Porsche 911 GT3 vs BMW M4 CSL: Track Battle! | 4K

Porsche 911 GT3 vs BMW M4 CSL: Track Battle! | 4K

                    foreign this is a BMW M4 CSL it’s faster lighter more exclusive and way more of a handful this is what happens when BMW takes a road car and re-engineers it into a track car the M4 CSL uses the same turbocharged three liter inline 6 as the standard M4 but here cranks out even more power and torque okay okay it’s me it’s the CSL badge May indicate it’s also lighter with stickier tires no rear seats bespoke Springs and adjustable dampers it’s a beast but not one that everyone can handle oh God this thing is good this is really good it certainly is but in the world of cars good isn’t necessarily good         

enough the M4 CSL doesn’t have a lot of Rivals but the ones it does have are some of the greatest cars we’ve ever seen cars like the Porsche 911 GT3 oh yes there’s a word for this and it ain’t good this is incredible outstanding absolutely epic yeah there’s no way you can be unfortunately 911 ct3 unless you know it’s with a GT3 RX the GT3 gets a lot of hype but it’s completely deserved this is a car that can be summed up in a single word [Music] Perfection Perfection all right granted it is a great car brilliant all right give me a sec how about we play a quick game with top trumps and then see how evenly matched both of these cars are all right game one uh let’s start with the obvious One price about 130 it’s quite expensive for a BMW yeah same as mine about 130 000 pounds okay I’ve got one here up my sleeve 

power 510 horsepower cute so I’ve got 550 horsepower a bit unnecessary all right um talk 470. oh 650. I win again I’m absolutely dominating here yeah fair enough but I have saved all the good stuff for the end I’m gonna bring it back okay is your car available with a manual gearbox Rory this is a race car for the road of course it is it’s yours because of course it is it’s a proper car show me well that that one doesn’t have a manual gearbox in it it is available with a pdk or a manual but you chose the pdk it’s got the pdk in it but it’s available with the manual so therefore I win well therefore we both lose fine okay let’s get tasty now wait 1360 kilos okay this is where they might have messed up a little bit because my M4 CSL actually weighs 1 625 kilos what does CSL stand for uh rather ironically Rory it stands for a competition sport lightweight so the person who made the lightweight bit of this car forgot to make it 

lightweight I don’t think he actually came in on that day yeah okay jurgen’s getting fired yeah um let’s talk about top speed 198 miles an hour that to me sounds a little bit too dangerous you know to the near two-ton Mark I don’t like that so BMW also don’t like that they’ve dialed it back to 191 just keep it safe okay but the North of 60 is quick though right what’s that that’s very fast it is it’s stonking yeah with a number this time 3.7 oh dear 3.4 really okay that is interesting but at the end of the day Rory numbers do not maketh the man the driver of maketh the car wreath so how about we forget about all those stats and then we take these both of these cars on the racetrack and find out which is quicker are you game you’re about to lose us okay uh let’s rock pressure and with that we took it to the drag strip and lined up for head-to-head races big Power versus lightweight BMW versus Porsche 911 versus M4 Alex versus Rory three two one go oh equal launch very equal launch I’m pulling fracture tracks attraction it’s a 

fourth I’m pulling there’s one car length in it come on come on oh no can I hold on can I hold on come on come on come on come on no no no no no no no no no no oh yes I think I got it I think I got it on the line oh my God that was a proper drag race over the line it was almost a dead heat both cars got solid launches the 911 pulled away thanks to better traction and lower weight but the CSL pulled it back with its big Power advantage over the line though it was the Porsche that took the win but only just and with that the heavens opened just in time for Alex to disappear and review the M4 CSL in some Corners wet Corners right oh dear oh do you have to be so honored with this car especially in the wet let me talk you through drivability of this thing obviously the heavens have opened we don’t have wet tires on here do we but what we do have is a lot of power an awful lot of talk very very limited grip but a car that when 

you get your iron actually address quite nicely the whole getting back on the straight and narrow thing that is just not very pleasant at all now obviously we haven’t seen the CSL badge for about 20 years the last one that had it was the E46 M3 CSL and that as we all know was one of the purest one of the finest handling BMWs ever made so this car has got a lot to live up to compared to the M4 competition it’s 100 kilos lighter and they’ve achieved that by removing sound deadening there goes 15 kilos the carbon ceramics that come on this car there’s another 14 kilos and and and the list goes on but 100 kilos saved as for the engine it is the same s58 B30 turbocharged engine boost pressure has increased by about 25 

