WORTH £38,000?! New 2023 Indian Chieftain & Pursuit Elite Announced!

WORTH £38,000?! New 2023 Indian Chieftain & Pursuit Elite Announced!

 welcome back to another motobot video now this week Indian announced some incredible looking Elite editions of two of their motorcycles and they both come with a pretty eye-watering price tag so could they possibly be anywhere near worth it well in this video we’ll go through all of the details to find out now first up we’ve got the chieftain Elite which comes in at a whopping 29 095 pounds and so it might surprise you to learn that it’s the more affordable of the two now this one of course is based upon their Chieftain bagger style bike and for reference that’s about three or four grand on top of the standard Chieftain limited and Chieftain Dark Horse now all of them get the 116 variant of Indians thunderstroke air cool V-Twin so that’s 116 cubic inches which translates to about 1.9 liters so yeah it’s a massive engine that makes absolutely massive torque figures so 171 newton meters right down at 3 000 RPM so lots and lots of grand tone and talk just exactly how a big American bagger should be gotta say you will need all of that shove though because these bikes are absolutely huge in terms of weight 

the chieftain this one comes in at 373 kilograms full of fuel which is just monstrously big so yeah it’s definitely got that huge American bag of vibe now with a super laid-back easy riding position and it’s super low slung in the seat at just 615 millimeters but despite the sort of semi-classic looks and The semi-classic Styling it’s actually pretty packed with text so chiefly they’re big ride command TFT Dash which allows you to manage all of the bike settings so you’ve got three riding modes of tour standard and Sport and also you can use their proprietary navigation system which is really quite good because it allows you to operate offline so it’s really handy if you are in remote places without any signal also one of my favorite features of ride command is the fact that you can use apple carplay not many manufacturers offer this Harley Indian and some of the Honda bikes the Africa twin and the Gold Wing but yeah I really like the option to be able to use your favorite apps for media messaging calls and specifically navigation like Google Maps or Waze on top of that you’ve got LED lighting keyless ignition cruise control Power locking saddlebags ABS tire pressure monitoring and their power band audio system with speakers in the Fairing and in the side cases also you get a power electric windscreen which is pretty cool so you just press a button on the switch gear to move the screen up and down so what’s specifically new for this Elite Edition well first and foremost you’ve got this incredible looking finish all across the bike and they call this paint Scheme super graphite smoke and it combines with 

WORTH £38,000?! New 2023 Indian Chieftain & Pursuit Elite Announced!

some Shadow bronze Chrome for a proper eye-catching aesthetic personally I really like the way the graphics continue across the side cases and there’s even some bronze finishing on the engine cases to tie it all together then you’ve got a new front wheel with the 10 spoke diamond cut design that’s shown off to its full potential with an open front mud guard and then to finish it off you’ve got some Choice accessories so as standard you get their cornering sensitive Pathfinder adaptive headlight LED saddlebag lights and the smoked windscreen so look could it possibly be worth it well 29 Grand is so much money for any motorcycle and if you’re looking at it from a perspective of like how much money is it going to cost me to go touring on two wheels then this is never going to be your best choice but as a piece of beautifully finished American Metal it really does look special and if you have that sort of custom paint job done on a standard Chieftain plus the accessories that come as standard fit you’d be looking at something similar if not more than the three grand price difference versus the standard Bike plus there’s the X Factor of it being a limited edition there are just 175 available globally now before we get on to the next one I just want to say a massive thanks to her for sponsoring this video Huss produced what they call the ultimate cooking knife and I’ve been testing this out for a month or so and I absolutely love it if you like to cook then you’ll know the benefit of a properly sharp knife it makes cutting an absolute joy and this one is specifically made from high quality Japanese inspired steel which 

means it won’t rust or dull easily and I also love the sort of rustic blacksmith inspired design with a super comfortable wooden handle that means it fits snugly into your hand and it also gets this extra grip hole which can help to hold it securely if you’re chopping something a little more substantial now it looks super cool it would make a great addition to any kitchen it’ll make a great gift or if you’re bike packing or something like that an ideal companion for your trip and specifically right now Husker offering a huge discount for my followers with 70 off if you use the code down in the description they’ve also got a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you don’t like it you’re no worse off but I’d be super surprised if that was the case because because I absolutely love using mine so once again a massive thanks to husk for their support and with that back to the bike but look cost wise that Chieftain Elite absolutely pales in comparison to the second bite they announced for this is the pursuit Elite and it starts at just 38 495 pounds so yes almost 40 Grand now I was lucky enough to borrow a standard 

Pursuit last year for a couple of weeks and it was a really very memorable riding experience indeed and I think it’s fair to say one of the most luxurious feeling motorcycles I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding think Goldwing levels of sort of comfort and touring ability but then just layer on top you know this finish with the metal and chrome and the Stitch leather and it leaves a bike like the Gold Wing looking relatively plasticky now this is another massive motorcycle though in fact it’s bigger than the chieftain it weighs in full of fuel at a truly huge 416 kilograms and you do feel it when you’re riding it it’s like a proper big Badge of a bike but once you’re in the move it actually is quite engaging to ride and they’ve got some of the sportiness from the chassis of the Challenger and they’ve tried to make it you know something that handles things like they’ve given it the twin radial Brembo calipers up front on some big three 20 mil discs and that gives it a lot more stopping power than your typical American Torah and also a fox electronically adjustable mono shock at the rear and an upside down Fork up front and this is 

all wrapped around a much more modern feeling engine than the Thunderstruck that we just spoke about on the chieftain you see this power plus engine is similar in size it’s about 1.8 liters to the 1.9 but the thing is this is liquid cooled not air cooled and that allows it to rev up a little bit more Peak talk is similar or slightly better at 178 newton meters but it’s made a little higher in the revs at 3800 RPM and then it goes on to make 122 horsepower Peak Plus you’ve got lean sensor attraction control and abs powered by a Bosch inertial measurement unit and then all the same great infotainment stuff as The Chieftains so the big TFT display with the navigation and carplay plus the Power Band audio system and you even get heated and cooled Rider and passenger Saddles with independent control so one of you can absolutely toast your butt whilst the other one’s got it set to ice cold if you so wish so yeah this really is a heck of a Touring bike and also serves as a pretty serious statement piece as well but look this new Elite version is 9 or 10 grand more than the standard Pursuits and that’s a much bigger difference in price so what do you get extra for all that money now again you’ve got the special looking paint job this one’s called super graphite metallic and Black Metallic with Shadow bronze Chrome more of a gloss finish here whereas the chieftain was matte and a little more low-key there’s smaller bands of bronze which looks a bit more subtle to me I absolutely love the bronze Stitch chin on the diamond saddle to 

tie it all in and you’ve got the engine cases as well which do give it a bit of a special look and then you also get some of the same accessory upgrades so the Adaptive headlight and the saddlebag lights plus the lower driving lights which not only give it a bit more of a premium look but also help to improve safety when riding at night now this one is limited to just 150 units globally so a little bit more exclusive but honestly that’s about it and given how pronounced that price difference is as perhaps expecting a little bit more from this one it definitely looks absolutely incredible and I’m sure it’d be a heck of a bike to own but out of the two if you want a limited edition Indian the chieftain looks like the better value for money still if you’d like to watch my review of the regular Pursuit which comes in a sub 30 grand so relative bargain then you can watch it by clicking right here on the screen let me know what you think of these Elite limited editions down in the comments I always love to hear your thoughts and if you’re new here and you want to see more of the as motorcycle news right here on YouTube then please do hit subscribe and we’ll see in the next video

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