The 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles For 2023!

 The 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles For 2023!

so I asked you guys in a recent poll what the most stylish most beautiful best designed bikes were on the market in 2023 and so here are your top 10 in reverse order now at 10 with three percent of the vote we’ve got the BMW r9t and I wholeheartedly agree with this bike making the cut it’s a nice balance of retro with the air and oil cool boxer twin and the round headlight and spoke wheels and then also modern with the slim tail section the more Dynamic tank shape and the beefy brakes and suspension now it launched a few years back in 2014 with a few different variants being offered since then so you’ve got the base pure model which is the most simplistic and affordable the Scrambler and urban GS models which are a bit more rugged looking that was the racer as well with the cafe style fairing seat hump and clip-on bars but for me the best of the bunch is the regular r9t which sits at the top of the range in terms of price because it gets the best spec in terms of hardware and components now 


personally I really like this bike with the brushed aluminum fuel tank the black option 7 119 Billet pack and the option 719 wheel set as well but I fear that this one will remain just a pipe dream because with those extras you’re looking at 16 and a half Grand still a beautiful bike and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they come up with next for a new r9t called the r1290 has been teased already with full details coming in November this year and it looks like it’s had a pretty significant visual redesign so do hit subscribe if you’re not already and we’ll give you the full details as soon as we get hold of them next up at nine we’ve got a direct competitor for the r9t in the form of the Triumph Speed twin and this is basically a sporty take on the Bonneville platform with a slightly nosed down tail-up stance and a more streamlined and purposeful appearance than something like the t120 for example and look it’s just as good to ride as it is to look at with the growling 1200 cc version of the Bonneville parallel twin which chokes out absolutely bags of torque and the handling is on point as well it’s got a 


perfectly set up chassis and decent components from Brembo mazaki and Max now the first iteration was launched in 2019 and to me it still looks pretty good but the addition of bigger discs radially mounted brake calipers and the upside down Fork gives it a more aggressive look at the front end which I think better suits the sporty nature of this bike now they also introduced the option of a Baja orange paint job on the tank which certainly packs a punch but for me my favorite ever version of this bike is the Breitling limited edition which they launched with a matching watch from said company and the bike was an absolute stunner I love the blue on the tank with the black stripe the perforated leather seat the only shocks and the nice little touches like the dedicated clock faces and the bar and mirrors it all ties together for a beauty of a bike in my opinion it was I should add those sixteen thousand pounds which was like five grand on top of the standard bikes price at the time and also limited to 270 units so 


there probably aren’t many knocking around now much more affordable and also much more readily available would be the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 which is a snip at well under Seven Grand now you could have two of these for one of the Breitling speed Twins and still have change left over and yeah one could argue certainly From A Distant sword to the non-biker’s eye that it has 90 odd percent of the looks it’s almost the perfect looking retro bike with all the right shapes and lines and proportions and being air and oil cool there’s no radiator to interrupt that classic visual flow now it’s never gonna knock your socks off in terms of power but for a chilled Sunday cruise with bags of style you’ve got to say it’s a bit of a steal and it’s easy to see why this is year in year out one of the best selling bikes in the UK the only downside for me is that for 2023 they’ve replaced the old school spoke wheels with cast wheels and I guess there are plenty of good reasons to do so one would be to keep the cost down the lower weight could also help with the handling and from a practical perspective it’s much easier to 


clean cast wheels and the Tizer tubular so most Riders will find it easier to fix if they do get a puncture but I can’t help but feel that it does take away from the looks quite significantly and they’ve also black out the engine casing and the exhaust system which again I think is a bit of a shame I quite like the polished and chrome look on a retro style bike but clicking around on their website does show some of the old Styles still listed though and so perhaps if you prefer that sort of more 60s and 70s inspired look then you might want to get your skates on and go and pick one up before they go also getting a big visual tweak for this model here is our number seven bike and that’s the Indian FTR now this started Life as a production tribute to their flat track racing bikes first capturing the imagination of the bike in public with a stunning concept bike back in 2018. now this then morphed into the production version shortly after albeit looking a little bit more bulky owing to all the bits and Bobs they had to add to get it approved but still they did stick with the flat track oversized wheels and the semi-knobbly tires despite the fact that the grip was pretty compromised on the street certainly at the back wheel with 120 

The 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles For 2023!

horsepower on tap and 120 newton meters a peak torque but then in 2021 they updated it with a more conventional wheel set so some 17 inches front and rear which is perfect for a road bike also opening up the whole Road time market for owners with all the super sticky options that you’d expect for a quick bike like this thing is again it does kind of in my book anyway compromise the style in somewhat this isn’t really the flat track inspired bike that they originally built and also the riding experience although it’s arguably better it’s less distinctive but still I respect your votes and so here it is and I do rather like the more eye-popping color schemes that they’ve launched for this year which give it a bit more of a contemporary vibe that kind of does suit that sporty Road by statitute that they’ve gone with now in at six with four percent of the votes we’ve got the Norton Commando and I presume you’re all voting for the new re-engineered version of this bike that was launched last year because although they pretty much look the same in terms of styling the old ones did break down a lot and so you can hardly show off your fancy new bike down the local bike me if you can’t even make it to the end of the drive now they say this re-engineering program has been comprehensive and are certainly enjoyed testing it 


