New 2023 KTM 890 SMT Announced: 10 Things You Need To Know!

New 2023 KTM 890 SMT Announced: 10 Things You Need To Know! – welcome back everybody to another Moto Bob video now today KTM announced the return of a famous name in their lineup with the brand new 2023 890 smt so in this video we’ll go through everything that you need to know about it with the top 10 features now the famous name that I just mentioned is the SNT suffix on this bike which stands for Supermoto touring and that might sound like a bit of an oxymoron and a terrible idea for a motorcycle but it has worked for them in the past with the 990 smt which was launched back in 2009 and to be fair the reviews were pretty good and the basic idea is to combine the fun and flickability of a Supermoto with some of the comfort and distance orientated features of an adventure bike and so while the original 990 was based on their v-twin-powered 990 Adventure this new 890 smt is built upon the same platform as their current day parallel twin-powered 890 Adventure that ought to bring it Bang up today and yet there are plenty of

New 2023 KTM 890 SMT Announced: 10 Things You Need To Know!

adaptations to enhance the fun on tarmac it is admittedly a pretty unusual concept for a bike but the last one worked pretty well and so why shouldn’t this in ktm’s own words imagine the ultimate Supermoto Play Weapon but also a bike that boasts a number of technical features and additions that are necessary for extended touring capabilities so you can attack the hill but also know that the bike will take you much further now the centerpiece for the 890 smt is the lc8c 889 CC parallel twin that you’ll also find in their 890 Duke naked bikes and the 890 adventure adventure bikes and it’s a brilliant performer and also super Compact and that helps to make a Slender bike now there are a few different tunes of this engine this one gets the same as the 890 Adventure so 105 horsepower Peak and that’s as opposed to the 121 of the 890 Duke R so 15 or 16 horsepower down but the upside is you do get more torque admittedly only one Newton meter but it’s shifted lower in the Rev range and that helps to give it power in all the right places for Road riding it is also pretty fuel efficient at 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers sorry for anyone

who works in miles per gallon but I’m using that because that’s what all the manufacturers quote now but yeah this reasonably economical consumption will help with that semi-torian friendly positioning of this bike although naturally fuel capacity is a little bit down on the 890 Adventure that gets the big 20 liter tank that sort of hangs down both sides of the bike it really does help to give it this super planted handling both on road and off and it also helps to limit the sloshing of the fuel when you’re changing direction but naturally it’s going to give it some ground clearance issues when you start to push on tarmac so I think that’s why they’ve slimmed it down on the smt it’s down to 15.8 liters so not the same touring ability but really you’re going to want more lean angle on a bike designed for super motorcycle our ride in and they also said they’ve done it to slim the tank down and improve the ergonomics first sportier riding so they say it’ll allow you to slide further into the bike with a wide and comfy contact patch but still compact enough for free and flowing movement wrapped around this engine we’ve got the chromos steel frame with a new geometry that’s said to be a little bit tighter so slightly more aggressive a little bit of a steeper head angle and that should help to give it slightly quicker handling KTM also claimed that it’s particularly light and that helps with the super impressive wet weight of 194

kilograms so that’s 16 kilograms less than the 890 adventure and given that it still looks like a relatively large and spacious bike I think it’s pretty good and again that’s going to help with changes of Direction better acceleration better braking than a heavier bike but the big selling point of this bike is the 17-inch cast Wheels front and rear which are shot with super sticky Michelin power GP tires now for reference the 890 Adventure gets a 21-inch spoke front and an 18 at the rear and those wheel sizes are much more common on our Venture bikes because they’ll roll better over rougher surfaces and obstacles but of course they’re always going to feel a little bit vague when you get them on tarmac versus proper road wheels and that’s exactly where the smt comes in zero intention to go off-road but it still retains that large spacious and Tall stance now suspension comes from ktm’s in-house brand WP and it’s their Apex 43 millimeter open cartridge upside down fork with 180 millimeters of travel so still pretty tall but not

the full 200 mil of the 890 Adventure still they’re fully adjustable with the little thumb twiddlers on top of the foot legs and I particularly like those because you don’t have to get tools out to make changes now the shock also comes from WP but one of the adaptations they’ve made specifically for the smt is that they’ve counted it further forward than the 890 adventure and they say that this helps to reduce the seat height whilst also accommodating a longer swing arm which they say gives it a bit more of a sporty forward riding position as well as improving the straight line stability this bike is still pretty tall though at 860 mil in the seat as you’d expect from a Supermoto inspired riding position and whereas the 890 Adventure is adjustable between two positions so 840 and 860. this is actually fixed at 860 mil because of the long single piece Supermoto style seat great if you do want to slide around the saddle and change position but if you’re on the short side I think this bike is going to feel pretty lofty as for the bars they’re

adjustable between six different positions with 30 mil of range so that should help with finding a comfortable back angle for longer stints in the saddle now brakes are jejuan Maiden KTM branded as with many other bikes in their lineup and you get radially mounted four piston calipers on a pair of three 20 mil discs at the front with the two pot caliper on a 2 6 60 ml disc at the rear and look although this braking Hardware might not be from a fancy schmancy brand name in my experience of reviewing the 790 Duke and the 890 Adventure recently which use pretty much the same if not the same braking setup you know there’s plenty of performance and power and feel now the smt gets all the latest tech courtesy of a 5-inch TFT display that you’ll find on a bunch of other KTMs and they say it uses an optically bonded mineral glass which is both scratch and glare resistant through this screen and the switch gear you’ve got three riding modes tab minister so Rain Street and Sport and you can customize both throttle response and traction control through 10 levels and the TC is also lean sensitive so it’ll intervene appropriately if you’re mid corner and there’s also Corner in abs-2 including a Supermoto

mode which allows you to switch it off on the rear wheel only should you want to get a bit of a slide on then in the accessories catalog you’ve got a bunch of other techie features like heated grips and a quick shifter and cruise control attract specific riding mode MSR which is their engine drag torque control and then there’s the connectivity functionality which allows you to pair your phone for music and calls as well as their navigation features right there on the dash it’s also worth adding that you can get a package for some of these features which helps to bring the total cost down now number nine that I’ve got here is the styling it’s exactly what you’d expect from KTM it’s angular it’s orange and black and look this bike is a mix of genres so naturally it looks like a bit of a mix visually as well personally I’d say it’s not exactly a piece of rolling art but this is a bike that focuses more on riding experience than looks as always though let me know what you think of it in terms of The Styling down in the comments below now price wise this bike will start at 12 499 pounds on the road and it sort of sits in the KTM lineup right between the 890 Duke and the 890 Adventure you know it’s more sporty than the Advent

and more comfort and touring bias than the Duke and so for reference the Duke is 11 599 and the adventure is 11 999 so the smt is the most pricey by 500 quid as for elsewhere in the market I think the most obvious competitor would be the Ducati hypermotard 950 also Super Moto inspired it’s also twin cylinder and it’s similar in terms of output it is a little bit less distance Focus but on the other hand it does have more of the looks I’d say and so I’d love to know from you down in the comments which bike you choose so do let me know and if you’re new here and you want to see more of the latest motorcycle news right here on YouTube then hit subscribe I’ll also leave my 790 Duke review from Recently right here so you can give it a click and give it a watch a great bike a very competitive price point let me know what you think many thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one

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