The MOST EXPENSIVE Motorcycles From Each Brand In 2023!

The MOST EXPENSIVE Motorcycles From Each Brand In 2023! – now back when I was a kid my dream bike was a Ducati 916 arguably at the time the most desirable motorcycle in the whole world and back in 1994 when it first launched it cost give or take about 12 Grand and so just how much have things changed in the last 20 years well here we go with the most expensive bikes currently offered by 15 of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world and naturally we’ll go in price order ascending now bringing up the rear we’ve got Royal Enfield with their super meteor 650 and this is the most premium bike they’ve recently produced and if you go for the most expensive paint option it comes in at 7299 pounds now for your money you get their 650 parallel twin which is a really good little engine previously it was found in the Interceptor 650 retro and the Continental GT Cafe Racer but this time it’s in a more stretched out Cruiser chassis that gives you that relaxed riding position now 

of course being a cruiser you get a little bit more bling and detail which is why it’s top of their lineup in terms of price and I think they’d actually be proud of their position in this list because the Enfield brand is all about offering characterful cool looking bikes at an attainable price point next up we’ve got Husqvarna with their Northern 901 Expedition and this is basically a jacked up more touring and off-road focused version of their brilliant looking Northern 901 adventure bike at 13 599 pounds it’s currently the most pricey bike on their website and for just a few hundred quid more than the standard bike you get luggage a touring windscreen massively upgraded suspension and so it looks like pretty good value if you’re the 

sort of biker who likes to get stuck into the accessories catalog just the word of warning though for the short of leg this is one tall motorcycle it’s 875 mil in the lower seat setting and so that probably rules quite a few of us out no it gets here next with the V100 Mandela s which might be despite its low position on this list for me one of the most terrible bikes it’s a sort of Sports tourer Roadster type thing with a brand new liquid cool V-Twin that makes about 115 horses then you’ve got a top spec chassis with semi-active electronic suspension stylish looks with their signature green and silver paint and a beautiful single-sided swing arm and on top of all that an Innovative adaptive aerodynamic system where the windscreen and these flaps on the tank move up and down to change the airflow around the rider based upon your current speed and riding mode super cool and we’ve got one coming for a review in August so do hit subscribe if you’ve not already to see that video as soon as it goes live now over to Suzuki and for 17 999 pounds which still seems like loose change compared to the top end of this 

list that we’ll get onto later you can get an absolute motorcycle Nikon in the shape of the Hayabusa now this is the latest generation which was introduced back in 2021 but it does carry pretty much all the Hallmarks of the original you’ve got a whopping big 1 0.3 liter inline 4 that has bags of torque and it climbs to 190 horsepower Peak at almost 10 000 RPM that engine is housed in a long weighty chassis it’s about 260 kilos this bike but it does make it perfect for absolutely nailing in a straight line on top of that it also helps to give this bike a Sumptuous ride quality and this sort of stability for covering distance and honestly it’s one of the most effortlessly quick bikes that I’ve had the pleasure of riding so for just under 18K that seems pretty fair to me that 1.3 liter engine though is absolutely dwarfed by the next bike which is the Triumph Rocket 3 because this gets a 2.5 liter engine so almost twice the size and that makes it the largest capacity 

production motorcycle engine currently on the market and it also makes more Peak talk than any other production motorcycle at 221 newton meters specifically the more taurine bias GT version which gets forward controls a mini windscreen and a passenger backrest pushes the price up a little bit compared to the more sporty r model and then on top of that you can choose either the 221 limited edition paint job or the nufa 2023 Chrome Edition and that brings the grand total to 23 595 pounds before you even delve into the accessories catalog it’s a monster of a bike with a huge amount of Road presence and so in terms of the amount of metal you get for your money this one feels pretty good now before we get into the top 10 I just want to say a massive thanks to today’s video sponsor and that’s insta 360. we use the X3 360 cameras to capture all of our riding footage when we’re out reviewing bikes and they’ve been an absolute Game Changer since we started using them you can mount them anywhere on the bike set it to record your ride and then later in their app or The Studio software you can reframe the footage and use different crops to get awesome little clips and angles to share on social media genuinely they’re super easy to use anyone can do it and I just love how creative you can be with the different shots and also how stress-free it makes the process because you don’t really have to worry about it being perfectly framed so check out the links down in the description below to get yours and you’ll also find a code down there specifically for my viewers with a free gift so once again a massive thanks to insta360 for their support and with that 

back to the bikes now we’re getting into the serious money and this is the first of some incredible looking track specials and homologation specials for this one is the R1 gytr from Yamaha now this bike is for track use only and it edges out their top level road bike the r1m by just a few hundred quid at the heart of it you get their incredible cp4 cross plane inline 4 which makes one of the best sounds in motorcycling and then the rest is effectively a blank canvas to create your dream track day bike or race bike with a bunch of upgrades available through their gytr Pro Shops so 25k is the starting price but really the sky’s the limit and in fact 44 teeth recently published an awesome video shown just how far you can take it up to about 150k I believe and so I’ll link to that down in the description below over to BMW now and this is the m thousand RR which is a 30 940 pound homologation special which I think looks incredible in this new 2023 version with some massive winglets Aero brake covers and boatloads of carbon Bodywork effectively you’ve got that s 000rr sports bike with loads of mods to give it more power and Chassis performance and you’ll even see some of the parts like the brakes branded with their M logo with the m1000rr being the first motorcycle to Bear the famous BMW M prefix when it was first introduced back in 2020. 30 940 pounds is the starting price there and if you want all that fancy carbon fiber and Billet componentry then you’ll have to add on their M competition package which is another 5 100 pounds but now for something completely different and over at Honda it’s not their super fancy Fireblade SP that tops the range but rather 

