New Triumph Speed 400 & Scrambler 400X vs The Competition! (Royal Enfield, KTM, BMW & Honda)

New Triumph Speed 400 & Scrambler 400X vs The Competition! (Royal Enfield, KTM, BMW & Honda) – now this week try and finance the brand new pair of small to Mid capacity retro bikes in the form of the speed 400 and the Scrambler 400x both of which I’d say are a welcome stylish addition to the market you see these would be perfect for newer Riders looking for something with a bit of pride of ownership but also they look like they could make for great little second bikes or commuters so how do they compare to the other three and four hundreds on the market and are they now the bikes to go for well we won’t be able to ride them until later this year but here’s a sneak peek of the eight bikes they’re up against and at the end I’ll tell you where I think these new trams fit in and whether they 

ought to be the middleweights to buy in 2024 so let’s start with the speed 400 which is the more Road biased of Triumph’s two new bikes and straight away it’s plain to see that this is a direct competitor for the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. both get single cylinder engines and have that all rounder upright riding position and also the semi-retro styling and I reckon they’ll feel fairly similar to Raiders especially at lower speeds you see I reviewed the hunter 350 at the Press launch last year in London and it was a great little town bike and perfect for cutting through Urban traffic but from the spec sheets at least it looks like the Triumph is going to offer a little bit more performance that might make it a more fun bike to ride out on the open road the engine for example is a little larger in capacity and it’s also liquid cooled as opposed to Aaron oil cooled so they can push it a little bit harder on revs as such you get quite a bit more power on the Triumph so 40-ish to the 20ish of the Hunter and also a good amount more torque so 37.5 newton meters Peak instead of 27. now admittedly those Peak figures are made a little bit higher in the Rev range on the Triumph but combined with a 10 kilogram weight saving 2 the speed 400 is definitely going to be the most sprightly and also give it a bit more usability and fun Factor at higher speeds out of town you know it’s sort 

New Triumph Speed 400 & Scrambler 400X vs The Competition! (Royal Enfield, KTM, BMW & Honda)

of 50 and 60 miles per hour the Enfield 350s you really do feel like not much is happening when you give it a full wide open thrall else we’re on the bike you know everywhere you look there’s a little bit more performance so you get a radially mounted four part front brake caliper from vibrate as opposed to the two pot caliper on the Enfield the Triumph gets an upside down big piston Fork as opposed to the typically less responsive right way up Fork there’s a Monoshock at the rear which has got quite a bit more travel than the twin shocks and you also get Metzler branded tires rather than the budget say up branded tires on the M field and look the reason that the Enfield is a little bit less Fancy on the hardware front is obvious because it’s so aggressively priced at just under four grand and yet it’s a perfectly good bike for the money and fulfills the brief as a little city commuter perfectly well but if you want something that you can actually stretch 

the legs off a bit then the Triumph could well be worth the expected price tag of more like five to six grand and I also think there’s a little bit more detail and finesse to the Finish now it’s also worth considering here that part of trying strategy is to bring these bikes to the Asian market where this sort of three to four hundred capacity ranges more popular than their big bikes would be and so the other bike that it’ll go up against out there is the Honda cb350 highness and the cb350rs now this one is super similar to the m field so another air-cooled single and it makes pretty much the exact same performance figures and again you’ve got the two pot single breaker front a right way up Fork twin sharks and also this one gets a more retro looking larger 19-inch front wheel which will sacrifice a little bit of sportiness in the handling now Honda have given it a couple of nice techy little features like the Contemporary looking LED lighting the htsc which is their name for traction control and you’ve even got a smartphone voice integration with the dash so certainly a nice option if you want something a little more flashy than the Enfield and also you’ve got that Honda build quality and Detail in the design which makes it tempting too but again this one looks a little bit more chilled out and retro bias than the more sporty Triumph now the other category of bike that Triumph explicitly called out on the Press briefing the other 

KTM 390 Duke and actually when you start looking at the specs like for like they really do look comparable you see you’ve got a similar engine size with liquid cooling and a single cylinder and power output is very similar indeed so around 40 horsepower and 37 newton meters of peak torque each and both get a 6-speed gearbox through a slip assist clutch now there are also 17-inch Wheels front and rear you’ve got the Metzler tires the vibrate brakes and the suspension setup is similar enough too so you’ve got an upside down Fork at the front and a Monoshock at the rear they even tip the scales at about 170 kilograms wet each which should make both of them nice and light and very manageable for newer Riders now perhaps it’s no surprise that the KTM and Triumph are so similar because they’re both to be made out in India by Bajaj Auto and so clearly there’s going to be some shared knowledge there but there is still a big differentiator and that’s with the styling so one is very modern and edgy and colorful whilst the other is a little bit more traditional and Timeless and that carries through to the 

