NEW Fiat 600E Review: Fantastic or Flawed? | 4K

 NEW Fiat 600E Review: Fantastic or Flawed? | 4K

foreign 500e and you should it’s brilliant but for you it was just on the small side then this might be just the thing you need because this is the new Fiat 600e which is basically the 500e but it’s bigger chunkier and yeah looks like an SUV that’s the simple way of looking at the Fiat 600e and it’ll be enough to get most people interested SUVs are super trendy these days of course but there’s a lot more going on Under the Skin firstly it’s not actually a chunky 500e technically it’s basically a Jeep Avenger and built in the same Factory in Poland and it uses Parts also found in the Vauxhall Market e and the Peugeot e 2008 among a few more so it’s a bit French a bit American a bit polish and with some Italians sprinkled on top 

but what does that matter when it looks like this all the things that make the 500e look cool and cute are here but it does look a bit meaner than the 500e large model name in the center true Fiat style rather than the manufacturer badge but I don’t know I’m still not sure about these eyelids Jerry’s out for me on those now feet have done a very good job of basically making it look like a chubby 500e nice big wheels up to 18 inch to keep it all in proportion what’s interesting are the color options Sophia have apparently banned Gray even though it’s the UK’s most popular car color bulb move Fiat instead you get uniquely Italian takes on four particular themes C sun sky and Earth but the Earth color is called sand and I don’t know what you think but to me doesn’t it look 

quite gray maybe not so bold after all fit and then around the back a very familiar slope very 500-esque and what’s interesting is the boot size 360 liters that’s double the size of the Fiat 500 and apparently the biggest in class so says Fiat and it does have some useful features but the suspension covers at the side are quite intrusive and you’ll actually find a lot more space in a Kia Nero EV or a Peugeot e 2008 fiance this has 15 liters of front storage which apparently is best in class but maybe someone forgot to tell them that the Jeep Avenger which is basically made on the same production line by basically the same company has 34. anyway a cool Central Storage cubby which has this nice looking iPad cover but I might get a little irritating three cup holders um decent sized door bins and a rather large glove box it also has wireless charging and one two three USB ports which is all well and good apart from the kids in the back might have to fight over who uses that one USB at least they won’t fight about who uses the rear door Pockets though because there aren’t any but a baffling oversight there are 

NEW Fiat 600E Review: Fantastic or Flawed? | 4K

buckets on the back of the chairs for phones or books but it’d be nice to have a central armrest with cup holders in for me leg room is sufficient but if they’re at all a driver then perhaps that would start to feel a little squished Headroom definitely sufficient isofix on both sides considering it’s the same height as the 500e feels good pretty spacious beyond all that it’s just really stylish in here the dashboard is lifted from the 500 quite literally and it looks lovely including the integrated LED lighting the touchscreen is fairly straightforward to use and there are shortcut buttons for the main functions so you’re not fiddling around in menus too much which is a good job because the software design is quite busy the main question though does it drive as well as Fiat says it does right where’s the exit we can’t keep going around here all night we’re told it has a beautiful joyful pampered Driving Experience Big Talk pampered I’d say overall yes the first thing 

he notices how quiet it is I mean obviously electric cars tend to be a lot quieter because you don’t have the internal combustion sounds but then usually you end up hearing an awful lot of tire and wind noise but actually fiat’s done a really good job of shutting that sound out suspension is on the softer side too soaks up the bumps well and body control feels pretty good when you turn sharply in a corner it doesn’t feel like the Leaning Tower of Pisa so you might worry that it doesn’t have the same frisky character as the Fiat 500 the sense that it’s small Nimble and fun especially given that it’s an SUV and it uses so many bits of other cars but you shouldn’t worry you can feel the 500 in here the steering is really light but it turns the car quite sharply and that means at higher speeds it feels kind of alert and alive but around town also dead easy to maneuver kind of effortless 

unlike the Fiat 500 which can feel a bit cramped this feels a lot less claustrophobic visibility is good too it’s a nice driving position and you’ve got really good view of the road ahead plus you can pretty much see all four corners of the car the 600e has a single electric motor driving the front wheels but the power you get depends on which of the three driving modes the car’s in in normal mode it has 109 horsepower but an Eco that drops to just 82 to make the battery last longer and in sport it leaps up to 154 driving modes in cars like this often don’t make much difference but in here they really do whichever mode you’re in this is not the fastest of cars not 62 in nine seconds but if you’re a speed demon or you like to regularly overtake then pop it in sport mode because it does make a massive difference certainly feels an awful lot snappier the 600e comes with a 54 kilowatt hour battery which is good for about 249 miles or 372 if you’re just pootling around town some of its Rivals like the Kia Nero or the Volvo ex30 do have bigger batteries but it does charge pretty quickly at up to 100 kilowatts so that’s good for not 80 in about half an hour the 33 000 pounds base model called red doesn’t have navigation it also comes with steel wheels under plastic covers ugh you’ll need a top level Prima model for your big Alloys and your Sat Nav which is 37 000 pounds it also comes with keyless entry a massaging driver’s seat fully adaptive cruise control including automatic stop and go in traffic and even a hands-free 

NEW Fiat 600E Review: Fantastic or Flawed? | 4K

tailgate loads of stuff basically but still no rear door pockets or gray paint never gray paint unless you go for sand which is definitely not gray anyway at least they’re trying to encourage people to make bold color choices and that sums up the 600e pretty nicely there’s just something about it that’s more fun more joyful if you like than the average small crossover and if that doesn’t convince you the price just might remember at 33 000 pounds is nearly four grand cheaper than a 
Kia e Nero and Peugeot e 2008 and almost 6 000 pounds less than a Vauxhall Moka e and that combination of price personality and practicality is what makes the 600e here so appealing it’s an affordable electric crossover that you’ll buy because you want to not just because you need the space I like it it’s a shame it’s not a bit quicker although sport mode is quite fun the space in the back is not huge and boot space while it’s okay it could be a problem if you had a large family but that’s just the thing isn’t it with these crossover types but all in all yeah if you’re looking for a grown-up car but you’re not quite ready to be a grown-up then this could be just the car for you

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