This Is The BEST Car In 2023

This Is The BEST Car In 2023 – hey everyone it’s that time of the year again when I reveal my favorite car of the last 12 months as part of the annual Auto Trader new car Awards which have just been announced now in case you’re not familiar with our awards they’re a little different to the norm unlike most companies we don’t ask car experts to pick the winners we ask the people who actually go out and buy these cars you guys for your opinion because no one can tell you what a car is truly like like a person who’s actually gone out and bought one except there’s one award where we don’t ask your opinion it’s the Rory Read award and only one person is qualified to pick that me so that’s what this video is all about choosing my favorite car of the last 12 months before we get to the overall winner though let me give you a list of cars that I’ve

really enjoyed over the last year starting with the Honda Civic em we ran this car for a few months as a long timer and I was blown away by it firstly it was very good fun to drive and also surprisingly fast Honda reckon it’ll do not to 62 in 8.1 seconds but it’s way quicker 6.8 that’s hot hash territory and it’s also Frugal at times I managed up to 80 miles per gallon in this car so it’s a proper Champion when it comes to fuel economy while still being fun to drive [Music] next up we have BMW i7 a luxury electric Saloon that takes comfort and performance to new levels now this thing has a very spacious interior and some seriously advanced technology there’s a little screen down by your doors in the back that let you control an even bigger 31 inch 8K widescreen display that falls down from the ceiling this thing runs Amazon Fire TV so you can enjoy Netflix Prime video and more while you’re being driven around this so good and the car is also fast and fun to drive BMW knocked it out the park with this one okay test Tesla Model y another one that I like I didn’t at first though when I reviewed this car originally I complained about the fact that the suspension was way too firm some of you disagreed in the comments thank you but guess who didn’t disagree Tesla they softened up the suspension to the point where this is

now actually a very drivable car in my eyes so drivable that I actually went out and bought one because they’ve fixed the problem while keeping the rest of what is actually a brilliant car yeah I’m one of those people now but I’m okay with it because the car is actually very good okay the next one is a car I didn’t expect to like very much but did Mercedes-Benz have really stepped up their game with the eqs SUV this team delivers on quite a few levels opulence elegance and very good range but it’s also honestly one of the quietest cars I’ve ever driven in so it feels so luxurious and it’s full of decent technology as well making it a strong Contender if you’re looking for an extremely plush electric SUV [Music] the Maserati mc20 planning piece of Italian design this one with a glorious V6 engine which is kind of all you need in a Supercar but it’s also very engaging to drive and I love the fact that you’ve really got to be on your toes to handle it almost at all times but honestly it’s a car that when you look at it and get inside and fire it up it just gets under your skin last but not least in my list of contenders was the iconic Lamborghini Countach this thing made an unexpected comeback capturing the hearts of Lambo enthusiasts all over again and okay they’re only making 112 So I was super lucky to even get to sit inside let alone drive one of these things it was a real privilege underneath though is basically a Lambo Sean but that’s no bad thing 800 plus horsepower super responsive super loud super beautiful to look at

and occasionally quite terrifying to drive which is exactly what you want in a Lambo future Classic this one okay now the moment you’ve all been waiting for here are my top three my absolute favorite cards from the last year selected from a rich pool of contenders thank you by the way to everyone who voted on our community page about which one of these three cars they thought that I would pick as my overall winner nearly 30 000 of you voted and reading the comments I think some of you might know me very well some of you are also huge conspiracy theorists and some of you completely disagree with me and think I should have picked a totally different cars but hey it’s my shortlist so here goes first of all we have the Hyundai ioniq 6 yes I’m calling it Hyundai not Hyundai I love the fact this car even exists in a world where most manufacturers are churning out derivative designs Hyundai have stuck two fingers up but the rest of the industry and created a brave piece of design that really stands out ask

This Is The BEST Car In 2023

yourself who else is making cars inspired by streamliners who else is willing to risk people turning their noses up at their car because it’s not an SUV and it’s not just a car that trades on looks either it drives well it’s comfortable it’s quick it’s quiet got a good range and the technology is not bad too I’d recommend this car in a heartbeat next up and this is very different it’s the stunning Ferrari pure sanguine when I first heard Ferrari were making an SUV I like many people had my doubts about why they should bother and about whether it would be any good if any company shouldn’t be making an SUV it’s one that’s best known for making sports cars and and amazing Motorsports vehicles but they delivered my God they delivered the pure Sangre looks the absolute nuts girls like the clappers and in terms of fun Factor drives better than any other SUV I’ve driven you can drift the thing for goodness sake and it sounds phenomenal with that naturally aspirated V12 engine yeah it’s not the most practical thing but if you want a car that can move four people and a bit of luggage in style and one that sounds good as well they’ve knocked it out the park just don’t ask how expensive it is okay last but certainly not least because this car is the winner of the auto trader new car Awards Rory Read award 2023 most of you guessed it it’s the Porsche 911 GT3 RS this car is a track focused Masterpiece still road legal but it

delivers performance on a part with dedicated race cars razor sharp handling Perfect Balance exhilarating speed and a noise that sends shivers down your spine foreign is that the GT3 RS doesn’t focus on delivering big Power doesn’t need to instead it focuses on making the Driving Experience more fun and more involving and allowing you to grow as a driver it’s got this fully adjustable suspension that get this lets you change the way the suspension behaves in very complex ways and almost on a corner by Corner basis and you can do it all without a spanner you do it from the touch screen which allows you to really learn about the car but also about how your driving is affected by the Myriad ways that a sports car can be set up so my knowledge no one has ever really approached this in

quite the same way that Porsche has and the experience is breathtaking this is a car that reminds me why I love my job I haven’t driven many cars in my life that make me react quite like this yes yes oh my God yeah it was good fun right there you have it folks the auto trader new car Awards all the winners from all the categories can be found in the link down below thank you to everyone who took part and thanks for watching this video to the set the shortlist and discuss the winner of the me award the Rory Read Awards let me know what your favorite car has been over the last 12 months maybe you agree with me maybe you don’t but either way please hit the like button subscribe and I’ll see you again for more great content peace

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