New BMW M1000XR vs Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak!

New BMW M1000XR vs Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak! – this week BMW announced a brand new addition to their super premium M lineup the new m1000xr and now this thing looks like it’ll be right up there with the most ridiculously powerful and performance orientated Sports tour has ever made but a good number of you pointed out in the comments that it’s a direct competitor for one of the best already on the market the Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak and so which bike is the best the BMW or the Ducati well in this video we’ll go through everything we know about them so far and then at the end I’ll give you my pick now the engine in the M thousand XR is said to be based upon their s 000rr sports bike which means it’ll get their shift 

cam variable valve lift and timing system in short this means they can use a less aggressive cam profile for just cruising around and that helps to promote better mid-range and torque as well as more sensible fuel efficiency but give it the beans an electronically actuated shift gate forces the camshaft to slide over bringing a more aggressive cam in to play on the intake valves and this is going to be higher lift more overlap and as search give you maximum Peak power and performance now the standard s1000 XR upon which this bike is based doesn’t have shift cam so the engine is designed and tuned to be a bit of a compromised all-rounder but with this Tech they can make the engine a little more Jekyll and Hyde and the result they say is a peak power figure of over 200 horsepower now that’s a substantial increase from the regular XR which makes around 163 and so this thing ought to be lightning quick the Multistrada V4 packs Peak on the other hand gets the same V4 Gran Turismo engine as the other multi-v4s and with this one 

they’ve taken a slightly different approach to BMW you see while this engine can be traced back to their panigale V4 so it is sports bike derived they did make some compromises and adaptations to make it more appropriate for adventure touring the big one is removing the desmodromic valve system which is a signature a feature of Ducati engines and allows them to run at super high revs now the downside is that they’re a bit fiddly and they require pretty regular servicing which can come up pretty expensive so not ideal if you genuinely putting in the big miles and so on this Gran Turismo version of the V4 engine they used a much more common spring actuated valve closure and that extends the valve service intervals to a massive sixty thousand kilometers or 37 000 miles so it’s certainly done the trick in that regard as I say though the desmo valves do allow for higher revs and so instead of the 200 horsepower plus that you’ll find in the panigale OR Street Fighter V4 up at 13 000 RPM this GT version is a little limited 

to 170 horsepower at 10 500. now to be fair that’s still absolutely bucket loads of power and it’s more than enough for the sort of riding that these bikes will be intended for but that’s essentially the difference between the two bikes the BMW has an out and out sports bike engine whereas the multi before albeit still pretty Bonkers is a little bit more built with touring and distance in mind so purely for Peak power bragging rights I think I’ll give this one to the m thousand XR now on to the chassis and both of these bikes fit quite nicely into the sports touring crossover mold and so crossover is basically some of the performance and Tech and spec of a sports bike or a sporty naked but with the comfort and Tall stance and some of the toy friendly amenities have amid to large capacity adventure bike so while you will see on both bikes long travel suspension a tall seat high big wide upright bars and plenty of space for a passenger you’ll also see 17-inch Wheels front and rear with sporty Rubber and big premium branded brakes which should 

offer track ready levels of stopping power now the Ducati is on brembo’s top drawer four-part radially mounted monoblock style Emma calipers on a big pair of 330 mil discs whilst the BMW gets their M brakes which are similarly specked and trickled down from from their Superbike World Champs racing program now on the suspension front I think you want a bit of Versatility in the ride quality of this sort of bike you know you could do some light touring or motor waste things but equally the occasional track day and so for me semi-active suspension is right at home here the Ducati gets the creme de La Creme so an olin’s 48 millimeter fork and a TTX 36 rear shock both of which run on their smart ec2 electronically adjustable semi-active system that are just damping in real time to optimize the ride quality for the current riding conditions and style basically it’s going to be more firm when you’re riding it hard through corners but it should become more soft and supple if you’re just cruising in a straight line on the motorway and it all 

ties into the riding modes or you can dial in your own custom settings through the dash now the BMW’s full final specs are yet to be announced and also you can see a mechanical preload adjuster on the Prototype but I’d be very surprised on a bike at this price point if if it didn’t get the dynamic Esa which is their name for semi-active suspension when the full final production version is announced blow for blow these bites look like they’re going to be pretty similar but I will say the BMW does have one clear advantage on the chassis front and that’s the way you see they’re claiming that it’ll come in at 223 kilograms fully fueled which is a few kilograms lighter than the standard s1000xr the Ducati though comes in at 239 kilograms curb and look how they handle on the road could be very different but at least on the spec sheet it’s a big weight advantage to the BMW now as you’d expect on bikes of this nature that really do get the works thrown at them the tech is going to be absolutely comprehensive both come with a substantial color 

New BMW M1000XR vs Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak!

