Which Ducati Scrambler 2023? (Icon vs Full Throttle vs Nightshift)

Which Ducati Scrambler 2023? (Icon vs Full Throttle vs Nightshift) – so for 2023 Ducati have whittled down the Scrambler 800 lineup to three bikes we’ve got the icon the full throttle and the night shift but which one is the best well myself and Tim are going to take them all for a spin today to find out now the only way to truly discover which bike is the best mate is to score them in a few different categories and of course any good retro Scrambler has to be good looking and something you’re proud of owning so we’ve got a few differences between these three bikes and I was wondering Tim if you could take us through them oh I didn’t realize there was an exam so you start with the icon obviously uh this is based and 

Which Ducati Scrambler 2023? (Icon vs Full Throttle vs Nightshift)

inspired by their classic scramblers of old biggest difference with this one and my favorite or one of my favorite Parts is the changeable panels on this one which is so much easier to do than the older version where you could just say change the the side panels so these come off allegedly in about 45 minutes you can change the whole color of the bike which is great new Dash uh that we both are a little bit divided on because obviously it doesn’t look quite as retro I suppose as the older ones with quite like a circular Dash but loads of more integration and functionality with that then you’ve got new lighting throughout you’ve got a really nice looking new LED headlight on this I love the X on the front as well definitely ties into the general branding of the bike then you’ve got the updated Wheels then of course you’ve got the new slightly more comfortable seat with the X logo in it and then of course you’ve got scr written on the side panels which is different from the previous version so it’s like a more modern update for that bass you know standard Scrambler model right what about this one and this looks a little bit like flat track inspired yes I would say so so you’ve got um obviously a black tank on this one I actually quite like that it’s a little bit more colorful as well then you’ve got the sideboards those are quite a nice addition I think um I think I do prefer 

just the 62 on there rather than the CR tiny little point but that’s just my preference you’ve obviously got a termite exhaust which looks better then of course you’ve got a different C obviously different indicators across it as well with uh the mud guard actually taken off on the rim these look quite neat I like these indicators a lot it like looks a little bit more custom we’ll talk about the prices later but you sort of get a little bit more of a fancy finish for your extra little bit yeah they’re definitely more plush I mean the standard ones are plastic and a little bit more bulky these ones definitely smaller and looking and just a little bit more premium feeling and then lastly we’ve got the night shift this is a bit more of like a classic style I feel you know yeah this one I think actually is probably my favorite I really like the colorway on this one it is nice to have it a little bit more dark and muted a little bit more badass looking possibly I like the brown seat as well really contrast well with the blue color on this one which has a bit of a kind of 

Fleck and Sheen to the actual finish then of course you’ve got the bar end mirrors which look really good on this one you have those slightly bigger side panels again and of course you’ve got spoke wheels which really offset the look well thing is they make personal opinions so I think we’ve got to put this one to the Instagram audience Instagram’s all about good looking bikes anyway so we’ll take a picture of each icon Full Throttle right you have to be out the picture mate otherwise everyone will vote for the one you’re in and the night shift post them on Instagram make a little poll and then towards the end of the video we’ll come back and see which one’s one and then we’ll know which is the best looking bike now as my good friend Tim has already alluded to there is a slight difference to the exhaust setup on these three bikes so the icon and the night shift get the standard little stubby pipe but the Full Throttle gets the term in uni slip-on accessories so which one sounds the best I think we’ll have to start them up you 

can be the Muff operator there [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] moderate I’m getting more noise from the engine and the intake I think than I am from the exhaust but still sounds nice all right let’s get this one out of the way [Music] I’ve got to say this sounds better so I’m gonna go the full three points for this and then those two draw because they’re the same still no sounding bikes but you know no difference between them how many points do we give for a draw three and two two or three and one one okay three and two two so fundamentally like the basics of these bikes are all very much the same the engine hasn’t changed that much has it no although they do say they have changed I forget the percentage now but pretty much the whole bikes had attention to it but it still has the same power output it still has the same kind of character definitely biggest difference is the ride by Wire yeah much smoother throttle response really very nice and also they’ve shaved 10 kilograms off the chassis and so that makes it 

feel very sprightly especially when you compare it to other sort of like retro bikes and then like you say we’ve got this TFT Dash now and that gives you the riding modes as well because of the right by our throttle so you get a sport and a road mode as well and so they’re all fun to ride they all retain that fundamental good stuff about the Scrambler lineup but the big difference between these bikes apart from the visuals and the little bits of finish would be the handlebar position so this is kind of high and wide isn’t it the icon yeah it always has been that is closer to the uh my version the original and I guess that gives you a little bit of that standing up ability I mean it’s not really a bike you’d choose to take off road over 

