NEW Audi RS6 Performance: The Most Powerful RS6 Yet! | 4K

NEW Audi RS6 Performance: The Most Powerful RS6 Yet! | 4K – the Audi RS6 is sometimes referred to as the king of fast Estates and this C8 generation is no different very powerful very practical and full of quality but as is Audi tradition the company has released a new version of the RS6 aimed at those who demand more this is the RS6 performance the RS6 performance isn’t a rival to the standard car it actually replaces it completely but it uses very similar components under the Bonnet is a 4 liter twin turbocharged V8 but it makes more power 630 horsepower in fact which is 30 more than before and more torque 850 newton meters which is 50 more than before it also has the word performance in the name so I feel like we should find out just what kind of performance it actually offers here we go launch okay oh yeah it’s quick right so naughty 62 they reckon is done in 3.4

seconds 0.2 quicker than before and every single RS will do 180 miles an hour flat out minimum we’re doing one three five one forty one four two one four five one fifty running out of track 160 okay on the brake on the brake oh it’s moving around okay so three things number one that was fun very very quick number two it did not to 62 in 3.4 seconds and number three most importantly I didn’t hit the top speed the thing is that’s on a race track I feel like people commuting to work on the Auto Barn on a Monday morning stand a bit of chance of hitting that top speed so I’m gonna give it another go yes and this time I planned to be very Reckless starting my run from the back straight into Hammerhead and getting as long a run up as possible all right here we go we’re ready we’re already 60 on the exit of the corner 80 from the point I started last time 109 112 we are moving now we’re cooking on gas 130 come on I want to see one eight zero 1-140 150. 160. 170. okay I’m breaking whoa okay so we are approaching the very end of the runway I got quite close to 117. if the runway was longer I would have done it but I’m gonna take that because I don’t want to end up in a ditch with the optional 500 pound RS Dynamic Plus Package the car can hit 189 miles an hour but you do have to ask yourself whether it’s worth it because even on a long private race track hitting 180 is unlikely even with the extra horsepower from the RS6

NEW Audi RS6 Performance: The Most Powerful RS6 Yet! | 4K

performance is this version of the car more appealing than the standard model from a design perspective probably not because not many people will be able to tell that this is the performance version the Bodywork is identical there are a couple of new colors available this Tango red is now discontinued for some reason and you get RS exterior components in matte gray including the mirrors the front spoiler the front side flaps the roof rails and the trim on the side windows and rear diffuser inside its business as usual but the cabin is now available in this gray alongside red and the new blue design package you get contrasting stitching on the Alcantara steering wheel plus matching Accents in the seats and the gear selector knob made from dynamica microfiber with 35 recycled materials why they bother when there’s a V8 under the Bonnet is a question that only Audi has the answer to so it doesn’t seem all that different but I tell you what it feels different in motion Audi actually wanted the RS6 performance to feel a little bit more involving so one of the first things they did was to remove quite a lot of sound insulation from between the engine bay and the passenger cabin and that means that you hear a lot more of that four liter V8 and a lot more of the exhaust the world’s gone a bit mad hasn’t it because normally in a luxury car you celebrate when it’s quieter but here I am in what is ostensibly a

luxury car celebrating the fact that it’s louder weird the second thing you notice when you drive this car is that the gear changes are much more Snappy than before much more involving you get a bit of a talk Interruption and a slap as the car changes up and also changing down is quite Sharp oh so that in combination with the fact it’s louder and you’re hearing more of the car means it’s definitely more involving to drive and the extra power does make it feel more alive the 640 PS comes courtesy of a few factors most notably bigger turbos and an increase in boost pressure from 2.4 bar to 2.6 power from the engine flows through the same 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox to a new differential which distributes up to 70 of the power to the front and up to 85 to the rear as required the diff itself is also lighter which should make the car feel more responsive it also feels dare I say a little bit lighter than before so I mentioned earlier that they removed quite a lot of the sound deadening material the installation from between the engine bay and the cabin that saves eight kilograms it’s got some funky new Wheels which save around 20 kilograms 5 kilos on each corner and the car comes with the option of carbon ceramic brakes which save 34 kilograms those aren’t on this particular car but it does feel a little bit more sprinkly through the corners I can’t say I’m completely blown away with this thing though it still feels

like a typical louder you bang it into a corner get on the gas to try and get the back end out and it doesn’t want to power oversteer it doesn’t want to rotate the back end and that’s despite the fact that this diff can send so much torque to the rear wheels it’s not a playful part in any sense of the work all right let’s see if it’ll throw any shapes here in Chicago left right no it’s just a bit of an understeering it goes a tiny bit but understeer is still the predominant balance that you get in this car right what are the brakes actually like the stopping power is impressive for something so heavy so I dare say on the road if you find yourself in a sticky situation that they’re definitely strong enough to get you out of it I’ve been pounding around the track a fair bit on these steel brakes and so far they haven’t started to fade so fair play to Audi whatever they’ve done to these steel brakes they’re actually quite durable I must say I’m

slightly disappointed with the lack of playfulness in this car I don’t know what I was expecting it is an Audi after also yeah they’re not the most playful cars on the planet understeer is a thing shall we say but maybe I was expecting because of the new diff because of the fact it’s got performance in the name that it’ll be a little bit more I don’t know fun in the bins but I think where this car shines the most is when you’re absolutely hammering it in a straight line and that four liter by Turbo can sing the exhaust is howling that does put a smile on your face worth buying well yes it’s an RS6 which means it’s inherently cool a fast practical solution to family life I can’t help but thinking though that I’d be having more fun in an M3 touring which is cheaper way more engaging thanks to its clever X drive system and has reasonably similar practicality if you’re looking for an RS6 then this performance version is the new standard but if you’re looking for a fast estate that’s also fun the M3 touring is the way to go all right

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