New 2024 Triumph Speed 400 & Scrambler 400X Announced!

New 2024 Triumph Speed 400 & Scrambler 400X Announced! – today try and pronounced a pair of brand spanking new small to Mid capacity bikes which look absolutely awesome so here are the 10 key things that you need to know about them and stick around to the end to find out why I think these could be the best ever selling bikes so not one but two bikes starting with the speed 400 which slots into the bottom of their modern classic Roadster lineup with the speed twin 900 and 1200 above it this is the more Road biased of the two bikes and you’ll see that from the chassis specs which we’ll get onto in a mo and then the second bike is the Scrambler 400x so very similar but 

with some slight tweaks that make it a bit more appropriate for off-road riding but also with a more rugged and upright appearance like the speed this one slots into the Scrambler lineup beneath the 900 and 1200 also now the naming of these models is interesting with the speed 400 you’ll see it differs slightly from the speed between 900 and 1200 and that’s because it’s not a twin both these new bikes will be powered by a brand new single cylinder engine now with the Scrambler 400x well the x is the Curious part here you’ve got the Scrambler 900 above it but then with the 1200s you could get either the XE or XC variants with one being a little lower and biased towards Road riding whereas the XE is taller and more off-road focused so perhaps with the X suffix on this new 400 trying for leaving some room for more models largely based around the same design but with some potential variations in hardware and spec like spoke wheels on this little Scrambler would look super cool but let’s jump into the details on these two bikes and we’ll start with the engine which they’ve clearly styled up to make it look a little bit more like the Bonneville parallel twins higher up in the range but in 

New 2024 Triumph Speed 400 & Scrambler 400X Announced!

fact it’s actually an all-new 398 CC liquid cooled single which they say is triumph designed and developed as you’d expect from a brand new engine there are plenty of Thoroughly Modern features like the ride by wire throttle Diamond like Coatings for reduced friction a finger follower valve train for reduced reciprocating mass and with all that combined it revs up for a respectable p pink Power figure of 40 PS at 8000 RPM which is right where you’d expect a bike in this market segment to sit torque is also decent with 37.5 newton meters produced at six and a half thousand RPM and as you can see here from the dyno chart it’s nice and flat across the Rev range with a healthy bump in that sort of six to eight thousand RPM range on top of that they say they’ve optimized their crankshaft inertia for low speed drivability which will generally mean it’s got a weightiness to it that gives you that sense of chugging torque in the low revs and that will also help to make it feel less stallable so perfectly suited to a little retro and also handy for the less experienced rider at the back we’ve got a neat looking UPS web silencer on each bike so a single exit on the speed 400 and then a double exit on the 

Scrambler with a twin skin stainless steel header that should help to prevent discoloration now they also say they’ve tuned the exhaust sound for that typical Triumph richness and character and I’d say that’s something they generally do pretty well the bonnevilles for example have a nice meaty the Bassy sound to them despite the strict emissions regulations that so often nowadays stifle the Acoustics on other bikes it’s also worth adding that both get a slip assist clutch which will prevent rear wheel lockups on aggressive downshifts but also allows them to use lighter clutch springs so a nice light feel at the lever which will help to reduce hand fatigue if you’re in stop start traffic so a nice feature perhaps if you’re thinking about getting one for commuting so the engine on these two bikes is pretty much identical apart from a slight change in the final drive gearing but where they mostly diverge is the chassis so the speed 400 is built around a new tubular steel frame and it gets a bolt on subframe and a cast aluminum swing arm and this one rolls on 17-inch Wheels front and rear which are typical for a road 

bike and they’ll generally give the best response and handling at the front end when on tarmac up front there’s a 43 millimeter upside down big piston Fork built by endurance and that gets 140 mil of travel and then at the rear we’ve got a preload adjustable Monoshock with a remote Reservoir and that one gets 130 mL of travel Brakes come from vibrate which is a more affordable sub-brand of breaking Giants Brembo and you get a four piston radially mounted caliper at the front on a 300 mil disc and there’s a single pot caliper at the rear on a 230 mil disc now both get braided hoses which generally flex and expand less than regular hoses under pressure and so they’ll also give you a more crisp and predictable feel at the brake lever as for rubber you get a pair of Metzler sportek m9rr tires as standard which are intended to be a sporty all rounder for the road and should be perfectly suited to the intended use and riding style of this bike now over to the Scrambler we’ve got the same rudiments to the frame but it has been tweaked a 

little bit to lengthen the wheelbase with a different head angle so you’re going to get a slightly bigger feeling bike a little bit longer and in terms of handling it’ll probably bias a little bit more towards stability rather than sporty quick turning now the wheels differ too so up front we’ve got a 19 incher as opposed to the 17 on the speed and so if you do want to to take it off-road that’s going to give you more ability to roll over rough terrain and also it gives it a bit more of that Scrambler look and I’d expect most of these bikes to do most of their miles actually on the road so perhaps the looks are you know a good proportion of the rationale there’s also a slightly different visual design to the wheels so they’re calling it v-spokes and naturally you’ve got some more Scrambler specific tires in the form of metzler’s carry streets which are designed to be an all-rounder for a bit of on and off road and you’ll often see these on our Venture bikes and other scramblers and in my experience they’re pretty good they’re not proper mud 