out earlier this year the engine is full of character the exhaust note is deep and Bassy and the handling pretty sweet for a relatively hefty bike but the most notable virtue of this bike from my experience of buying a press bike for a couple of weeks is that it’s absolutely 100 a bona fide head turner and conversation starter whether it’s the looks or the badge on the tank this thing certainly draws people over the road for a chat and so if that’s your cup of tea then this is definitely one to consider and I don’t think it’s perfect there’s a bit of a mismatch in the finish of some of the components I think the proportions aren’t as easy on the eye as some of the other bikes on this list but it does look special almost like a high-end custom bike and it feels special to ride too now this is a bike I’ve been trying to shoot a review with for ages at number five we’ve got the new Moto Guzzi V100 Mandela and I will say I’m perhaps a bit surprised at this making the list I always assumed it was a bit divisive and Marmite it’s sort of sporty but also a bit Tory sort of naked but it also has a bit of a fair in but I think if you just forget about about what Market segment it fits in and just look at this bike in its own right it’s a fantastic looking machine with lots of design Flair I particularly like the way the cylinder heads protrude either side when it’s viewed head on the exhaust had a snaking Down Under the bike on each 


side the rear wheel on a single-sided swing arm which is just a masterpiece in its own right and also the lighting is great the Mandela Eagle daytime running light up front and the fighter jet Thruster inspired tail lights and especially this anniversary silver and green paint job with the gold anodized suspension just looks exceptional to me so yes I totally get this one and I’m very glad it made the top five sitting just above it in fourth though we’ve got another Italian Masterpiece and that’s the Ducati panigale V4 on the UK Backroads it’s difficult to use anywhere near the full potential of this bike and even on the track I doubt most Riders could get anywhere close but still what an experience it’s phenomenally powerful handles like it’s on Rails and has all the tech and support that you could ever need but the thing with this bike is it just looks perfect from any angle in any situation it’s super mean head-on with the menacing lights and the black winglets side on you’ve got the shark gills and the aggressive hunched over stance and from the rear you’ve got that incredible tail light design and the forged wheel on the single-sided swing arm beautiful all the way around and so I totally understand why you might buy one for Road riding or even on the track when you don’t have Moto GP levels of skills because having one of these in the garage must feel really very good number three now and this is the envious the super 


velocho which is effectively a body kit on their F3 sports bike just with a slightly more old-school inspired aesthetic which I agree with you totally works now the original sort of concept or show bike was really quite fancy it had kaneo’s spoke wheels a triple exit Arrow exhaust system this red perforated Alcantara leather seat a tinted yellow windscreen and a super deep red paint job with some silver panels as well I think that was this bike at its p week but since then we’ve had a few different colors and variants which are admittedly a little bit more affordable but for me the OG was the best now we’ll add though that there were quite a few shout outs specifically in the comments for the new 1000 version of the super veloce that they announced in November last year and it’s due to go on sale in the near future and basically this is like the supervilloce 800 but on steroids so the inline triple is swapped out for the same Bonkers 200 plus horsepower inline four as you’ll find in there brutali 1000 RR and from a styling perspective they’ve also taken things up a notch it looks a lot more muscular and aggressive whilst retaining some of the sort of semiretro-inspired design themes the price is set to be astronomical though some reports suggest around the 50 000 pounds Mark but doubtless they’ll all sell anyway because it looks just that good for me I think that Envy is the top dog but for you guys two bikes beat it and so in 


second we’ve got the Kawasaki z900 RS with eight percent of the vote now this is a retro take on their z900 a naked bike with 70s inspired styling that comes from that iconic Z1 and they really have done a very good job Indeed with this one the light in the tank shape the long tail section the balance of old and new it all works perfectly and when we recently reviewed the slightly upspeced SE version with the Olin suspension and the Brembo brakes I did find myself constantly looking back at it every time I finished the ride one of the comments I get about this bike a lot is that the liquid cooling kind of ruins the look of the bike because of the radiator it sort of makes it look modern and takes away from the authentic retroness but look I don’t think it’s realistically viable to make an air called inline 4 anymore partly because of emissions regulations and also the power figures aren’t really competitive and so for 


me I’m happy with them Nick in the modern engine from the z900 because it means they can keep this bike in dealers and so for me I’m not fussed about a radiator if it means they can still sell it it’s a great bike with brilliant old-school styling and a worthy second place on this list in my opinion but top of the styling tree according to you guys with 10 of the vote is the Triumph Thruxton which is a perfectly proportioned Cafe Racer that just looks spot on like The Benchmark for what a modern classic should be in fact I’d probably go as far to say that this is a great looking bike regardless of the genre and I specifically love it in the new Chrome Edition for an extra bit of that Classic Cafe Vibe and I’d absolutely have to go with the fairing accessory on this one I will say I probably skewed the vote here though because I used it as the picture to generate responses for my pole so I do think my research techniques are somewhat flawed but in the meantime if you’d like to find out more about this bike along with the other new Chrome editions that try and pronounce this year then I’ll stick a video on the screen right here where I visited Triumph HQ in the UK to check them all out ahead of their launch do give it a watch and let me know what you think also I’d love to know from today’s video which bite you’d pick down in the comments below many thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

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