New 2024 BMW M1000XR Teased: 9 Things You Need To Know!

New 2024 BMW M1000XR Teased: 9 Things You Need To Know!


this week BMW teased us with the first shots of the upcoming m1000 XR and this thing looks like it’ll be on another level versus the other sports tourers on the market so in this article we’ll go over the nine key things that you need to know about it now first up a quick introduction to the m bikes concept you’ll no doubt be familiar with the m moniker from BMW’s long line of souped-up cars and in September 2020 they decided to transfer The Branding over to their bikes with the m1000rr this of course is a maxed out super spec version of their already exceptionally fast s 000rr sports bike and I thought it looked absolutely fantastic the engine chassis and Hardware all got updates that trickle down from their racing program even with bespoke and branded components like the very blue monoblock brake 

calipers now I also got downforce inducing carbon winglets and BMW Super Bling looking m carbon wheels which saved 1.7 kilograms over the standard Wheels most Stone was left unturned in making this the ultimate BMW sports bike wholeheartedly reflected in the price at a shade over 30 grand come 2022 they announced an update to this bike with even more upgrades plus this incredible blacked out full carbon finish complete with an arrow front brake cover now at the same time they also announced their second bike to get the M treatment the m1000r and this is a naked sibling to the fully fed RR and it’s very much the same approach with all the goodies and maximum blink now one could possibly argue that this one is a snip in comparison at just under 20 grand but then one could also argue with over 200 horsepower gripping onto a naked bike for dear life at top speed you might then consider the 

10 grand for the fairing absolutely worth it so what’s next the M18 the m310 GS nope it’s the turn of their crossover Sports tourer the s000xr Dominic blast product manager at BMW motorrad said with the m thousand X our prototype we’re providing a first preview of the third M model at BMW motorrad in our anniversary year we have developed the M thousand XR or mxr for short based on the current s-000 XR s000rr and m1000rr has a long distance sports bike with high long range capability and super sports riding Dynamics for the road as well as the race track the m1000xr Prototype is a super sports motorcycle that Masters the disciplines Country Road Long Distance riding and race track use with equal a plumb a level of performance previously unknown in this segment this segment being the sort of sports touring crossover which typically takes some of the engine character and Chassis spec of a sports bike or sporty naked and combines it with the tall upright riding position long travel suspension and touring amenities of something like a large capacity adventure bike now the S thousand XR was already a fearsome competitor in this market more than equal in the Yamaha Tracer 9gt or Kawasaki’s 

New 2024 BMW M1000XR Teased: 9 Things You Need To Know!

versus 1000 but with the upgrades you’d expect from an M branded motorcycle BMWs claim that this will be the king of the segment looks pretty much nailed on now the big upgrade comes in the form of the engine with the press release confirming that the four-cylinder engine from the BMW S1000RR super sports bike with shift cam technology for varying the timing and valve lift is used as the basis now shift cam is the variable valve timing and lift system which uses a less aggressive cam profile in the lower revs to emphasize torque and fuel efficiency but then it switches with an electronically actuated little gate that slides the camshaft over and brings a different cam into action on the valves and this one has a profile that emphasizes Peak power and out and out performance now they use it on their boxer twin for the likes of the GS but also their thousand CC inline 4S on some of the bikes not all of them though the s000rr of course has it but up until the arrival of the m bikes the S thousand are naked and the s1000xr sports tourer was stuck with the regular old boring non-shift cam inline four the result well the standard XR currently makes 163 horsepower 11 000 RPM which is not at all to be sniffed at 

but it is designed for General Road use and touring duties and so you’d expect the emphasis to be on usable mid-range now with this extra boost at the top of the revs that the shift cam Tech will provide as well as presumably plenty of other tweaks to the tune and whatnot BMW claimed that the mxr will make over 200 horsepower for a sports tourer crossover type bike that’s quite frankly a ridiculous amount of power and for that I applaud them top speed for this prototype bike is said to be 280 kilometers per hour which equates to about 175 miles per hour now with all these extra trick little bits you might expect a little bit of weight loss and BMW are claiming a wet weight of 223 kilograms fully fueled so yeah you’ve got a few kilograms lighter than the standard bike about three kilograms to be precise now it’s not exactly a huge difference but that power hike is so substantial that the power to weight ratio is going to be massively improved and therefore the resulting acceleration is going to be a huge step up plus there’s said to be an M competition package available which they claim will reduce weight even further and so on the M thousand are naked for example that includes a pillion package and seat cover the Billet package which includes pegs and levers the carbon Bodywork package and the activation code for a GPS lap timer but the blingest part of this pack is the m carbon wheel set which 

we mentioned from the m1000rr above not only does the natural carbon finish on these look incredible but also they increase the width at the rear from 190 mil to 200 which again adds a little bit more visual presence most importantly though is that they shave off that 1.7 kilograms which will reduce both rotating mass and unsprung mass rotating Mass means easier acceleration and deceleration but also quicker changes in Direction which will help with the responsiveness of the handling and then you’ve got the reduction in unsprung Mass which allows the suspension to more easily do its job so you’re going to get better response and ride quality now also on these prototype photos we’ve got the M brakes which are seen on previous M branded bikes there’s a radial master cylinder on the front brake for better feel and crispness at the lever and then also those blue anodized calipers which definitely pop visually against this all black prototype but BMWs say there are also performance gains with them being developed directly using the experience gained with the racing brakes on BMW motorrad’s Factory racing machines in the world superbike Championship now you can also see some of the carbon body 

work on showing these shots presumably from that M competition package which just looks awesome but also I can’t really believe I’m saying this but you’ve got the downforce generating carbon winglets on the sides there we supposedly help with stability at high speeds and also help to keep the front wheel down so you can accelerate harder out of Corners now these have admittedly become a bit of a fad since they were introduced a few years back in MotoGP on the M thousand RR I can sort of understand it but are they really necessary on a bike like the XR generally the sort of speeds you need to get any meaningful effect from them are only achievable consistently on the track or at least legally so let me know what you think down in the comments below a cool feature or just a bit of a gimmick now I’m sure there’ll be loads more impressive features announced for this bike in due course there’s plenty of tech on the M thousand RR and S 000rr that could make it over things like the steering angle sensor that gives you power slide and brakes like control as well as some track specific Rider settings and features 

in the dash and there’s also more details to come about the chassis and suspension as well as the final performance figures for the engine but let’s assume there’ll be more than enough there to push the price up quite significantly and the M thousand are naked is just under the 20 grand Mark so I’d expect this XR to go just over so which bikes will it go up against when it goes on the market next year well there isn’t really a great deal of this elk on the market the close Oasis bikes are probably from KTM so something like the Super Duke GT which is a Bonkers sporty tourer that costs about the 19 Grand Mark and it is pretty well specked and packed plenty of punch as well as being quite comfortable over distance or they’ve got the more recently announced 890 smt which is a Supermoto inspired Torah that sits a little bit taller much more affordable than the other two at 12 and a half Grand and while it is way 

down on power of course it should still be pretty good in terms of entertainment but honestly I think the biggest market for the mxr would be anyone who fancied either of the other two M branded bikes but has a bit of a stiff back perhaps or someone who owns and loves the s000xr and wants to own the prime example of that particular bike either way I’d love to know what you think of it down in the comments below so do let me know and if you’d like to hear what I thought of the 2023 s 000rr on track with which this bike will have a lot in common then here’s a quick video that you can check out many thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next one

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