pluggers for heavy off-road use but decent for Road riding and a bit of gravel as well suspension also gets a little bit jacked up to tackle lumps and bumps so you’ve got 150 ml of travel front and rear and although there’s no ground clearance figures in the press release you’d expect a bit of a boost there as well otherwise it looks pretty much the same as the speed 400 as do the brakes which again are from vibrate and they look like the same setup and so yeah one’s more low slung and entirely designed for the road while the other the scram sits up a bit more and can do some easy off-road stuff but it is worth adding the extra hardware and the extra bit of size comes with a bit of a weight penalty so while the speed 400 tips the scales at 170 kilograms work the Scrambler comes in at 179 still pretty slender though and it should be easy to manage and it does look fairly competitive versus the other bikes in this market as you’d expect there’s also a bit of a change in the riding position that comes with that bump in height so the speed 400 sits nice and low at 790 mil in the sea and that’s going to make 

it perfect for shorter riders or anyone who’s moving up from a 125 or 250 and want something that feels easy to control when it comes to low speed Maneuvers now they also say they’ve specifically tried to make it as narrow as possible at the waist and that’s to help with getting both feet down which again is a massive confidence booster if you’re not that experienced the rest looks nice and neutral so the pegs are in a regular sort of Roadster position the bar is not too low and there’s also decent provision for a pass passenger so you’ve got a sizable perch there and also an aluminum grab rail as standard in some markets but switch to the Scrambler and you’ll see a much more appropriate seat height for that style of bike so 45 millimeters higher upper 835 which really is quite a significant increase partly that’s down to the highest sprung chassis of course but also there’s more room between the pegs and the seat by a good 17 millimeters and so it looks like the seat is also a touch chunkier as well as a more commanding high up riding 

position that’s also going to help with transitioning between seated and standing riding and then you’ve got handlebars that are a little further back towards the rider which will set them up a bit as opposed to the more sporty forward position of the speed 400. so this one the Scrambler could be a great choice even for newer Riders who are bit on the tall side and find the speed 400 Just a Touch Too cramped in terms of other features and tech there are some nice touches on these bikes so you’ve got dual Channel ABS developed with Bosch and there’s also Bosch traction control on on both bikes too so great news for newer Riders again but also if you’re often riding in wet weather and slippery conditions now with the speed 400 you’ve only got the option to disable the traction control that might be handy for more sporty or aggressive riding but the Scrambler has switchable traction control and abs so perfect if you do want to ride it off-road and really get the bike sliding around settings like these will be managed through the new Dash 

which is a retro looking round analog Speedo and then you’ve also got an LCD display set into one side and although it does look a little bit old school perhaps compared to some of the tfts on some of the competition it does suit the overall aesthetic of the bike quite nicely on top of that you’ve got LED lighting all round in typical Triumph style a built-in transponder immobilizer a USB charging socket and a couple of neat accessories like heated grips and a tire pressure monitoring system looks wise the speed is the more sporty of the two of course with very much the look of a baby speed twin 1200 and I think that’s quite a bit big selling point and it’s probably one of if not the best looking bike in the 400 Market the Finish looks excellent as you’d expect from a Triumph with tidy Hardware all over the bike and some nice little extras like the bar end mirrors and I think you’ve got some good color options here as well so Carnival red or Caspian blue and the Phantom black which looks a little bit more stealth on all three colors you’ve got 

the oversized Triumph badge on the tank which I think looks great and then also the gold Fork which adds a little pop of color and sportiness on the Scrambler we’ve got some extra genre specific styling cues like the hand guards the regular stalk mirrors the headlight guard the bar pad and the twin exit exhaust and with this one you also get the carnival red and the Phantom black but naturally with it being a Scrambler there had to be a khaki green these bikes get a more subtle small Triumph logo on the tank and they also get a contrasting stripe across the middle there and I honestly think they look at First Impressions anyway really quite good and as you’d expect from Triumph there’s a wealth of accessories to help make them your own with the scrambler for example you’ve got the luggage the engine bars the fly screen and the high mug guard and it really does make it the smaller sibling of their biggest scramblers and while I will say I’m still looking forward to finding out what the engine’s like to ride and how they handle and I’d 

expect it you know being attract to be at least decent if not very good I think it’s this image and Heritage and stylishness that’s surely going to be the big main pull for buyers if you look at the bikes it’s up against like the M Phil 350s for example you can see a little more attention to detail and flare in the Finish or you’ve got stuff like the BMW 310s and the KTM 390s which are a lot more modern and angular so you could say lack in some of the character and timelessness but really at this end of the market the other big factor has to be the price take the speed 400 for example I don’t expect it to get right down to the sub 4 grand price of the Enfield Hunter 350 but it’ll probably want to be at or near the five grand of the KTM 390 and BMW g310r if they can do that then that’s why I fully expect this to be a huge seller for Triumph not only does it open them up to the massive Asia Market but also to newer Riders here in the UK and Europe as well as the US who might not have the funds or license to buy a bike like the speed twin 900 which is 

currently the most affordable modern classic in their lineup now that bike starts at just under nine grand so five-ish would almost half the cost of getting onto the Triumph ladder and it also makes it look like quite attempting proposition there’s like a little second bike can they do it though well it’s important to point out that while this bike is designed and developed in-house by Triumph it’ll actually largely be built on their behalf by Indian manufacturer Bajaj as well as some units by Triumph in their own factories in Thailand and Brazil so that should massively help to keep the cost low but will it come at the sacrifice of quality or character or the ride well we’ll get to find out later in the year when it’s launched out on the road along with the final pricing so if you want to see that video as soon as possible and you’ve not already then please do hit the Subscribe button and I’ll leave you with a more detailed walk around of these two bikes which I shot a couple of days later after this news piece had the try and Factory visitor experience unless you’re watching this video right away in which case I’ll put something else here and you’ll have to come back in two days time many thanks for watching today and we’ll catch you in the next one

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