NEW Jeep Avenger: The Best New Car In 2023?

NEW Jeep Avenger: The Best New Car In 2023?

the Jeep Avenger sounds like something a superhero might drive right well actually it’s not it’s a very small very cute very electric small SUV that when I look at it maybe actually looks like it was designed more for a superhero’s mum but then again all mums are superheroes so maybe I was right the first time those of you expecting Jeep’s first ever foray into the world of EVS to be a big hulking off-roader might be somewhat disappointed but for the rest of us the Avenger makes good sense for City Life it’s set to cost in the region of 36 000 pounds has a 50.8 kilowatt hour battery pack with a 250 mile range and comfortably holds four and a bit grown passengers but most importantly it looks great I said it was cute earlier that’s probably doing it a bit of a disservice because it’s very stylish in terms of size it’s designed to go head to head with the likes of the Nissan Juke or the Ford Puma but arguably it’s better looking 

than both of those cars it’s got this strong solid almost heroic stance to it with a lot of nice detail scattered around first of all there’s the Jeep badge sitting nice and proud on this blistered Bonnet you got these seven slats typical of Jeep with the e in that slap there denoting that it’s all electric down here you’ve got this badge indicating this is the first edition and then this very interesting black strap which runs across the width of the front with a split level main beam and DRL it’s got this mean look to it this is quite interesting as well you got this black section on the front which actually runs all the way around the car over the wheel arches and down the side to give you a little bit of protection from the elements the jungle maybe Urban and Woodland at the same time probably more likely to be Urban though in this case doesn’t it you’ve also got the trapezoidal wheel Arch down here big chunky looking muscular 

NEW Jeep Avenger: The Best New Car In 2023?

design in Europe they’ll have 16 inch wheels we won’t get that we’ll get a choice of 17 and 18 with nice big chunky rubber these wheels actually on any other car might look quite small but because of the stance of this thing and the size of the tires it actually looks in proportion doesn’t it this color is very bold as well this is called Sun by the way very fetching and I do like the way that you’ve got a black lower section and a black upper just making the whole thing look a bit more streamlined you’ve also towards the rear got another muscular wheel Arch at the back and again charge port just here for filling it up with electrons pretty stylish at the back it’s a little bit less distinctive but it does have the familiar x-shaped Jeep lights these are LEDs and of course no exhaust pipes the boot lid opens with a wave of your foot or from a push button and is motorized and inside you get a decent 380 liters of space among the best in the segment as for rear space it’s not bad there’s good Headroom for me at 511 or 181 

centimeters and also enough knee room with the front seats comfortably adjusted for me there’s not much room in the middle seat and the transmission tunnel gets in the way of foot space there but the rear cabin is pretty acceptable what’s it like up front seems pretty nice the seats are good they call these premium seats I’ll take their word for it but they do seem okay you’ve got some fabric on the bottom nice and easy to clean and a yellow back rest which kind of matches the yellow of the paintwork with a nice interesting texture to it yellow Jeep logo and they feel all right actually the jury’s out on how they’ll feel on a long journey but yeah so far so good they also have a heating and massaging function which is pretty cool I also want to talk about this dashboard as well because to match the exterior they’ve painted this the same Sun color as the exterior which is a nice touch most people would have just gone for leather or soft touch fabrics for example but that is a pretty decent touch it’s also got ambient lights although unfortunately the ambient lights at the edges of the dashboard in this car will not be available in the UK for some reason right hand drive cars won’t have those end lights maybe the cable wasn’t 

enough or some other reason let’s talk about space now pretty good actually they say you can get 34 liters of space in the front and that includes the glove box the dashboard and the center console there’s something very interesting about this center console and that is it’s got a cover that’s a bit like the cover you get on an iPad and what it does is it means you can kind of hide your goods away when you’re parked up or you can just fold it and reach in and grab something if you please or just remove it completely and then you’ve got access to a wireless charging mat two USB ports and extra room down there which is a pretty cool touch behind that you’ve got a center compartment with customizable partitionable elements so you can fit a big drink or a small drink if you want and then even more storage down there towards the back plus up here on the dash you’ve got a little bit of storage just down here for spare change mobile phones and the like and I like this actually they’ve put this little pad to help things uh less likely to Rattle around which is a pretty decent touch as well let’s talk about the infotainment and the general controls of the car now you’ve got two 10.25 inch displays one for your 

driver screen with all your driver information and a second one for all your infotainment stuff I’ll come back to that in just a second but what I really like is that they’ve got physical controls for all of your climate control settings so your temperature your fan speed and even your volume knob is physical I love that it just makes it so much easier to drive this car now back to infotainment the screen nice and bright decent resolution and easy to control as well you’ve got a physical button to take you home and then it’s a widget-based system which means you’ve got all your essential widgets for your climate control your batteries your heating your navigation and other applications all at Arm’s Reach and all of these can be customized exactly how you want it as for other Tech the Avenger has level 2 aidas or Advanced Driver assistance systems to help maintain your speed and distance and keep the center of the lane power comes from a single motor driving the front wheels developing 156 horsepower and 206 newton meters there is no all-wheel drive version yet but it does have good ground clearance approach and departure angles and some basic off-roading Tech like Hill descent control in terms of recharging 

the battery by the way it will charge at 7 kilowatts 11 kilowatts and up to 100 kilowatts DC rapid charging which means at the maximum rate you can achieve 10 to 80 percent in around 27 minutes right let’s talk about Easter eggs now because the Avenger is full of them lots of little tiny little things that you might want to keep an eye out for when you’re looking around the body of the car so first of all down here on the bottom right of the windscreen there’s a little astronomer a little boy looking through a telescope in that direction what’s he looking at a set of stars just up there the next one is on the top of the car it’s a tiny little ladybird just one of them just up here very hard to spot but also very cute two more which you’ll find by opening the rear boot lid so the first one actually lives on the reverse of the 

bootlet just up here on this plastic panel it’s a silhouette of the Jeep Avenger but next to it you’ve got the initials JJ which stand for junior Jeep which was what they refer to this car as during the concept stage and then the final one you’ll find it on the rear glass it’s a little mountain range maybe to help Inspire the spirit of Adventure Maybe so that is the Jeep Avenger not a car for superheroes it turns out but actually even though it’s small it’s still very very Mighty I’m a big fan of this thing and so quite a lot of people because it’s picked up quite a few Awards including European car of the year 2023 even though it’s only January and even though not many people have had a chance to drive it yet but we will and that’s the only verdict that matters so stay tuned and in the meantime let me know what you think in the comments down below see you soon

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