something like uh you know middleware adventure bike but if you did want that sort of more scrambler-y feel to it it definitely gives you that big wide bars the full throws a little bit more of a compromise a little lower isn’t it it’s definitely lower yeah it’s a standing exactly the same can’t really it’s throwing you over the bars so it’s obviously unnecessary it’s not the kind of bike you’re gonna go and take off road but on road I would say I prefer this slightly lower bar setup because you are a little closer hugged into the bike maybe a little less sat up real nice leverage over it as well nice and wide I think I agree actually I think the Full Throttle is the one that I slightly prefer this is more comfy I might choose this for commuting because you sat up you’re looking ahead but the Full Throttle just feels a bit more engaging when you’re going through bends like this you know definitely yes I’m interested to see what the night shift is like in comparison but between these two this is definitely my preference as far as body position goes all right well let’s go 

and uh pick it up and then we can see how it feels compared to the Full Throttle uh so yeah it feels a little bit different doesn’t it it’s more compact not just lower but I think a little bit narrower as well I’m gonna say it is narrower and I’m gonna say that affects it in that you’ve got less leverage over it which means that it holds the line a little bit more strictly I think it feels like a smaller bike yeah it feels like a toy bike after you’ve been on the icon yeah and it just sort of it also kind of makes you want to lean off it a little bit more than those two yeah I know what you mean you feel like you’re all tucked in and narrow I think jumping back onto the Full Throttle this feels like the best compromise to me I would agree I would say though on this kind of Road on this kind of day I actually prefer the night shift right so after writing them I’m gonna go for the Full Throttle I think the quick shifter adds a bit of fun very crisp that sounds a bit beefier so it sounds better to me and also the bar position is more of a happy medium you know it’s 

not too low and compact it’s not too wide and high it’s just right what about you it is in that goldilock zone yeah I think if it was a bike to get on with for more situations definitely the fourth roll from today I prefer the right shift so you’re going to give that three points yeah plus two two points fourth roll and one for the icon I think I’m gonna go three for the Full Throttle really liked it two for the icon because I like that versatility of having those High bars you can get up on the pegs if you want and one for the night shift which well we’ll leave it to the audience to decide which is the best looking but for me this is up there but to ride yeah it just felt a little bit too squished and I’m not exactly big now price wise I think we’ve got to go three points for the icon because it’s the most affordable and it gives you a lot of the same fundamentals I’ll go to two points each for these though because you get quite a lot of your money don’t you you do I would agree with the icon as well because you can manipulate that a little bit more than you could with these because obviously you’ve got a silver tank as opposed to the 

colored tank on these ones you can customize you can customize it a bit easier but you get the bar end on this you get the different paint job the spoke wheels the bench seat and then on the Full Throttle of course that terminating the exhaust is probably going to cost you about a grand on its own so if you consider that worth the upgrade and then the different paint job and the different seat and the quick shifter it looks like decent value it’s just so with that let’s have a look at the scores so I think we gave it three for the Full Throttle for the sound because it does sound a little bit more Bassy the other one’s got two then on the right you gave the night shift three the Full Throttle two the icon one I gave the Full Throttle three the icon 2 the night shift One Price we went three to the icon two to the Full Throttle two to the night shift and then looks from our Instagram poll 

everyone said the night shift was the best looking then the full throttle and then the icon which I think is probably where I’d probably agree yeah yeah that’s tasteful when you see someone riding this bike it looks cool this is a bit more garish but quite fun to look at and of course I think if we had a different color of the icon it might have fared a little bit better but naturally it’s the most simple and it’s like as you say a bit of a blank canvas for customization so it still has a place still a great looking bike but you can see why I got one so that means the icon comes in third place with nine points in second place we have the night shift with 11 points and with 12 points the Full Throttle but is that scoring representative of which one if it was your money you’d go and buy no because it would be this one for me I really like it I mean different applications but as a weekend bit of fun this one hands down for something that I have to use in town a bit more and other places than it would be the Full Throttle I think what I’d want is the night shift with the bars of the Full Throttle and the quick shifter and an 

exhaust so it’s the riding experience of that but with the looks of that anyway as always let us know which one you picked down in the comments below if you want to watch Tim’s full review of the icon from the launch in Spain a couple of weeks ago he did a great job now I’ll link to it on the screen you can give it a click give it a watch let us know what you think of it down in the comments many thanks for watching and we’ll see in the next video

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