NEW Ferrari Roma SPIDER Review: Ferrari’s BEST Car? | 4K

 NEW Ferrari Roma SPIDER Review: Ferrari’s BEST Car? | 4K

no you listen to me your time’s up I don’t care about your particular set of skills I want my money you got 24 hours to give me what I want and I want a half and I don’t want a quarter I want all of it because if you don’t you know what will happen didn’t you you’ll never see that pretty face again 24 hours this is a story of intrigue a story of love hate crime and passion it’s the story of Ferrari’s somewhat unwanted connection with the beautiful island of Sardinia the story of the stunning Ferrari Roma spider [Music] foreign in case you don’t know it’s an island off the coast of Mainland Italy famous for sardines apparently and it’s a gorgeous place to drive an even more gorgeous car the Roma spider and Ferrari is such a passionate brand isn’t it most people love it but 

there are people out there who maybe aren’t quite as keen on the brand call it jealousy call it hatred call it what you want but Ferrari is well aware of that fact and they have a solution they’ve developed a Ferrari that even Ferrari haters can’t help but love the Roma spider is the long-awaited convertible version of the Roma Coupe it serves as the replacement of the Portofino and before that the California but unlike those cars which featured a metal folding hard top this is a spider with a fabric roof chosen so a coupe and drop top can co-exist the Roman spider wasn’t designed for your typical Ferrari demographic this is a car that’s designed for people who want to reward their success without ramming it down people’s throats it’s not a car designed for people who want to take it to a local High Street 

to show people how rich they are or how loud their exhaust is and it also definitely wasn’t designed for people who want to fly around a racetrack at 600 miles an hour this car was designed for people who want to fly under the radar compared to many recent Ferraris which are very busy in terms of their design full of cuts and slashes the Roma spider is understated with an old-school almost retro Vibe drawing inspiration from the Ferrari 250 GT of the 1960s the Bodywork is Slender but with powerful athletic proportions helped by offset Wheels 20 inches at the front and 21s at the rear the face features a body colored Grille unlike almost anything else on the market the tail is modern in contrast with lights that are set into the Bodywork with a large carbon fiber diffuser and a choice of tailpipe finishes not to mention a small delicate rear wing the five-layer 

NEW Ferrari Roma SPIDER Review: Ferrari’s BEST Car? | 4K

roof is especially impressive particularly the material of the fabric itself but also the matching roof cover the whole thing folding down in 13 and a half seconds at speeds of up to 37 miles an hour there’s only one bit on this car that I don’t like and it is the radar sensor for the adaptive cruise control and emergency braking system it looks like it fell off a much cheaper car which In fairness it probably did apart from that this is the best looking Ferrari ever made in fact I’ll go one further this might actually be the best looking car ever made don’t at me I’m not the only one that thinks so in our time with the car the people in the Sleepy towns and Villages of Sardinia seem to fall in love with it Italians tend to love Ferraris of course but this felt different everyone who encountered a Roma spider stops and stares takes pictures strikes up conversations asks you to rev the engine or begs you to set inside to soak up the absolutely stunning design it might be a performance car but it’s also one that people will love for more emotional reasons [Music] [Music] the Roma spider has that X Factor and I’m sure it’s gonna sell like hotcakes but sometimes being popular and attractive can bring you the wrong kind of attention in 1988 after Enzo Ferrari died a criminal gang from this island 

launched a plot that was as disturbing as it was elaborate this gang was well known in the Sardinian criminal Underworld for smuggling drugs guns and maybe worst of all kidnappings their idea was to steal the dead body of Enzo Ferrari from its final resting place at the family tomb in moderna and demand a ransom fortunately Italian police became aware of the plan and deployed 300 investigators consisting of Army and police officers to stop the plan before it started they managed to arrest the group capturing 34 individual gang members Enzo’s body was safe and despite the passing of their influential leader the Ferrari brand continues to go from strength to strength I think I’ll keep this one suits me [Music] I think it’s fair to say that Ferrari is quite a different company since Enzo Ferrari passed away back in the day they were heavily focused on creating quite racy sports cars that appealed to their core demographic people who loved speed nowadays things are a little different and I reckon they’re trying to Branch out a little more and there’s actually nothing really wrong with that it has all the Ferrari fundamentals including a 3.9 liter twin turbo V8 making 620 PS and 760 newton meters which makes it good for naught to 62 in 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 