TFT display through which you can hook up your phone and Bluetooth headset for calls messages and navigation all through the switchgear and dash and they also come with a full Suite of Rider raids and electronics so plenty of riding modes corner traction control and abs really control them more but I think the Ducati has such a huge advantage on the tech front that it has to take this category you see at both the front and rear of this bike it gets radar sensors and with the rear you get blind spot warnings in the mirrors now I know that active cruise control is a little bit polarizing you know basically like a car it controls your speed to make sure that you maintain a set distance from the vehicle in front and I’ve tried it on the Multistrada V4 as well as a number of other bikes and personally I’d love to have it as a tool to use on Long rides on my own bike but some Riders at least from what I can gather from the comments under my videos really don’t like the idea of handing over so much control to the electronics blind spot warnings on the other hand though well everyone that’s tried them that I’ve spoken to seems to 

find them super useful of course it’s no substitute for a proper Lifesaver check before you change lanes on the motorway you need to be a hundred percent sure but it’s just that extra little nudge in your mirrors which in my book is a good thing now BMW does have some of this Tech they’ve got active cruise control on there r1250 Arturo and some of the r18s and it works very well from my experience but from what I can see on the m1000xr Prototype there’s no space for a radar up front and so let’s assume that it won’t be coming to this particular model if you consider this bike to be a tall sports bike purely for just taking out on twisties and track days then perhaps you won’t be bothered at all about such a touring specific feature but if you’re more so coming from the angle of like a very fast Torah then I think they might be more of Interest either way more features on the tech front is generally better so I’ll give this one to the multi now on the style in front neither of these bikes are going to be aesthetic Perfection just 

because of the constraints of this genre of bike a sporty chassis with 17-inch wheels and fancy brakes but then with the big tall suspension and the wide bars and a big passenger seat is always going to be a bit all over the place proportionally and I do say that as someone who wholeheartedly acknowledges that both of these companies can make beautiful looking bikes just look at the panigale or the S 000rr just for the sort of gangly High I don’t think either of these bikes are like proper stunners in my book but I think the Ducati just edges it for me they always have a little bit more Flair to them and I do like the Moto GP inspired Pikes Peak Edition paint job as well as the little pops of color like the gold Olin suspension and the red on the subframe now to be fair we’ve still got to see the full production version of the m1000 XR so it probably is going to look a little bit more bling and colorful but I’d love to know which one you think looks best at 

the moment down in the comments below now price wise the Ducati is already on the market at 26 595 pounds which of course is lots of money but this is pretty much the ultimate for this type of bike with a super powerful V4 engine a top spec chassis and the latest and greatest in terms of tech the BMW is yet to be confirmed but the other m bikes currently in their lineup reign from the M thousand RS sports bike up at 30 940 down to the m thousand are naked at just under 20 grand so I’d expect this XR to come somewhere in between which should put it pretty close to the Ducati I think we’ll call it a draw until we get the 

final price on the BMW and so that makes it two points each now I think the BMW looks like it’s going to be ridiculously powerful and also a fair bit lighter than the Ducati so perhaps this is the one to go for if you just want the most ridiculously fast bike out of the two but the Ducati is a little bit more distance focused with a few more Creature Comforts and yet still blisteringly quick and getting the more sporty wheel setup than the regular Multistrada V4 and so I think the Ducati might just still Edge it for me with a touch more like real world usability but as always let me know which bike you pick down in the comments below now if you want to see my full review of the regular Multistrada V4 including the active cruise control and the blind spot warnings then I’ve linked to it on the screen right here so you can give it watch many thanks for watching today and we’ll see you in the next one

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