NEW Hyundai Ioniq 5 N: 650HP Hot EV with MANUAL Mode | 4K

NEW Hyundai Ioniq 5 N: 650HP Hot EV with MANUAL Mode | 4K –  Hyundai’s ionic 5 was a big hit when it first came out but as good as it was it was definitely lacking in proper performance and excitement that was until now because this is the all-new Hyundai ioniq 5 n [Music] the ioniq 5n follows in the footsteps of Hyundai’s other n cars representing Peak Performance in the lineup being an end car it’s not got quite the same look as the standard ioniq 5 it’s meaner than before though Hyundai says the ascetic changes are all purposeful either for aerodynamic or cooling purposes it’s wider and longer than the rest of the range and its new face comes with active air flaps to help great cooling you can have it in matte blue now too so what is it packing underneath well power has been increased to 650 PS and 770 newton meters thanks to its two electric motors but that is due to a special Mode called n Grin mode which essentially gives you 10 seconds of boosted power and torque which is brilliant for launch control and for overtaking once those 10 seconds are used up the car has a

very healthy sustained amount of power which is 609 PS and 740 newton meters not bad eh not 62 miles an hour takes 3.4 seconds with NGB on and 3.5 with it off while its top speed is 160 miles an hour it’s packing an 84 kilowatt-hour battery under the floor so you shouldn’t be wanting for range but Hyundai isn’t quite ready to tell us how far it’ll go on a charge just yet you can get from 10 to 80 percent of charge in just 18 minutes the right charger though inside the car is very racy with these very nice lowered sport seats this fixed center console new steering wheel with various different Drive modes on including the NGB the n-grin Boost button then you’ve got these two end buttons down here which

basically means you can set the car to whatever mode that you want it to then you can get into it just with a push of a button foreign has three pillars the ionic 5n is designed to meet them all so every car apparently needs to be a corner Rascal have race track capability and be an everyday sports car now the power will help with the everyday sports car thing but Corner rascal a lot of work has been done to make sure it can tackle a corner in a rascalish manner its body has been reinforced to make it strong its new Drive axles WRC inspired to cope with the extra torque the motors put out there’s a new steering rack chunky bucket seats forged 21-inch Alloys short with Pirelli P Zeros and a more highly tuned ESC setup and torque distribution allows torque to go anywhere it needs to go to keep the car on the straight

and narrow and there’s something called the N drift Optimizer which lets you fire lots and lots of torque to the rear simulating a clutch kick at which point you can hold ludicrous angles for as long as you like plenty of attention has been given to Breaking I mean you can’t be a good Corner Rascal without good brakes right so there’s 400 millimeter discs on the front 360 millimeters on the rear but that’s only half the story because Hyundai have put in a whole new region system that not only cools the brakes but also preserves the brake pads and not only that but apparently the regen is good enough to give you up to 0.6 G of deceleration [Music] when it comes to being an everyday sports car Hyundai have put a few tricks up the ionic 5 ends sleeves now EVS don’t of course normally have gears which does upset the purists but this car has a virtual dual clutch gearbox pull a pedal and the power will pause and actually simulate a shift just like you would get in an ice sounds bizarre but I’m hoping it works right now you might be able to hear the car’s sound while it’s idling but when it’s on the move it has some very funky sounds including the N active sound plus which basically makes it sound like an ice and two futuristic

NEW Hyundai Ioniq 5 N: 650HP Hot EV with MANUAL Mode | 4K

sounds including supersonic which makes you sound like you’re in a fighter jet and while you’re pretending that you’re in an F-35 you might notice that the car occasionally encourages you to go into end mode and that’s because it’s red a sign looking at the road ahead and if it’s wobbly it’s encouraging you to deploy the afterburners what about its racetrack capability then the power we know about but on track you’ll want to deploy it with abandon without running out of juice to that end there’s a beefed up cooling system to ensure the battery doesn’t overheat on a run out it’s n race mode which takes a few button prods to get to prioritizes Cooling in its Sprint mode to let the car work to its full potential and get the quickest lap times possible endurance mode conversely will lower your power but let you stay up for longer special battery preconditioning optimizes battery temperature too drag mode will pre-

condition it for a short burst of full whack and track keeps things cooler for longer stints and of course there’s launch control because why wouldn’t there be of course suspension is very important in a performance car especially an electric one as they are typically heavier so Hyundai is installed a clever electronically controlled suspension setup in there to adjust stiffness to match your ideal driving situation powerful EVS aren’t new but dedicated hot ones that aren’t the two million pound hyper car kind of is a new deal and the ionic 5n is Hyundai’s first attempt creating a performance-oriented car using all the old methods but without any of the nasty emissions sounds promising huh and we’ll let you know how it drives once we’re let loosen it [Music]

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