198 miles an hour here’s the thing though even with all that performance it still feels quite approachable and that’s because it delivers its power in a controlled way yes it’s rear-wheel drive and you and you can light up those rear tires but the acceleration is Progressive and predictable at low revs it’s no more Fierce than any family car the Roma spider doesn’t need an expert to drive it in everyday conditions and that’s a good thing I wouldn’t trust my mum in an a12 super fast or a 296 GTB those things will punish you if you’re not on it but in this I would trust people without much Driving Experience no problem whatsoever but having said that I still get a real kick out of this thing I love the engine obviously I’m also a big fan of this 8-speed DCT the gearbox is very Snappy not quite as Snappy as some other Ferraris but it’s still very slick and very eager to change up and down the Box also the action from these paddles is tremendous it’s a really engaging box to use the sound is pretty decent they’re trying to give it a slightly different tone to the coupe to try to remove the boominess at the low end but give it raspiness at the top end and largely they’ve been pretty successful where I love it especially is on the upshift when it just pops it makes a really cool noise but let’s 

face it Ferrari V8s haven’t sounded good since the 458. hell even the Ferrari pure sanguay the SUV sounds better than this but then again it is a naturally aspirated V12 [Music] how does it feel to drive it in a straight line obviously but in the bends it’s soft it’s like an over exuberant poppy Ferrari have kind of dialed out the harshness and the ferocity that you’d get in cars like the 296 and made this a much more livable car Ferrari steering is typically Lightning Fast all you need is small inputs for big movements but in this they’ve dialed it back noticeably this is much less responsive on the steering it’s not sluggish by any means but it’s more in line with an Aston Martin than a typical Ferrari and the suspension as plush as you like I mean I’m driving around in Comfort mode most of the time but if I dial it up into sports and even into track the car still feels soft there’s definite lean in the bends it’s certainly not alarming but there is certainly a lot of movement through these corners that lateral movement can feel quite alarming at first as if the Roma spider wasn’t built for being pushed but you can push and the harder you push the better and more capable it feels it seems to come alive and taken by the Scruff of the neck transforming from a comfortable GT to a responsive and 

capable sports car [Music] things I find annoying about the Roma spider first of all the steering wheel I love their scare change indicator up at the top but the capacitive buttons in the middle can’t stand them Ferrari to their credit allow you to turn them on or off so it’s very difficult to activate them accidentally but they’re still way more tricky to use than normal traditional buttons also remember that sensor I mentioned the one thing I hate about the exterior design well that allows for the automatic braking and Lane departure warning and it’s quite annoying it’s always on in this car which means if you’re cruising through b roads and you step even a millimeter over that Center Line the car will beep and burp and try to pull you back into your lane you can deactivate it but it seems that you have to toggle that setting every single time you get into the car annoying foreign the one in 

NEW Ferrari Roma SPIDER Review: Ferrari’s BEST Car? | 4K

front of me looks amazing it’s very high resolution and very clear it almost goes for us to say it looks better than physical dials but the infotainment screen in the center looks horrible and the resolution is far lower I will give them credit they’ve moved Apple carplay to the central screen rather than leaving it on the driver display as it was in the Roma Coupe but it’s still not a good looking display as for the JBL stereo system pretty terrible it’s really not befitting a car worth over 210 000 pounds and finally this wind deflector behind me I would rate as probably a two out of ten whether you have it up or down it doesn’t seem to do anything whatsoever I do wish the Valentino would give the engine and gearbox a different character in the most aggressive Sport and race modes nothing much seems to change aside from the suspension stiffness which always seems soft and the interventions from the stability control so in most driving situations the car’s character remains consistent I’d prefer to feel either more or less aggression on 

demand I mean how can you be mad at a car that looks this damn good yes it’s a very different Ferrari it’s not as focused on outright performance it’s more accessible but that’s not such a bad thing because it means Ferrari now have a Ferrari for every occasion and the Real Genius is that with this car Ferrari will end up kidnapping a lot of fans from other brands people who may never have considered owning a Ferrari and hell even people that might have actually hated the company Ferrari has a very special set of skills particularly an ability to capture the imagination of the car loving public historically it’s done this through Thoroughbred offerings high octane sports cars and Hyper cars built only to Thrill but with its latest additions it’s developing a portfolio that will capture hearts and Minds for different reasons the Roma is inspired by the past built for the present and Well on its way to becoming a classic of the future [Music] thank you foreign 

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