How to Keep Your Car in Good Condition with Minimum Costs

There is always something you need to fix when it comes to cars. Maintenance is endless and a must. Thus, before you go out and spend hundreds of Dirhams, here are the essentials you should focus on to keep your car in good health, whether you want to sell your car in UAE or buy a new one.

How to Keep Your Car in Good Condition with Minimum Costs

Prevention is cheaper than cure, that is why you should choose high-quality products for 3 main parts of your car: oil, tires, and fuel. That will prevent many parts from waring too early or breaking. 

Things to Change Regularly

Engine Oil

The engine oil change is one thing that you must respect systematically. Besides, you should change the oil filter before exceeding three years or 20,000 km. The oil degrades in several ways, the first of which is oxidation which affects the oil even if it is not running in the engine. Thus, buying oil too early because of a discount is not ideal since it may lose its properties before you use it. 

However, the oil ages faster in the engine where certain metal parts or particles in suspension have an increased oxidizing effect. For example, this generates deposits that affect the turbo bearing.

Besides, the engine operation degrades oil viscosity turning it too fluid.

Either way, oil is the most important thing in your engine, so oil needs to be good per viscosity and standards /additives. 

Timing Belt

The timing belt (or chain) synchronizes the pistons’ movements with that of the valves. That movement allows the closing and opening of the valves timely for the oxidizer entry, the exit of the exhausts, or the closure of the combustion chamber.

Thus you should always check the timing belt or at least monitor the belt condition and the chain tension if there is a chain (there is sometimes a belt plus a chain that synchronizes the two camshafts).

Exceeding 1 or 2 years on a recommendation of 5 years is not dramatic, but you must avoid going beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations, or the risk of breaking the engine becomes real.

Things to Monitor Regularly

Exhaust System

The exhaust system can break everything if it is clogged Keep an eye on the exhaust sensors that control all of this (especially the differential pressure sensors).


It can break the engine if it is leaking. Therefore, keep it under your vigilance, especially if it is variable geometry (the variable fins can seize and you will feel it).

Oil Levels

Too much oil clogs the DPF and catalytic converter, without forgetting the oil seals which will suffer and generate costs.

EGR valve

With its high replacing cost and effect on the car valuation when selling your car in UAE, It is better to avoid it getting stuck. When the EGR valve clogs up, it increases the intake and reduces the engine efficiency by preventing good compression.


They are part of the minimum you need to check, and often a glance is enough to see that one of the tires is a little flat. Among other parts, paying more for good tires will save you a lot of repairs and costs.

Make sure that all hoses and belts are properly connected. Also, check the radiator and coolant system. Look for leaks and clean any dirt or debris. Check the tires, brakes, lights, wipers, and suspension. This will help ensure smooth driving and save you from bigger repairs.

In addition to following proper maintenance techniques, it’s a good idea to carry out regular inspections at least once a year to catch small problems early. The most important thing is not to ignore minor defects – if they aren’t repaired, they could ultimately turn into major issues. 

Maude Faigley