This Is The New 585HP AMG GT: First Look | 4K

This Is The New 585HP AMG GT: First Look | 4K

one of the most exciting cars in amg’s recent history is the AMG GT it is a car that has delighted fans across the world and I’m pleased to tell you that there’s a new one now I am in a studio in Vienna about to see the car for the very first time let’s have a look oh wow we that is a beautiful looking car oh I just desperately want to get behind the wheel [Music] before that let me give you some facts and figures this is the second generation AMG GT and will serve as amg’s Flagship offering the Top Model will use a twin turbocharged 4 liter V8 delivering 585 horsepower and 800 newton meters of torque a 9-speed transmission with 4matic plus all-wheel drive and inside a new optional two plus two layout meaning it shouldn’t only be fast but also pretty practical now I don’t have an awful lot of time with this car so I’ve enlisted the help of slavcher who is the exterior designer to find out a little bit more about this absolute beaut you’ve done a good job sir tankers tell me more about it yeah first welcome here in our studio in Vienna as you see here we have the second generation GT GT stands for Gran Turismo and it certainly has the Gran Turismo proportions we have a long Bonnet cap backward design very fast silhouette for a big car you’ve made it look very compact that’s 

my job you know I play it’s it the car became bigger but we’ve used some tricks how to make the car look actually more compact of course we have the big wheels yeah as you see the whole package works I love the panoramic sunroof yeah that’s a new feature for the GT we implemented for the first time now the front is very important because the face of the car it’s what you’ve seen the rear view mirror mostly yeah when it comes to the AMG GT of course we have the star in the middle we have our big AMG Grille is that bigger than the previous it is bigger yes one to make it make a bolder Bolder statement Bolder front very expressive as you can see we have three four inlets that feeds the big V8 with with the air this is very important for us we have the sharp nose which really gives the car push forward when you see it from the side yeah it looks very menacing exactly with the shape of the lights as well that really adds to a very distinctive very commanding face doesn’t it exactly it just gives the appearance of of being serious and aggressive yeah the V8 engine here that’s why we have a lot of volume on the Bonnet we want to show where the power comes from and we 


also have some power domes which you can see also from the inside is quite powerful feeling I like this light feature this looks new the strip exactly this is GT specific for the first time you have the three-pointed signature lights which you’ll find at the back as well so at night you should be able to recognize the GT as well what we have new is the crest is the mg of alter block Crest here which we started implementing when we did our 55 to 55. I remember your anniversary for AMG so all the volumes start from the grill we see the grill as a turbine it really sucks the air out of the road and these volumes continue in a very sculptural way to the side so it’s very aerodynamic exactly this helps aerodynamics it makes a really nice sculpture it’s a very seamless we have this philosophy of central Purity so we carried on on the GT as well as you can see here Alex we have a very soft and seamless transition to the rear we have a very round rear volume which we underlined with the new graphic the the real lights we’ve connected into one piece 


and they Echo the front lights like you said that’s our signature for the AMG GT so you recognize the car when it passes you on the highway that is a good looking bum very sexy indeed it really is yeah and nice rear spoiler exactly we have the integrated adaptive spoiler as standard and this flying wing we can have as an optional extra together with some other aerodynamic um pieces around the car in aerodynamic package [Music] I want to know more about the fun stuff so product manager Felix is going to tell me more talk to me about performance yes happy to be here with you so basically our new TT will remain our sportiest car in the portfolio and the Heart of the GT is basically our V8 by turbo engine it will be a four liter one with 585 horsepowers for the gt63 and we will also offer a gt55 which is basically a medium-sized V8 with 476 horsepower ah nicely done what about not 262 or not to 100 so we have 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per 


hour and top speed top speed is 315 kilometers per hour so just under 200 miles an hour yeah almost that’s not too shabby we do have even more USPS that helps us to bring the performance on the street which is our 4matic plus all-wheel drive we also offer our AMG Active Ride Control suspension which is also quite nice of help us to to put the power on the streets and especially the four-wheel drive allows us to put all the the whole talk the whole performance on the rear axle so we also offer a drift mode you will make the viewers very happy driving pleasure yeah and also talking about the rear axle we do offer a rear axle steering with 2.5 degrees and we also have an electronical rear axle differential lock wow that helps us a lot with performance so this one is a beast when it comes to that she really is a beast so the previous model was only a two-seater but this one’s two plus two this is also a new USP that we offer with our GT optional because we also listen to our customers and they told us you’re doing a great performance car but they also give us the feedback that there’s some improvement potential when it comes to daily usability and also the Comfort aspect so we wanted to go combine both worlds having a high performance car but you can also use it on your daily basis so that expands to the boots it does we do have a bigger Greenhouse than the 


previous ASM and if you want we can also just have a look into the trans space and just open up with the electric tailgate we can also do it with hands-free access but as you can see we improved the luggage space a lot Total Space is a pretty useful 321 liters which is a tad smaller than the previous generation cars 335 liters but with the new folding rear seats this increases to a healthy 675 liters definitely enough for a set of golf clubs or a small suitcase for that weekend away as with all two plus twos the rear seats aren’t too spacious but there’s enough room back there for one full-size passenger and some bags the philosophy of Mercedes is all about sensual Purity so everything has to have the X Factor and have Beauty and I think they have hit the nail on the head in this cockpit I absolutely love this leather dashboard with the air vents coming through to these physical touch wind turbine style vents real combination of digital and physical touch really works it’s got a big driver display behind the steering wheel and this 11.8 inch screen in the middle steering wheel is beautiful nice carbon fiber touches and it’s a driver’s car so all of the buttons are on the steering wheel these are very nice optional AMG performance seats but the sport seats are also an option too the attention to detail in here is extraordinary the very big panoramic sunroof gives an awful lot of light in here it feels like a good powerful very nice car it’ll be interesting to see how the GT Compares with the other big V8s and the 

This Is The New 585HP AMG GT: First Look | 4K

Ang lineup the new SL63 both essentially use the same V8 engine with the same power and torque output and both have a two plus two seating layout will this simply become a version of the SL but with a roof hopefully the cars will feel different enough in the way that they drive drift mode in the AMG GT will certainly on paper the 1970 kilogram GT is over 20 kilograms heavier than the SL in fact it’s around 350 kilograms heavier than the previous generation car not ideal but we’ll keep an open mind well there we have it the Mercedes AMG gt63 4matic plus with the V8 by Turbo and even better with the optional two plus two what an absolute beaut of a car and I am very excited that we will get behind the wheel before the end of the year then we can give you our final verdict but for now I think we can safely say that Mercedes AMG


This Is The New 585HP AMG GT: First Look | 4K

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