one’s rear facing you also get a calibration ruler with a little spirit level there that’s to make sure that the cameras are correctly orientated and then 

here we’ve got the control unit which is stashed somewhere in the bike and that joins the whole system together and hooks it up to the battery now inside this second smaller box you’ve got the alert indicators so these are LEDs and you can mount these along the top of your mirrors they’re going to light up in case there’s some sort of Hazard detected the other option is to get the integrated mirrors these have got the LEDs built in there as you can see and then also in this box we’ve got a GPS sensor now I’ve got to admit that I was a little surprised to see a safety alert system that relies entirely on cameras after all the bikes currently on the market with blind spot warnings and collision warnings all use radar sensors to measure your distance in relation to other vehicles on the road so I wanted to understand the thinking behind this Innovative approach well the fact that it’s not a radar is actually a plus the bikes they have vibrations non-periodic vibration that very hard to predict when you accelerate the bike it builds up when you de-accelerate it tilts down you maneuver the bike by leaning to the left leading to the right and in many countries you basically zigzag within the traffic to I’ll get the 

Game-Changing Motorcycle Safety Tech: Ride Vision 2!

traffic it takes all those four elements they create a very difficult and technological challenge to solve in order to provide any potential Safety Systems to the bikes so camera is a great choice in order to deal with all those maneuverabilities so the way how that works is really the camera and distance and the maneuverability of the bike and predicts the trajectory despite of the Leaning angles and zigzags and so and so on and based on that prediction and the trajectory of other vehicles we can infer potential collisions or any potential use case such as blind spot and Dentures overtakes and alert you in time on those potential alerts so it’s time to get the ride Vision 2 Kit mounted up on the bike and a massive thanks to Moshe for coming over to show us how it’s done first up we prepped a spot on the front of the bike and mounted the forward-facing camera with a sticky pad and then of course the same at the rear find a suitable spot clean it and then stick the camera on up next we installed the ride Vision mirrors using a little thread lock to keep them secure and I think they’ve been really Tastefully designed to look in keeping with a range of bikes like this now there’s also a speed sensor on the front wheel 

so a magnet on the rim the sensor on the inside of the mud guard and then we neatly ran all the cables behind the Bodywork to a spot under the seat where we could locate the control unit along with the GPS sensor the control unit is then connected to the battery and spliced into a cable which is switched to make sure it only comes on when your bike is on now it’s time to fire the bike up to make sure the control unit is getting power and then the final step is to calibrate the cameras making sure they’re level using the spirit level provided the ride vision app will guide you through it along with a few of the settings and then you’re ready to head out and use the four main safety alerts that ride Vision provides at the front-end area we have two alerts we have the forward collision and the distance getting the forward Collision is the most critical alert the way how it works it blinks very quickly with the red LEDs on the alert indicators of either integrated mirrors that we have so if you are leaning vibrating tilting zigzagging with predict your trajectory against any potential vehicle around you and understand whether you are based on your current speed and his speed you’re about to collide and distance skipping is a less critical alert and it also has lots of sophistication so what is uh you know in layman’s terms distance skipping is just a safer distance to a preceding vehicle the alert will come up with the constant red color say hey pay attention if a preceding vehicle is about to break you may end up colliding now you may end up if you have still very good Rider you will be able to avoid but hey do not be in that kind of situation because you kind of feel 

testing yourself the real Earth we have the blind spot which is very simple to understand is that just somebody stuck in a blind area however obviously when you lean what is your blind area we still understand it very nicely especially on the camera based solution and the way how you can check it you can go to the roundabout and you can kind of link and can you stay nicely you know vehicle on the right side so a dangerous overtake is a very interesting alert and that goes against this use case where we need to move our head you know we usually do not look at the mirrors we need to to clear our environment by moving the head this creates a lot of kind of work right in order to understand the environment all the time so then just overtake predict that there is a vehicle coming at the highest speed is about to overtake you from behind if you see this yellow color coming up either somebody stuck in your blind area or there is about to overtake you and about to be there so those are inside in essence those four main alerts and statistically they will address more than 90 percent of the accidents that available there uh on the road I’ve got to tell you the first time that I rode with it installed it kind of blew me away so you switch on the bike and you’ll get a flash 

so you know that it’s active and then yeah the most common alert that you’ll see probably is the blind spot so with this orange light coming on here you can see someone coming up on the outside and it’ll be the same warning for a fast overtake so even if a vehicle is coming from so far back that you don’t really clock it when you check over your shoulder that cameras understand the situation and will give you that safety warning now on the front if you’re getting a little bit close then you’ll get the distance keeping warning and this is actually configurable in the app so you can set it to your preference like if it’s coming on too soon or too frequently you can just dial it down a bit then if you’re riding up behind someone and you’re closing in like super quickly then you’ll get this flushing Red Front Collision warning and it has actually caught me a few times and it definitely gets your attention look it’s just so impressive I genuinely can’t believe how good it is and I’ve been trying to fool it all day and I’ve really not managed to get a single like false reading or make it confused plus the other cool thing is that in the background it’s actually saving all the footage just like a regular dash cam so initially at the early days we were thinking so the way how we develop the 

product is actually going to bikers like yourself and asking them questions what do you want and we realize that safety is important but if we also give like a additional Edge which is a potential evidence recording it’s less about this fun right it’s about if something happened can I show that can it be protected from that area that was really important for a lot of bikers and that’s exactly what you can do on the camera base so the solution the product also captures front and rear footage all the time in the loop recording it records all the time and if something happens you can just easily take your mobile app connect to the phone and then basically strike the video and use the bits of the Snippets to show what happened there exactly you know there are so many things that I think are just done right on this system but the hardware being blacked out and stealthy so it doesn’t affect the look of the bike and the build quality is good too with things like the mirrors you kind of barely notice it’s there unless you actually need it and when it does come on it’s super bright and you can’t miss it even in very bright sunlight the best way I can describe riding around with it is like a nice little nudge just to ride that bit more sensibly and safely and it’s a bit like having a little 

Guardian Angel sitting on your shoulder reminding you to take care and then all the time in the background it’s captured in GPS data and the video from both cameras and so you’ve got something to fall back on if you have an accident and it’s not your fault price wise as well it comes up pretty similar to just a regular dash cam system so for me it feels like you’re getting so much more with the ride Vision too because I do think it’s kind of mind-blowing with those safety alerts They do change the riding experience and I think for the better you know I’ve always liked the bikes that I’ve reviewed with things like blind spot warnings and collision warnings but those features are kind of exclusive to the newest and most expensive bikes I think it’s really cool that ride Vision makes this sort of safety Tech available to any biker if you look at the technology Evolution I think that this technology will come to any bike eventually it will just take about 10 to 15 years 

so ride Vision will be one of those powering one key elements in this revolution of the technology of safety and I believe we will slowly gradually will be embedded on those bikes because this is such a long period I think there is an absolute benefit to use what is currently on the market and I’ll give you the immediate benefit of being safe on the road once again a massive thanks to ride vision for coming and installing their brilliant product and for supporting the channel by sponsoring this video if you like what you see then there are links down in the description to their website where you can buy and I’d also love to know what you think of it on First Impressions so do let me know down in the comments and if you’re new here and you want to see more videos like this then please do hit subscribe and we’ll catch you in the next one

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