percent giving this car an extra 40 horsepower we’re talking big numbers here 550 horsepower 650 newton meters of torque the top speed of 191 miles an hour in a 4 Series whoa what happened there hilarious and when I say hilarious I mean like bloody bloody scary this thing’s literally scares me I can barely contain this thing out of the box it’s a lunatic and it just wants to kill you and anyone around you within a 20 mile radius as for handling well it’s absolutely dominated the Nurburgring a while ago and I think I’m right in saying that this is the fastest BMW to everlap the Nurburgring so we know that the handling is a big old tick uh not for me thank you very much it is too Lively too rigid too compromised for a race track it is not forgiving enough it’s too much it’s too powerful the torque comes in too quickly it’s just too aggressive I like a softer car turn it in and then Ease on the power whereas with this it’s All or Nothing as you can see all or bloody nothing so then would I spend 130 000 pounds on this car no you know what I bet Rory is having a much better time because as for me I have got a migraine driver 

missing I was having a much better time absolutely epic we are dealing with a naturally aspirated four liter for that six making big Power and an amazing noise listen to it [Music] in the 911 you do have to be extremely careful and build into it slowly before you go flat out and hurt yourself one of the first things you notice when you jump into a 911 GT3 compared to an M4 I think it’s a level of interior quality and comfort these seats are fantastic the seats in that are good don’t get me wrong but they poke you in all the wrong places plenty of support but a little bit of unwanted assault as well these absolutely brilliant suspension is a little bit firm shall we say but what do you expect it is pardon the cliche a race car for the road you can still live with it though the defining characteristic though is definitely that engine I’ll knock it into manual it just howls fully uh flat six no turbos just natural aspiration and a 

Porsche 911 GT3 vs BMW M4 CSL: Track Battle! | 4K

Beautiful Noise most of it is actually intake so it’s quieter than previous generation gt3s because of you know regulations but the intake noise makes up for that so much doing it the thing revs it’s a 9 000 RPM so you really have to keep your foot pinned it can feel actually a little bit unnatural because you feel like you’re going to break the thing but that’s the way to get Peak talk in the GT3 let’s talk about handling now it’s a little bit wet out today changeable conditions shall we say but it’s an absolute Peach what sets the GT3 apart from most of its Rivals is the front suspension it’s using double Wishbone so Wishbone up top Wishbone on the bottom and that is an absolute Master Stroke by Porsche it’s an expensive setup with a lot of compromise in terms of the amount of space it takes up at the front but this because it isn’t front engine it means you’ve got that space to use double Wishbone and it adds so much to the Driving Experience the front end just goes exactly where you want it to go so if you want 

to keep things nice and neat you can do that or if you want to get a little bit fancy and get the back end out [Music] or you can carry massive amounts of cornering speed into a corner and that big wing on the back generates 385 kilograms of downforce BMW haven’t shown their hand when it comes to downforce but trust me it ain’t got a wing like this and it can’t Corner as quickly as this the gearbox absolutely immense as well it rifles up and down the box so I’m coming into a braking zone right now fifth gear fourth third second no issue whatsoever I’ll tell you what there’s a lightness to this car I know the M4 CSL is trying to play lightweight as it’s trump card but it’s not winning that battle but in this car you just feel so much more at one with the machine it feels much more compact it feels much more like a sports car that was built from the ground up to be a sports car rather than a little bit of an afterthought the bottom line then is that both of these cars are monstrously quick and surprisingly evenly matched on 

paper the CSL is more powerful but also heavier the GT3 has less power but can carry more speed through better downforce and both are rewarding to get to grips with but not in the same way the M4 is more of a bruise it’s unforgiving at times especially in treacherous conditions and delivers its performance like a sledgehammer the GT3 though is a more delicate tool still as fast possibly faster in most situations but designed and set up in a way that you can push it closer to the Limit more of the time without losing confidence or feeling as if Phil bites one is a Rottweiler ready to take your arm off the other is two but one that’s trained to protect respect and reward whoever’s in control whichever car you pick you’re in for an exciting time but for myself and Alex it’s the Porsche that takes the win forei

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