New 2024 Moto Guzzi V100 Stelvio Spied: Everything You Need To Know!

New 2024 Moto Guzzi V100 Stelvio Spied: Everything You Need To Know! – now this week more spy shots emerged that what’s believed to be a new adventure bike from Moto gutsy based upon the same platform as their beautiful V100 Roadster and we’ve got hold of them as well as the video so could this be the cooler sexiest new adventure bike on the market in 2024 well here’s everything that we know about it so far and along the way we’ll see how it compares to the other bikes in this market including stuff like the BMW r1250 GS now there’s no doubt about it because it clearly protrudes from either side of the bike that this is the same longitudinal V-Twin as the V100 which was 

New 2024 Moto Guzzi V100 Stelvio Spied: Everything You Need To Know!

launched last year that was a huge leap forward for Moto Guzzi being their first ever fully liquid cool production motorcycle engine and up until this they typically been using more old-school push rod air-cooled engines but things have really moved on a bit in terms of expectations of power from the customer but also the strictness of emissions regulations so perhaps this moved to liquid cooling was an inevitability loads of modernizations here it’s a completely new four valve per cylinder design and the result at the rear wheel is 115 horses of peak power and 105 newton meters of peak torque so that makes it a pretty big step up from the existing adventure bike in the Moto gutsy lineup which is the v85 TT this uses the old air-cooled 850 and it tops out at about 76 horsepower and 82 newton meters and don’t get me wrong it’s a lovely bike it’s full of soul but if you’re doing some 

serious Adventure touring with plenty of Motorway work and perhaps two up with luggage and clearly this new V100 stelvio is going to feel a lot more Punchy and a lot more appropriate for that type of riding versus the rest of the market well it’s not quite up there with the proper bigger Venture bikes like the GS the Triumph Tiger 1200 the KTM 1290 or the Ducati multi V4 but it’s still more than a middleweight and so I consider it direct competition for bikes like the Multistrada V2 and the Honda Africa twin 1100 the right of the V100 Roadster have been generally very positive and there’s plenty of praise for the smooth and torquey characterful engine and so I think it sounds pretty ideal for this style of bike and it also has quite a nice exhaust note too [Music] now much of the chassis looks to be similar too so you’ve got a tubular steel trellis frame although I’d expect some slight changes to the geometry perhaps some reinforcement as well to make it more appropriate for adventure riding and then at the rear you’ve got the same single-sided shaft drive swing arm which is super typical of motor good season of 

course it’s a nice feature if you’re Adventure touring because it eliminates the need for cleaning and maintaining and adjusting a chain as for suspension we can see an upside down fork and a side mounted shock at the rear and these again look pretty similar to the V100 although naturally it’s going to sit a little taller more travel and that will help with its ability to cope with riding over undulating surfaces it’s also worth adding that with the V100 you get two levels of spec so there’s a base model with mechanically adjustable suspension but then also the more expensive s which gets Olin smart ec2 semi-active suspension which adapts to the current riding conditions and riding style in real time to deliver the optimal damping for that situation now that makes sit perfect for a go anywhere adventure bike and so although these spy shots don’t appear to show it I’d expect a semi-active option here for the stealth view as well when it’s fully announced brakes are from Brembo with some radially mounted four pot calipers same as the V100 I’m pretty much in line with what you find on other Adventure bikes in the market and then we’ve got spoked wheels which lays to the edge so nice and 

strong and repairable for off-roading but they also look like they’ll be tubeless which means quick repairs with a plug in these shots they’re shot with what I think look like Mitchell in Anarchy Adventure tires and they’re perfectly suited to a mix of on and off-road riding as long as you’re not attempting anything too wild interestingly they haven’t gone for a full-on 21-inch front which you will see on some more serious off-roaders like the tiger 1200 rally generally bigger Wheels like that will roll better over obstacles but here we can see a 19 inch front and a 17 rear which might give it a bit better balance between on and off-road now up to the front of the bike and perhaps a bit of a surprise is that there’s a radar sensor and that’s going to open up the possibility of active cruise control which automatically keeps the distance from the vehicle in front and also potentially front Collision warnings I say it’s a bit of a surprise because up until the V100 motogutsy like I say has had this more traditional image and firmly planted their 