The MOST EXPENSIVE Motorcycles From Each Brand In 2023!

something more sedate and luxurious and that’s the Goldwing tour DCT 32 Grand is admittedly a lot of money but we’ve got a gold Wingers a bit of a long timer at the moment and I’ve got to say it’s certainly a lot of bike not only do you get their super smooth flat 6 engine which I think is the perfect Torquay power plant for a big tourer and you also get their automatic DCT gearbox which is extremely slick but there are just loads of other features all over the bike like the electronic windscreen the Apple carplay integration the reverse assist mode the integrated radio there’s lots more as well and they absolutely make this bike feel like it’s worth that much money for a couple of gram more though you could alternatively pick up a KTM 890 yes a KTM 890 Duke costs just north of 11 and a half Grand but if you let racing Specialists and former KTM employees Cramer motorcycles go absolutely Wild on it then the price pretty much triples this is another incredible track special with the works thrown at it so you’ve got an overhaul to the engine for more power track ready carb and body work complete with downforce inducing winglets the fuel tank relocated under the seat for improved weight distribution and a whole host of upgraded race spec components to push it to the brink of performance quite the bike I’m sure you’ll agree although I’m sorry to break it to you that the 200 they released this year sold out in a matter of minutes so you’ll have to put your debit card back in your wallet for now now if you thought the Gold Wing couldn’t be outdone for opulent touring comfort then you might be wrong because Indian and next up in this list at 38 495 pounds with this Elite 

version of their wonderful Pursuit I’ve had the pleasure of riding the Standard Version and while it doesn’t quite match the Gold Wing for sort of smoothness it certainly does bring the luxury in terms of finish and style with beautiful paintwork and lots of details like the stitching on the seats it goes all right too you’ve got their liquid cooled power plus v twin lean sensitive Rider AIDS and much more modern suspension and braking than you’d typically expect from Indian and while the standard bike is already pretty pricey at 28 995 pounds this Elite version adds almost another 10 grand for some stunning looking paintwork other finishing items like the bronze engine cases and their top-notch lighting package and Power Band audio system a big jumper here to the next one they’re at 44 thousand pounds and this is the Envy Augusta Rush 1000 now I don’t think there’s a brand that quite does the crazy in your face designs quite as well as MV and this is probably their best example of it fundamentally it’s built upon the same platform as their brutali 1000RR super naked so over 200 horsepower from its inline 4 and all the latest and greatest components in Tech but the rush gets this visual redesign with a striking round headlight and tail light a pop-in 

dedicated paint job and then the main talking point probably this aerodynamic carbon wheel cover which gives it a super distinctive look from the back end for Pure Exotica as a statement piece in the garage this one is very difficult to beat but it might not surprise you to learn that we’ve got a couple more Italian Brands to go in the top five and the next is Aprilia with the rsv4x Trenta another track special with all the goodies and this one comes in at forty six thousand three hundred and ninety pounds which makes the regular old rsv4 factory look like a bug again about half the price some of the tweaks include a new SC project race exhaust system which helps to push Peak power up to 230 horses you’ve got carbon body work with the obligatory winglets race ready Electronics only suspension spec by their Moto GP Engineers brembo’s top drawer gp4 Ms brake calipers forged lightweight markazini wheels and Pirelli Diablo sbk slicks but above all I think it has to be said this is one beautiful motorcycle into the top three and at three we’ve got Kawasaki’s track ready h2r at 50 000 pounds again orders are closed for 2023 but if you get saving now you might be able to afford one next year and you’ll get by a huge stretch the most powerful bike on this list and I 

think I’m right insane the most powerful bike currently on the market full stop it’s a 998 CC inline 4 fitted with a supercharger and they claim 310 PS at 14 000 RPM on the dyno or with the effects of ram air when it’s on the Move you’ll get 326 PS that sounds like absolute Carnage and I don’t think we even need to talk about the rest of the bike because it justifies its place at the shop end of this list with that Peak power figure alone but two though edging It Out by 395 quid we’ve got the 2023 Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide limited and look I know big American tourists like these aren’t for everyone but if you’re gonna do it then you may as well do it right and in my opinion that’s exactly what this is CVO or Custom Vehicle operations is their premium limited run division and these bikes get all the best spec and all the latest Electronics so it might surprise you to find lean sensitive traction control for example but what makes this bike look super special is the 120th anniversary theme paint job which I think gives it a bit of a retro vibe 

that I absolutely love and the detail in it with the feathers and the Pinstripe in for me just looks beautiful but for 2023 anyway it was pipped to the post by none other than Ducati although they had to collaborate with Lamborghini to top the list with this rather special looking Street Fighter V4 and it’s been painted in Spec to tie in with lambo’s hurricane sto Supercar 55 grand though got me thinking for the same price you can get the first four bikes on this list a super meteor 650 a northern 901 Expedition the V100 Mandela s and a higher booster and you’d still have a grand to spare now that’s quite a garage in my opinion and it’s almost perfectly balanced and so let me know down in the comments where your money would go and if you want to see my full walk around of the best new Ducatis for this year from motorcycle live then I’ll link to it here on the screen so you can give it a watch I think that V4 Lamborghini makes a bit of an appearance at the end but loads of other beautiful bikes as you can imagine many thanks for watching today and we’ll see you in the next one

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