Jaguar F-Type R 75: “The LAST Real Jag”?

Jaguar F-Type R 75: “The LAST Real Jag”?

you hear that that is the sound of a Jaguar F-TYPE specifically it’s the sound of a five-ly uh Supercharged V8 snarling through a stainless steel exhaust it’s nothing new of course we’ve been hearing that sound for 10 years now since 2013. but in 2023 this sound is on its way out Jaguar’s venerable 5-liter Supercharged V8 is being killed off with this F-Type being the last time we’ll ever hear it in a new or at least newish mass production Jaguar this feels very familiar I feel like I’ve driven the F-type in so many different places everywhere from New Mexico to Manchester over the years but it’s always such a special experience you hop into an F-Type and you always feel energized excited and engaged take it from me boys and girls driving this car in this package is a special experience so why is this the last ever F-Type if it’s so good then why kill it off well Jaguar has begun the long inexorable transition into an electrified future it’s bet the entire Farm on moving up the luxury ladder to produce battery-powered cars at price points that will likely see it compete against the likes of Bentley and that means there’s no place in its lineup for dinosaurs like the F-type but given the fact this is the 

company’s 75th year the F-type 75 seems like a fitting opportunity for a swan song but looking at it you might think that Jaguar haven’t actually put that much effort into saying goodbye I mean it is available in a special geola green paint finish with special gloss black Alloys to match the gloss black Growler and the 75th Edition silhouette badge at the side but from a distance it just looks like any ordinary F-Type I’m also a bit disappointed that they’ve finished this particular press car in a very boring Carpathian gray with gray alloy wheels it doesn’t get much more boring than that what is this a funeral well actually I suppose it is isn’t it I feel a bit inappropriately dressed now inside it’s a similar story with almost nothing to set it apart aside from another 75 batch the cabin has a proper circular 

Jaguar F-Type R 75: “The LAST Real Jag”?

steering wheel with physical buttons digital screens with an impressive Meridian sound system and a set of pointlessly flamboyant motorized vents it’s still a two-seater or as Jag calls it a OnePlus One so practicality is limited but the boot is very decent check this out electrically operated and inside you’ll find a pretty healthy 407 liters of space that’s more than you get in a VW Golf why is there a bike in the boot well that’s because Auto Trader now does bikes we do motorbikes electric scooters and electric push bikes a bit like this Brompton folding electric bike all I’ve got to do is fold that extend this let’s do that do that and you’re ready to get on the road in style so these things have a 250 watt Hub motor at the front that’s about 700 horsepower and I barely have to Pedal it does all the hard work for me a lot of fun anyway back to the V8 that’s better now there are a few versions of the f-clipse 75 there’s the F-type 75 and the F-type are 75 all available 


in either convertible or Coupe body styles both use the same supercharged 5 liter V8 except in the 75 the engine is tuned to make 450 horsepower and in the F-type r75 it’s tuned to make a whopping 575. [Music] we’re in the big dog r75 today and the experience is definitely dominated by their engine not just because of the power and not just because of the torque which is a massive 700 newton meters but mainly because of the torque delivery it feels incredibly muscular the jack is quite unusual in that it’s one of very few cars on the market that is supercharged and that means that there’s very little lag if you pop in any modern sports car today that uses turbos whether it’s single turbos or white turbos or any other setup quite often what you’ll find is that there’s a bit of a dead zone between one thousand and three and a half thousand RPM you put your foot down and I’m going to pick on the Aston Martin db11 here but you put your foot down and nothing happens in this you put your foot down and all hell breaks loose 


pretty much immediately if you want to overtake someone or just fancy seeing how long it takes to head butt The Horizon then superchargers they do it best [Music] obviously there are downsides too the V8 F-Type drinks fuel it’ll get 27 miles per gallon officially but expect closer to 20 if you push it hard the noise is absolutely outrageous as well it’s one of the unique selling points of the F-type in fact if anyone out there were to suggest to me that the F-type had the best exhaust notes of the last decade to I wouldn’t put up much of an argument because it sounds utterly breathtaking there’s a loud mode and a quiet mode but even in the quietest mode it sounds [Music] absolutely outrageous it’s a little bit quieter for this generation of F-Type I remember when it first came out you drive past cars in the street and just set off car alarms everywhere you go and then when you accelerate when you find an open road it would sound a bit like a war zone helicopters bombs pops crackles so engaging things are a little bit different 


for this generation of F-Type the exhaust is now stuffed with various gas particulate filters and catalytic converters so it doesn’t pop as relentlessly as it used to but it’s still such a glorious noise wow while the engine is the star of the show it’s not working alone it’s hooked up to an all-wheel drive system and an eight-speed quick shift gearbox and both are very impressive in this car let’s talk about that all-wheel drive system first the talk is magnificent you can pull off at pretty much any speed as hard as you want and it just hooks up and accelerates north of 62 done and dusted in three and a half seconds flat out 186 miles an hour it’s a quick car believe me and as I’ve said the supercharger means it’s quick in any gear at any RPM you want Fury it delivers [Music] as for the gearbox eight speed ZF it’s a pretty commonly used transmission it’s used in the likes of the BMW M3 and M4 and in the Aston Martin db11 but in those cars I find the boss can be a little bit lethargic and uninteresting to use but in this Jaguar have tuned the software so that it reacts in the same way as their SV Project 8 car you know their big four-door limited run Saloon monster and it works an absolute treat when you shift up the whole class shutters and shakes not just from second to third but third to four four to fifty feel that vibration being sent through the entire car through your hands and through your body and you feel part of the 


experience as a result the downshifts aren’t as Snappy as you’d get in a DCT but be enough this is a wonderful gearbox the F-type suspension is fairly soft for a sports car so there’s some body roll but it’s well controlled and the ride is comfortable on rough roads the steering is very good it’s not brimming with feel but it’s very precise a lot more precise than when the car first went on sale the generation one F Type felt like you had to make multiple inputs in the middle of a corner but in this you make one input and it smoothly turns in in a predictable way and the balance there’s minimal understeer and very little oversteer because it just grips and goes it’s an easy and fun car to drive will I miss the F-type I mean it’s an old car it’s been around for donkeys years but I will definitely miss it I’ve got so many memories with this thing from knocking around London annoying the neighbors with the exhaust to driving around the Top Gun Air Base in New Mexico trying to outrun Ken Block in Utah R.I.P and of course reenacting 


Norman dewis’s famous run from Coventry to Geneva in 2016 trying to deliver the first ever F-Type convertible to the Geneva Motor Show so many brilliant memories but hardly surprising because it is such a brilliant car [Music] sad as it seems time waits for no one in the world of cars things constantly change and it’s clear Jaguar is now looking to the Future and not a minute too soon the company has made a huge impact in its first 75 years but has arguably been too slow in defining what its next 75 years will look like it’s safe to say nothing it creates will be quite like the F-type so it’s worth enjoying this slice of Automotive History while we still can F-Type We Salute 


Jaguar F-Type R 75: “The LAST Real Jag”?

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