flag in the Retro segment this Tech would bring it on a par with stuff like the KTM 1290 the Multistrada V4 and these are some of the bikes that are the most techy in the segment personally I love this feature on touring bias bikes I’ve tried it out plenty of times and I think it makes a nice enhancement to normal cruise control especially when the motorway gets busy and I know some of you are less Keen from the comments you don’t like the idea of handing that much control over to the bike but for me personally it’s something I’ll be looking for if I bought a more premium adventure bike then at the rear you’ve also got the rear facing radar and that opens up blind spot warnings perhaps from an LED light in the mirror and also possibly rear Collision warnings too now recently I had a system called ride vision installed on my bike which gives you some of these features but it reads the road with cameras instead and genuinely I can’t believe how useful it’s been since we’ve had it fitted and yet you don’t have to have the latest and greatest fancy adventure bike because you can just install it on pretty much any bike not a 

sponsorship for this particular video but just something I thought you might like to be aware of if you like the sound of these safety features so I’ll link down in the description to our full video now in the cockpit you get a little peep of the same TFT display as the V100 so expect a lot of the same techie features like their Mia connectivity system which allows you to connect to your phone over Bluetooth this gives you access to extra trip data as well as being able to control your music calls and messages from the switch gear if you’re using a headset there’s also a six axis inertial measurement unit under the hood and that feeds lean data into the bike so that abs and traction control intervene appropriately when the bike is Bank in mid corner and so yeah I’d expect all the same techie features here on the stelvio that said one of the big talking points on the V100 when it was launched was the new active aerodynamic system the idea is that the little 

windscreen and these flaps on either side of the top of the tank move up and down based upon your current riding mode but also your current speed basically the airflow is optimized for the type of riding you’re doing so think more wind protection for touring and Motorway cruising but more airflow at lower speeds perhaps around town where you might start to get warm and appreciate a bit of a blast now the test bike here is so heavily taped up that it’s pretty hard to say conclusively but there is a separate tape on the area where the wings would be and also the screen doesn’t appear to have a manual adjustment mechanism at first glance and so this would be an awesome USP for the V100 stelvio in the adventure Market if they do land it styling wise it takes a lot of cues from the V100 so stuff like the Mandela Eagle daytime running light at the front of the bike a similar shape to the tank and the tail and of course the engine and the single-

sided swing arm really do Define the look of the the lower half of the bike the still views just a little jacked up and more rugged looking with the taller suspension and the spoke wheels and also that windscreen up front makes it look a bit taller too and as with most other Adventure bikes you’d expect some muted color choices like black or khaki green but I also really hope they do a cool retro rally job just like they’ve always done with the v85 TT because it really helped make that bike stand out from the crowd when it was announced pricing for this one is going to be crucial with the V100 and v100s coming in at about 13 and a half and 15 and a half Grand respectively now normally for the adventure bike equivalent of a naked bike you’d probably put a couple of grand on top and so you could be looking at 15ish for the base model of this and maybe 17 if there’s a premium fully spec version I don’t know I think that could be problematic because you’re 

really getting into GS money or tiger 1200 or KTM or nearly Ducati multi V4 and I know it’s not all about Peak power but you’d have to really want the stelvio to Shell out for it the motor getsy Brown does have a passionate following though so perhaps that plus the desire of some Riders to buy something a bit out the ordinary might be enough but still here’s hoping they can keep the price in check as always I’d love to know what you think of it down in the comments below so do let me know here’s that ride Vision Video I mentioned earlier which is definitely worth checking out if you like that sort of feature if you’re new here and you want to see more of the latest motorcycle news right here on YouTube then please do hit subscribe many thanks for watching today and we’ll see you in the next one

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