New Insta360 GO 3: The Tiniest Motorcycle Action Camera!

New Insta360 GO 3: The Tiniest Motorcycle Action Camera! – now here’s the camera that we use in the studio for shooting stuff at the desk here’s the camera we use for shooting bike reviews when we’re out and about here’s the camera we use for taking quick snaps for Instagram here’s the camera we use for shooting all our riding footage and then here’s the camera the insta360 the sponsor of this video just sent me their go 3 which has just been announced today and it could be the Teeny weeniest action cam currently on the market which is absolutely ideal for capturing your motorcycle rights below don’t be fooled by the miniature form factor this third 

generation go camera packs absolutely loads of features and so in this video we’ll go through the 10 best features that you need to know and we’ll also take the Gold Wing out for a spin to show you some of the awesome shots that you can get with it [Music] now straight off the bat the best thing about this camera is like I say it’s absolutely minute you see this is the camera itself and it’s about the size of a thumb and while it can operate independently you can set it recording just from this little device you also get the action pod which you can use to control it and also boost the battery life on the side here you’ve got a USBC Port so this is also how you charge the camera up and transfer files off it now with it being the go 3 this is the third generation of course this is the second which I bought last year and yeah while this new one is a tiny bit thicker it’s still super small and easily fits in your pocket or your camera bag but the upside is massive because this thing actually feels like a proper action cam when it’s mounted in the Pod whereas this old one pretty much just operates as like a charging case this one 

the third gen just packs way more useful features now the biggest and most useful change in my opinion is the fact that you’ve now got a screen on the back of the action part hot and of course you can now use that to preview and frame your shots with the previous version the go to you’d have to connect to the app to get a preview of what your video is going to look like and while that does work totally fine it sort of removes a bit of spontaneity because it just takes that little bit longer and so especially if you’re taking lots of different angles this is much much quicker much more convenient and like I say gives it more of that action camera usability now the other thing that’s super cool about this is that it flips up so you can kind of use it as like a quick little vlogging camera and actually the audio is pretty decent too it’s upgraded on the go three there’s two mics on the front of the camera and so it’s perfect for capturing quick little clips of yourself but look take this little thing out of the Pod and one of the most fun features about it is the fact that it’s actually magnetic so you can stick it to stuff like the 

tool chest here to capture yourself working on the bike or riding into the garage or you can use the magnetic pendant inside a t-shirt or something for that first person view now you could also Stick it to a component of your bike certainly when it’s static or perhaps you could risk it at super low speeds but look I don’t think I would try this at proper Road speeds for sustained periods of time unless you’re very very confident about it and so really for something as bumpy and vibey as a motorcycle you probably want to look at one of the other mounts now the clip Mount is perfect for off the bike on a cap like this but it can also work on motorcycle clothing too for a chess cam style perspective and then you’ve also got this reusable sticky pivot stand which is surprisingly strong and could do the job for Statics and low speed work but if you really looking to use the go 3 on the Move then there’s the quick release action Mount which makes it compatible with regular action cam sticky mounts and arms some of which you get in the insta 

360 motorcycle mount bundle plus they also have some neat other accessories for bikers like the helmet chin Mount which gives you that classic motovlog perspective the other thing I’ve been using is blacktack which is a third-party product so do use it at your own risk but it’s super trunk and the go 3 is so small and light that I found it gives you a lot of flexibility and creativity in terms of mounting positions so as you can see there are absolutely loads of options when it comes to attaching the camera to your bike honestly the best new thing about this action pod is the fact that it now works as a remote and so you don’t need the camera mounted in it to get the preview you can put it somewhere on the bike and then have a look on here to make sure the framing is exactly how you want it then of course you can use it to stop and start your recording and you can flick through some of the settings and once you’ve got the camera rolling you can just Chuck the action pod in your pocket which makes it really easy to use select 

New Insta360 GO 3: The Tiniest Motorcycle Action Camera!

the first angle I’m going to show you is the traditional helmet cam easy enough to stick it on here with the action Mount especially if you’ve already got a plate on your helmet and then you can use the action pod to make sure you’ve got the right angle once you’ve got the lid on I also got quite a cool selfie style shot here just by mounting it to the inside of the windscreen or you could get it a little bit lower if you stick it on the dash or somewhere on the switch gear mounting it low on the front of the bike you can get a cool sort of front wheel shot on the front of the pannier here you can get a bit of a low forward-facing View and even on the back rest here you can get a kind of Chase cam which looks pretty cool especially if you’ve got some good scenery around you as you can see there’s plenty of options that’s just a small selection and I think in future motorcycle reviews where I want to illustrate a specific part of the bike and how it behaves when you’re out on the road then this is going to be the camera that I’m going to turn 

to and also if you swipe through the modes on the back of the action pod you’ll see that there’s quite an array and the two that I think are the best for bikers would either be the time lapse so great over a longer section of road or creatively you might want to show the passage of time or you’ve got a slow motion option which if you ride in a sunset or something like that it can really help to get the Vibes up if you set it to a bit of music so plenty of creative options and it’s just mind-blowing how they’ve managed to cram in so many features into such a tiny camera now on that shoot whereas getting a few angles with the Gold Wing you know I’ve got play plenty of footage which would help to mix up one of my reviews for example and I didn’t even get near to flatten the battery so you get 45 minutes on the camera itself but you can extend that to up to 170 minutes of filming by using the action pod which is absolutely loads for this style of camera now impressively that’s 50 percent more battery than the go to in Standalone 

mode and they’ve also massively improved heat dissipation to stop overheating which was an issue with the previous gen so now there’s no limit on how long you can record for now it was totally dry when I was out doing this shoot but it’s really important for bikers that your gear is robust and so the good news is that this one is waterproof down to five meters which is obviously more than enough for like rain showers and a bit of wet riding now let’s talk about the footage that you get out of this camera and looking at it again here on the laptop I really am impressed with the quality especially given the size of the camera and I’ve shot a lot of these in 2.7 K resolution which means I can either crop in if I want to emphasize a certain part of the frame or just zoom out to get the full wide shot for nice crispy footage in my videos which I normally export in 1080 but I think what I’m most impressed with is the stabilization they call the attack Flow State and it’s totally solid and perfectly good enough for using in our vids now there is 

also the option to shoot in what they call free frame video and while you do trade off a little bit on resolution it does get you Horizon leveling which looks absolutely awesome now as you may have guessed from the name of this feature it keeps the Horizon level and so look at this chin view or the selfie View and the way that the bike is tilting beneath me and I think it gives a real sense of movement which I really do like on these riding shots and also it feels quite immersive to watch and the other big benefit of that freeform mode is that you can also pull the footage into insta360 Studio software and that allows you to play around with the crop so you can get a horizontal or vertical view from the exact same piece of footage so yeah this is obviously a great product for anyone who’s like a motorcycle content creator but also I’m really just looking forward to taking it out for capturing my rides just for fun and also just having it with me when I’m out with friends and family it’s so small to pack that it’s absolutely no problem to 

carry with you and I think you’ll get some more interesting shots than just using your phone for example and also enjoy the fun and creative process as always a massive thanks to insta360 for their support in sponsoring this video they’re a brilliant partner for us with great products and so do check out the link down in the description if you fancy picking one up they’re on sale from today and you can get all the details and pricing on their website and also if you want to see our full review of that x3360 camera this is the absolute Workhorse of our riding footage we use it for pretty much every ride then please do check out this video that I’ve put on screen here where you can find out absolutely everything about it many thanks for watching today and we’ll see you in the next one

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