NEW Corvette Z06 Review: The Chevy With A FERRARI Engine? | 4K

 NEW Corvette Z06 Review: The Chevy With A ‘FERRARI’ Engine? | 4K – two three this is the Chevy Corvette Z06 a sports car that seems to have captured everyone’s imagination and not just here in the US oh the Z06 is building a reputation as a spellbinding sports car that’s so good they can compete with European Rivals costing over three times the price I love the standard CH Stingray that car’s a no-brainer but this level this is the car people who love to drive this is a car for the connoisseur and it so happens that this particular Z06 belongs to just such a person this is Jessie iwuji called vet Enthusiast professional NASCAR driver and NASCAR team owner competing part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series in the number 34 car he’s racked up 15 races over three years showing a deep love of high-end Motorsports and can regularly be found driving his Z06 through Los Angeles today I’ve somehow convinced Jesse to let me drive his pride and joy and the question I have is 

what makes a NASCAR driver choose a Z06 over everything else [Music] certainly looks the part doesn’t it it’s all edges and sharp lines beautiful looking car is it that different compared to the standard Stingray I’m not so sure but there are differences if you look closely most notably in the front with this much larger and more pronounced Grill the front splitter as well is also larger and a little bit more aggressive than before to my eyes and then around the side this color by the way is called amplify orange the thing that stands out most on a Z06 is this y-shaped air intake it’s c-shaped on the standard C8 and the car also comes with more rubber 20 inch by 10 inch 275 up front and 21 by 13 345s at the rear it’s also three and a half inches wider than before it has the option of carbon fiber Wheels but this car doesn’t actually have it what it does have is this very fetching set of aftermarket forged light wheels finished in this incredible looking top secret Golden Bronze color it’s all also been lowered by half an inch so the wheels fill the Arches much nicer than before and if you look closely you’ll also find some carbon ceramic brakes around the back definitely quite exotic isn’t it you get a choice of rear wing on your Z06 you can have the high down Force Wing which looks a bit like an alien weapon or this classier low down Force Wing look closely and you get this little black section on top of it that is called the Wicker bill or a gurney flap as we would probably refer to it in Europe now this is important because it adds a ton of downforce over 145 kilograms more at 186 miles an hour than without it very very impressive also the exhausts the standard Stingray has quad exhaust and they’re pushed out on

either side however on the Z06 they’ve been grouped together directly in the middle and I think it looks tremendous different enough to the standard Stingray no but I love it anyway naturally looks on everything because the big Advantage this Z06 has over the standard model is its engine which is not only mounted in the middle but this time takes the form of a naturally aspirated V8 making ridiculous power notably Chevy has deviated from the cross-plane crank setup typical of American sports cars and opted for a more European style flat plane crank and the results are explosive [Music] and this engine really is the star of the show all Corvettes are made engine but this one being a flat plane crank has a completely different character to what you’d expect from a Corvette the sound is just out of this world I’m familiar with American V8s I’ve got a Mustang and the typical noise is a low rough sound but this thing just howls especially as you get towards the top of the Rev range it sounds absolutely glorious it’s a noise you normally associate with European sports cars like Ferraris and that shouldn’t come as a

surprise because Chevy has readily admissive that in the development of this car they actually bought a Ferrari V8 off Ebay reverse engineered it learned what made it good and then used what they learned in the development of the co6 and it looks like they’ve learned an awful lot power is 670 horses torque 623 newton meters and those numbers are astonishing because this thing isn’t supercharged it’s not turbocharged it’s naturally aspirated it’s just breathing air now handling that’s what the Z06 is all about and believe me it handles beautifully I’m thinking back to the first time I experienced the standard Stingray and what I found was that that car was so soft and so plush it was set up almost to feel like a grand tourer but immediately popping into this thing it feels much more racy much more engaging and everything the car does feels much more focused oh yeah and the front end hasn’t got the biggest widest tires in the world what it does bite it’s brilliant the steering isn’t the fastest but it’s incredibly precise I’m watching for my Apex up ahead I don’t think I’ve missed a single one yet because every single time you point the nose it goes exactly where you want it to go what a car and all of that might go some way to explaining why a racing driver for whom Precision is as important as power would buy a Z06 a driver Like Jesse iwuji my love for Corvettes began actually back in 2013. I was looking for a car that was going to be a daily driver friendly type vehicle that was still sporty at that time I had a Dodge Challenger that was like 900 horsepower fully built I need something a little bit more friendly that’s still sporty and I came across a C6 Z06 and decided that I wanted to buy it I bought it and within a couple of

