New 2023 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Highway King & Fast Johnnie ST Models Announced!

New 2023 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Highway King & Fast Johnnie ST Models Announced!

welcome back to another motorbob video now this week Harley Davidson announced a bunch of new special editions for the 2023 model year and so here’s absolutely everything that you need to know about them now first up we’ve got the new electroglide highway King which comes in as part of the icons program it’s an annual program for the limited release of a new model that offers a fresh interpretation of an iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycle a limited collection each model is individually numbered and produced only once Global Production of the electroglide highway King will not exceed 1750 examples so this all started back in 2021 with the stunning electroglide Revival and then in 2022 we have the low rider El Diablo with its pop in red paint job and so this would be the third bike in the lineup and it’s intended to celebrate the original electroglide from 1968 which was available with a king of the highway accessory kit now this included fiberglass saddlebags a windscreen a luggage rack and 


engine bars all all of which gave it some proper touring ability and Brad Richards Harley-Davidson’s VP of design and creative director says that in its day it was a really Deluxe motorcycle the colors we’ve selected for the highway King Model A reminiscent of the original color options offered in 1968 we carefully matched each color in the lower section of the windshield and in 1968 the accessory fiberglass saddlebags were only offered in white so we’ve done the same in 2023 the result is a Thoroughly Modern motorcycle which looks unapologetically old school now there’ll be two color options for this bike so firstly Hi-Fi or engine that’ll be limited to a thousand units and then also Hi-Fi magenta which they say they’ll be 750 of and personally I think I’d go for the red because it looks a little bit more classy but let me know your favorite down in the comments now the hard cases as we’ve mentioned are finished in Birch white to Echo the original fiberglass saddlebags there’s a black denim panel on the fuel tank of each which ties into the cases with a Birch white stripe and then there’s a dedicated tank badge to finish it off which has been designed to Echo that of the original 1968 Electra Glide now to finish things off and show everyone that it’s a limited edition and icon’s motorcycle 

New 2023 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Highway King & Fast Johnnie ST Models Announced!

collection graphic and the number of your bike is laser etched into the console on the tank and there are just loads of great little period details so like they say they’ve tinted the lower part of the detachable windscreen to time with the paint job of each bike and as you’d expect there’s plenty of Chrome on these bikes so you’ve got Chrome lace spoke wheels Chrome rails on the cases and the mud guards and then the electroglide script on either side of the front mud guard there plus you get some big fat tires with white sidewalls to give it even more of that retro Flavor now the idea of the icons collection is to give Modern Performance though and so at the heart of this bike you’ve got their 114 cubic inch Milwaukee 8 v twin which gives you absolutely bags of grunt really low in the Rev range so 158 newton meters of peak torque right down at 3250 RPM and 93 horsepower at 5250 RPM which doesn’t sound like a great deal for such a massive engine but really the focus of these bikes is on that proper low end Grunt and they still do get off the line pretty quickly when you give it plenty of throttle now despite the old school looks and the relatively simple cockpit because you’ve just got an analog clock there you actually get a boatload of Rider AIDS and safety Tech so they’re listing electronically linked Brembo brakes cornering ABS Corner interaction control drag talk slip control which stops the rear 


wheel locking up when you downshift quite aggressively vehicle hold control which is like a hill start control and then also cruise control and all of these come as standard on this model to me it looks pretty incredible I mean you get a beautifully designed bike which is what Harley do so well and that real top end sort of finish but also you’re getting some great modern features and that super Punchy engine just under this retro exterior but as always with these limited editions the price is going to be steep and this one starts at 32 2595 pounds so that’s a good five gram more than you’d expect to pay for a similarly spectorer in their lineup but yeah it does look pretty badass and The Limited numbers might be enough to sway some people to part with that cash and as always I’m sure these icon collection bikes will sell out regardless now at the same time they’ve also added to their Enthusiast motorcycle collection with a trio of bikes under the new Fast Johnny name each of these will be given a custom paint and graphic treatment which they say is Celestial blue with white racing stripes and for these ones we’ve got a combined production number that’s limited to 2 000 units globally now the story for this one is quite surprising so here it is directly from Harley and honestly I’d put my house on you not being able to 


guess the origins of the fast Johnny name so the first Johnny paint Scheme Taps into iconic design themes featured on high performance muscle cars and pony cars of the 1960s and 70s contrasting racing or rally striping over a bold base color and a clever or symbolic a character or logo incorporated into the graphics package both elements serve to create an obvious visual difference between the high performance version of a car and the standard version of the same model now the fast Johnny character applied to the left side of the fuel tank also appears on the Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle Factory team motorcycles raced in the Moto America King of the Baggers series it was inspired by the story of a piglet named Johnny adopted in 1920 by Harley Davidson racer a member of the infamous Wrecking Crew Ray weisha which became a team mascot the piglet often perched on a motorcycle fuel tank for a post-race Victory lap and is usually cited as the source of the hog moniker that to this day is often applied to anything Harley Davidson so there you go now first that we’ve got the low rider ST which is a bicarried plenty last year really enjoyed it it’s got high side cases and a longer rear shock that gives it better ground clearance you’ve got twin discs up front you’ve got the big 117 cubic inch version of the M8 V-Twin and that all helps to make it one of the sportier bikes in the lineup now this one of course 


gets that Celestial blue and white paint job but also an Enthusiast collection logo on the rear mud guard and then graphics on both sides of the tank so fast Johnny on the left and then the bar and shield on the right but if you want to go for something a little more distance and comfort Focus then you’ve got the street glide St with the bar mounted batwing fairing or the Road Glide St with the fixed fairing both of these get all the same features in terms of finish so the mug Garden tank logos and all that good stuff but also the they come with the option of some color matched accessories like the luggage racks and the saddlebag speaker Lids now price wise this fast Johnny finish adds quite a lot to the final price of the bike so over two grand for the low rider St but four grand to the price of the street glide and the Road Glide St on what’s already a fairly substantially priced bike so you’ve got to really want this paint job 


but it does look pretty awesome especially with the bronze wheels and the engine cases and also you’ve got to remember all of these three bikes are only available as standard in either black or this sort of creamy white color and so yeah if you like a look at them but wanted something a little more colorful then you could consider your prayers answered as always though I’d love to know what you think of them down in the comments below and if you haven’t seen it already here’s my review of the lowrider St from last year give it a click give it a watch let me know what you think of it many thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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