Which Yamaha MT Should You Buy 2023? (MT-07 vs MT-09 vs MT-10)

Which Yamaha MT Should You Buy 2023? (MT-07 vs MT-09 vs MT-10)

in my opinion Yamaha makes some of the best naked motorcycles in the world right now the mt-07 is a brilliant affordable middleweight the mt-09 a little more serious but still awesome value for money and then of course you got the Bonkers mt-10 with an engine derived from their R1 super duper bike but which is actually better on the road and is more power always better or is there just as much fun to be had on one of these more modest machines especially considering you save a few grand well I’m here at yamaha’s UK press Experience day to ride them all back to back and find out foreign  and that’s the mt07 and at 7510 

pounds it seems pretty reasonable so what do you get for your money well for me the standout feature of this bike is the twin cylinder cp2 engine it might sound quite modest at 72 horsepower and 689 CC but the Mt in the name stands for masters of torque and that’s exactly what this thing feels like you’ve got so much punch in the mid-range it’s got such a lively throttle delivery and you’re on a relatively short wheelbase and with a very upright riding position and that’s a cocktail that can mean only one thing which is plenty of power wheelies the other massive strength of this bike as well is that it’s so lightweight it’s 184 kilograms curve and I think that’s why it’s appealing to both newer Riders and the more experienced on the one hand it’s really easy to get on with and thread through 

traffic at lower speeds but also it makes it feel responsive and dynamic on the open road when you start to ring its neck a little otherwise it’s a relatively modest spec you know you’ve got right way up Forks actually mounted brakes and all the hardware is pretty much what you’d expect for this price point but new for 2023 they have jazzed things up a little bit in the cockpit so there’s now a TFT display that offers some phone connectivity features and also you’ve now got the option of their quick shifter accessory which this bike is pre-wired for but otherwise it’s the same mt-07 that we know and love so look I’m gonna ride the same country road three times on these bikes for a fair comparison and he is a bit bumpy so I guess you could call it real world riding conditions and with this bike straight away I’m noticing just how Compact and light it is definitely manageable for New Riders it’s not intimidating at all and yet still that engine’s got enough punch and snap to make it plenty of fun up to 60 or 17 maybe a bit beyond also gotta say they’ve done a great job with the exhaust on this one it really does sound good for a 2023 bike with all the emissions restrictions now much more Basin beef than I was expecting and I’ve got to say I’m impressed with this new Dash now look it’s hard 

to capture the full visual pleasure of a TFT display on camera but trust me even in these bright conditions it really is Punchy plenty of contrast then it’s a big step up from the LCD display on last year’s model this is such a good simple bike a great engine lightweight seven and a half Grand what’s not to like now the next rung on the Yamaha naked ladder is this the mt-09 and having reviewed it a couple of years back I can already tell you it’s an absolute Peach for 9810 pounds you get an incredible road bike that’s massively entertaining but also pretty comfortable and upright and that actually makes it quite versatile and practical now the star of the show again is the engine and this time you get an extra cylinder so it’s an inline triple and also an extra couple of hundred cc’s of capacity so the result at the back wheel is 117 horsepower at 10 000 RPM and 93 newton meters of peak torque at seven thousand so we’re starting to get pretty serious in terms of performance figures and the chassis is a lot more sporty as well so you’ve got an 

Which Yamaha MT Should You Buy 2023? (MT-07 vs MT-09 vs MT-10)

upside down Fork at the front you’ve got adjustability there as well you’ve got radially mounted four pop brakes for much more stopping power and feel and then you’ve got these more sport biased Bridgestone s22 tires as opposed to the all-rounders the road fives from Michelin on the mt07 it’s all a bit of a step up and you could say the same for the electronics as well so you’ve got traction control slide control wheelie control brake control and the rider raids use a six-axis inertial measurement unit to make them lean sensitive so it’s pretty much trickled down from the R1 development program needless to say I am quite looking forward to riding this one straight away you can feel that this is a big step up from the mt07 lots more power lots more speed and with the higher seat you’ve got a much more sporty riding position with the MTR 7 the suspension does feel a bit squishy and built to a price but this one is a lot more composed and I really really enjoyed this bike every time I ride it I think it’s the torque in the mid-range that 

makes it so addictive versus some of the other triples on the market to be fair and it doesn’t die off like the mt07 when you get up to 70 or 80 it just keeps pulling the sound is epic too I love that triple soundtrack and it’s quite a bit louder possibly because you’ve got the stereo exhaust exit so you’re getting plenty of volume in each ear oh I love those little pops on the quick shifter as well don’t be fooled though into thinking this is purely a sporty uncompromising naked that’s built for Non-Stop hooning the handlebars are actually set surprisingly high and so it’s the sort of bike you really feel like you could ride all day on or right to the shop or ride to work quite civilized really well if you want it to be all round excellent from my point of view apart from perhaps the looks which do take a while to get used to but for the more experienced rider against the mt-07 it’s 

certainly a much more satisfying and much more engaging riding experience now things are starting to get pretty serious we’ve got the mt-10 and this costs 14 210 pounds this is yamaha’s super naked effectively an R1 with flat bars and no fairings and while the engineers tuned down a little bit it still makes 164 horsepower eleven and a half thousand RPM and bags of torque at 112 newton meters plus it makes an incredible sound just like an R1 oh into the cross plane crank you’ll hear that in a moment when I do the sound check and interestingly because of modern day emissions regulations the exhaust systems are super restrictive and so Yamaha have tried to get around this with some little acoustic amplifier grills they call them in in the top of the tank here and they’re meant to give you more induction sound when you’re actually on the bike and giving it some gas much like the mto9 you’ve got a full Suite of Rider AIDS and riding modes and they’re all managed through the 4.2 inch TFT display and the chassis 

spec is super sporty too so you’ve got regularly mounted four pop brakes with a Brembo radial master cylinder fully adjustable suspension as you’d expect and the same Bridgestone s22 tires as the mt-09 and this always in a relatively modest 212 kilograms curb I mean admittedly that’s a good 30 kilograms or so more than the mt-07 and still 20ish more than the mt-09 but still not bad for a bike with this much power oh foreign I think I was actually expecting this bike to be like firmer it’s definitely bigger physically it feels quite roomy but yeah it’s also quite cushy in the ride it feels like it’d be a great road bike also surprisingly it’s quite forgiving on the throttle especially in this B mode it feels very rideable that is until you get it up to over like five or six K RPM I know I’ve said it already but the sound is absolutely immense right up there for me with the best sounding bikes on the planet maybe it’s those grilles on the top of the tank that are helping too wind it 

up get it singing super smooth loads of grunt wonderful so I thoroughly enjoyed that one as well but there’s one thing with Road riding specifically and that’s that you can’t quite give the mt-10 the full beans anywhere near as often as the other two and so in some way and with most other liter naked bikes like this from my experience you can feel a tiny bit less satisfied when you hop off for me I think it’s got to be the mt-09 it’s right in that sweet spot of just over 100 horses and also just under 10 grand it seems like a reasonable amount of money for all that performance and features that you get genuinely this is one of my favorite road bikes on the market but as always I’d love to know which one you’d pick so do let me know down in the comments and also if you want to see more of the best new Yamahas for 2023 then I made a list at motorcycle live I’ll stick it on the screen here give it a click give it a watch let me know which one you’d pick thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one

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