NEW Corvette Z06 Review: The Chevy With A ‘FERRARI’ Engine? | 4K

weeks I decided to start taking it to the track and road coursing and that led me towards a lot more than just track days to eventually professional racing the biggest difference that I’ve found between the last generation with the C7 Z06 and even the c606 and now this C8 Z06 is grip and every other ZO6 I’ve ever had they’ve never really had that type of traction that you needed especially on the streets or even just the street tires period it’s never really had that dig type traction that you really expect until you get to a drag strip and throw on drag radials but with this C8 Z06 from the get-go even on its street tires on its daily street tires it still just grips and rips and that’s what I absolutely love about this car you can actually have fun with it on the street you’re not worrying about just roasting through the rear tires and it does what you want at all times biggest differences between this amazing C8 Z06 and my race car and the NASCAR Xfinity series is power’s very close power is very similar but handling wise I mean the amount of electronics that you have on this car whereas in NASCAR our race cars are in a way kind

of old school technology we have a solid rear axle we have a carbureted motor 700 horsepower full on cage tube chassis the car is just a big gorilla like it’s just brute just Monster it’s not really meant to be super Nimble yet we figured out a way to dial in our suspension dial in the car so they could be as Nimble as possible but you just have to just drive the thing around and you gotta drive it hard like a rhino this isn’t like a rhino this is more like a leopard and with that it was only right that I asked the man himself to show me what his car could really do around Willow Springs so we hope to board the Z06 and unleash that 670 horsepower flat plane crank V8 okay here’s the laugh of Big Willow talk us through it Jesse so we are heading up the front stretch right now big while you want to get as much speed as possible stay over here to the right but you’re on the break super hard going to turn 1000 to forward that’s it the third turn into that last cone you’re going to want to get down to this Apex here power out of it shift up to Fourth as you’re heading over here to turn three on the prank a little bit lift off that break let it Coast in but you’re going to want to get as close as possible to this inside try to feed as

much speed as possible the car is either gonna push or it’s gonna get a little sideways on you be ready to catch it because this Z06 will bite you you’re on the throttle hard on the throttle hard on the break again going into this going down just a third turn in at the last cone you want to bring it down here to the Apex be ready for the car to slide just a little bit coming up this track this car can get a little squirmy on you on the break a little bit turn in get down here to the Apex so you can power out you’re still in third gear right now still in third gear on the break here just like get off of it come into the middle yes turn in the car art does turn in very good as long as you get the weight to transfer forward as quick as possible when you go over that Crest you’re going to want to get off the throttle a little bit you don’t want to be wide open going through the air or else you’re going to go on a ride fastest Corner in the world you’re going through tornado Willow Springs this is scary it’s a very scary Corner we’re not even going maxed out right now and it’s still a little sketch you got a downshift going in here we’re getting ready for turn nine which is definitely a scary corner for a lot down to the third turn down get close to this Apex right

here you’re on the throttle hard whoops hit the floor and you’re rolling you’re rolling up this fun stress you’re going to want to shift the fifth before you even get down here to the end on Fifth we’re in fifth right now on the break hard on the break we just hit the fourth down to the third turn in carry as much speed as you can but definitely don’t lose it I’ve lost it in this corner one time it wasn’t that fun to lose it today bro yeah hahaha Chevy’s Corvette has regularly punched above its weight coming in Far lower in price and arguably ability than European Rivals but generation after generation it’s improved massively and arguably no longer plays second fiddle to the cars it competes against Chevy’s taken all the learnings it’s acquired over the years particularly with this latest engine borrowing so heavily from Ferrari and packaged them in a car that now competes at the very top of the food chain for me it’s now one of the very best in the world but don’t just take my word for it for all those who are not big fans of Corvette who say that’s a poor man super car whatever it is what I would say to them is come race me let’s get on track and let’s see your Porsche your Ferrari your whatever you want to bring bring it if it’s under the price range of three hundred thousand dollars bring it to the track and we’ll see what happens

NEW Corvette Z06 Review: The Chevy With A ‘FERRARI’ Engine? | 4K

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