cockpit as well so the KTM gets a TFT display as opposed to the analog clock on the Triumph there’s also a pronounced difference in the riding position with the KTM being a bit more sporty and aggressive because it’s got that taller seat height at 830 mil whereas the Triumph is much lower at 790 mil 40 mil is quite a big difference and so anyone who’s on the shorter side or perhaps newer Riders looking for something that they can easily flat foot now you might want to go for the speed 400 but it’s still interesting to put these two bikes side by side because the Triumph kind of looks like a blend of the two Styles some of the Modern Performance and handling of the KTM but also with some of the old school charm and the more chilled out riding position that you get with a bike like the M field I should also add though that if you do like the ride of the KTM but perhaps don’t love the looks then there’s always the husqvarnas fart pill and 401 which is effectively the same bike but with husqvarnas typically Sleek looking scandy’s styling also in the modern Roadster Market at this sort of capacity you’ve got the BMW g310r which also looks like a decent option and of course you’ve got that BMW brand credibility it’s nice and light at 164 kilograms fully fueled and you’ve also got the same sort of sporty chassis componentry as the other two bikes but what it perhaps comes up a little bit short is the fact that the engine is a bit 

smaller so 313 CC and that means that it’s down on torque by about 10 newton meters but also down on Power by about five or six horses so personally looking at these options and considering the BMW is almost the same price I’d probably be looking at the Triumph for the KTM just for a bit more Pizzazz from the engine now the other bike that try and finance was the Scrambler 400x and this is based upon pretty much the same engine and Chassis but it’s just jacked up a little bit and also gets a more off-road bias 19-inch front wheel so naturally this one makes for a little bit of a tricky choice if you were already considering the Royal Enfield scram 4-1-1 now that the scrum 411 is derived from their super affordable Himalayan mini adventure bike but they’ve tried to adapt it for the city and Road riding by giving it a more lively and vibrant paint job but also a 19-inch front wheel like the Triumph as opposed to the big off-roading 21 on the Himalayan which can feel a little bit vague on tarmac so yeah super similar to the Triumph in 

many regards but in the way the hunter 350 compares to the speed 400 you’ll find a lot of the same differences here the scram411 gets a slightly lower spec and more basic components you’ve got the air-cooled engine that chugs rather than revs freely but true to Royal Enfield form it comes at a really low price that’s going to be hard for others to match 4849 pounds to be precise for the most simple paint jobs and so if you’re looking for something fun and rugged that doesn’t cost too much then this is a great Shout again thoroughly enjoyed riding this one on the launch recently for low speed Town work it’s probably decent off-road as well where you’re not really going that quick I’ve tried the Himalayan in that context then it really does work well but yeah with 20 odd horses for a relatively weighty bike it does run out of steam on the open road and so the expected thousand to 1500 quid extra for the Triumph really might make it worthwhile if that’s the sort of riding that you often do now like the speed the Scrambler Stacks up pretty well against the equivalents from KTM and BMW which are more so like baby Adventure bikes so you’ve got the 390 Adventure that comes in at 6 299 pounds and it offers a lot of the same spec as the 390 Duke but with that taller chassis a bit more wind protection and a larger 19-inch front wheel 

the BMW g310 GS is a similar take on the g310r so taller wider a bigger front wheel and this one comes in at under six grand now where these two bikes might have the Triumph B is the bigger body work and the windscreen that comes as standard and that’s going to make them more comfortable over distance for light touring and winter commutes but it is worth keeping in mind that there’s a fly screen and Luggage in the accessory catalog for the Triumph and so you could spec it up a little bit more in that direction if so desired but of course that’s going to push the price up you know I think actually the closest competitor for this Triumph again comes from Honda and this time it’s the CL500 Scrambler now I’ve recently ridden this one a few months back and it’s a great little bike for the money at just under six grand and you’ve also got a twin cylinder engine with a touch more capacity at 471 CC so more torque and more power and this will give you a bit more of that big bike feel from the engine character whilst also still 

being small and Nimble and easy to ride but I think the main drawback with this bike is the styling which personally I don’t mind too much but I did get a lot of comments on my review and Visually it certainly did seem to split opinion so it’s definitely one I’ll be looking to shoot a head-to-head comparison with the Triumph once I can get hold of one but I can already say the Scrambler 400x definitely takes it in the Lux department so which bike should you buy when these two triumphs go on sale in 2024 well definitely hit subscribe for our ride review as soon as we get hold of one but on the face of it the value for money from Enfield on the Hunter and scram you know it’s always going to be difficult to match and if you’re super price sensitive or you’ve got a hard cap on your budget then there definitely ones to look at then you’ve got the BMW and KTM offerings which do 

give you much more modern looks and performance too but I think visually they won’t be for everyone and so the triumphs appear to slot right in between The Best of Both Worlds if you will with some of the stylish looks and design details of a retro but then the liquid cooled engine and sporty chassis that should make them awesome to ride as always I’d love to know which bike you’d pick so do let me know down in the comments below and if you didn’t see my review of the Honda CR500 already I’ll link to it on the screen here so you can give it a click and give it a watch many thanks for watching today and we’ll see you in the next one

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